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Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook
Author Heisig, James W. ; Kasulis, Thomas P. ; Maraldo, John C.
PublisherUniversity of Hawai'i Press
Publisher Url
LocationHonolulu, HI, US [檀香山, 夏威夷州, 美國]
SeriesNanzan Library of Asian Religion and Culture
Content type書籍=Book
AbstractWith Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook, readers of English can now access in a single volume the richness and diversity of Japanese philosophy as it has developed throughout history. Leading scholars in the field have translated selections from the writings of more than a hundred philosophical thinkers from all eras and schools of thought, many of them available in English for the first time.

The Sourcebook editors have set out to represent the entire Japanese philosophical tradition—not only the broad spectrum of academic philosophy dating from the introduction of Western philosophy in the latter part of the nineteenth century, but also the philosophical ideas of major Japanese traditions of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Shinto. The philosophical significance of each tradition is laid out in an extensive overview, and each selection is accompanied by a brief biographical sketch of its author and helpful information on placing the work in its proper context. The bulk of the supporting material, which comprises nearly a quarter of the volume, is given to original interpretive essays on topics not explicitly covered in other chapters: cultural identity, samurai thought, women philosophers, aesthetics, bioethics.

An introductory chapter provides a historical overview of Japanese philosophy and a discussion of the Japanese debate over defining the idea of philosophy, both of which help explain the rationale behind the design of the Sourcebook. An exhaustive glossary of technical terminology, a chronology of authors, and a thematic index are appended. Specialists will find information related to original sources and sinographs for Japanese names and terms in a comprehensive bibliography and general index.

Handsomely presented and clearly organized for ease of use, Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook will be a cornerstone in Japanese studies for decades to come. It will be an essential reference for anyone interested in traditional or contemporary Japanese culture and the way it has shaped and been shaped by its great thinkers over the centuries.
Table of contents[Table of Contents]

Translators and Contributors p.xvi-xvii

Framework p.1-31
Prelude The Shōtoku Constitution p.33-33

Buddhist Traditions
Overview p.43-50
Kūkai p.51-74
Kakuban p.75-80
Myōe p.81-85
Nichiren p.86-91
Original Enlightenment Debates p.92-103
Jiun Sonja p.104-109
Ishizu Teruji p.110-116
Nakamura Hajime p.117-124
Tamaki Kōshirō p.125-132

The Zen Tradition
Overview p.135-140
Dōgen p.141-162
Musō Soseki p.163-171
Ikkyū Sōjun p.172-177
Takuan Sōhō p.178-182
Suzuki Shōsan p.183-189
Shidō Bunan p.190-194
Bankei Yōtaku p.195-201
Hakuin Ekaku p.202-210
Imakita Kōsen p.211-213
Suzuki Daisetsu p.214-220
Hisamatsu Shin’ichi p.221-226
Karaki Junzō p.227-232

The Pure Land Tradition
Overview p.235-241
Hōnen p.242-248
Shinran p.249-261
Kiyozawa Manshi p.262-272
Soga Ryōjin p.273-279
Yasuda Rijin p.280-285

Confucian Traditions
Overview p.289-297
Fujiwara Seika p.298-303
Hayashi Razan p.304-317
Nakae Tōju p.318-323
Yamazaki Ansai p.324-328
Kumazawa Banzan p.329-334
Yamaga Sokō p.335-346
Itō Jinsai p.347-359
Kaibara Ekken p.360-373
Satō Naokata p.374-380
Asami Keisai p.381-386
Arai Hakuseki p.387-392
Ogyū Sorai p.393-410
Ishida Baigan p.411-415
Andō Shōeki p.416-429
Tominaga Nakamoto p.430-435
Teshima Toan p.436-440
Miura Baien p.441-446
Ninomiya Sontoku p.447-453

Shinto and Native Studies
Overview p.457-465
Kamo no Mabuchi p.466-471
Motoori Norinaga p.472-492
Fujitani Mitsue p.493-508
Hirata Atsutane p.509-522
Ōkuni Takamasa p.523-535
Orikuchi Shinobu p.536-542
Ueda Kenji p.543-549

Modern Academic Philosophy
Overview p.553-582
Nishi Amane p.583-588
Fukuzawa Yukichi p.589-603
Nakae Chōmin p.604-610
Inoue Tetsujirō p.611-618
Inoue Enryō p.619-630
Ōnishi Hajime p.631-635

The Kyoto School
Overview p.639-645
Nishida Kitarō p.646-669
Tanabe Hajime p.670-691
Mutai Risaku p.692-701
Miki Kiyoshi p.702-707
Kōsaka Masaaki p.708-712
Nishitani Keiji p.713-732
Shimomura Toratarō p.733-737
Kōyama Iwao p.738-743
Takeuchi Yoshinori p.744-749
Abe Masao p.750-757
Tsujimura Kōichi p.758-764
Ueda Shizuteru p.765-784
Hase Shōtō p.785-691
Ōhashi Ryōsuke p.792-798

Twentieth-Century Philosophy
Overview p.801-807
Hatano Seiichi p.808-815
Abe Jirō p.816-821
Takahashi Satomi p.821-828
Kuki Shūzō p.829-849
Watsuji Tetsurō p.850-869
Miyake Gōichi p.870-876
Tosaka Jun p.877-881
Ichikawa Hakugen p.882- 889
Imanishi Kinji p.890-894
Funayama Shin’ichi p.895-901
Takizawa Katsumi p.902-906
Ienaga Saburō p.907-912
Izutsu Toshihiko p.913-921
Maruyama Masao p.922-929
Minamoto Ryōen p.930-935
Ōmori Shōzō p. 936-942
Yuasa Yasuo p.943-951
Nakamura Yūjirō p.952-957
Kimura Bin p.958-972
Hiromatsu Wataru p.973-978
Sakabe Megumi p.979-992
Fujita Masakatsu p.993-1001

Culture and Identity
Overview p.1005-1037
Fukansai Habian p.1038-1046
Mori Arimasa p.1047-1052
Yagi Seiichi p.1053-1058
Chūōkōron Discussions p.1059-1077
Overcoming Modernity: A Symposium p.1078-1084
Takeuchi Yoshimi p.1085-1092
Karatani Kōjin p.1093-1099

Samurai Thought
Overview p.1103-1112

Women Philosophers
Overview p.1115-1137
Yosano Akiko p.1138-1147
Hiratsuka Raichō p.1148-1158
Yamakawa Kikue p.1159-1164

Overview p.1167-1202
Kamo no Chōmei p.1203-1208
Zeami Motokiyo p.1209-1215
Ōnishi Yoshinori p.1216-1219
Izutsu Toyoko p.1220-1227

Overview p.1231-1245

Reference Material
Glossary p.1249-1268
Bibliography p.1269-1300
Chronology p.1301-1304
Index p.1305-1313
General Index p.1314-1338
ISBN9780824837075 (E); 9780824835521
Created date2015.10.15

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