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『陀羅尼雑集』所収の経典について=On some sutras in the Tuo-luo-ni-za ji 陀羅尼雑集
Author 落合俊典 (著)=Ochiai, Toshinori (au.)
Source 国際仏教学大学院大学研究紀要=Journal of the International College for Advanced Buddhist Studies=コクサイ ブッキョウガク ダイガクイン ダイガク ケンキュウ キヨウ
Pages59 - 85
Publisher Url
Location東京, 日本 [Tokyo, Japan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
AbstractTuo-luo-ni-za ji陀羅尼雑集十巻ten volumes are recorded on the xian-sheng ji賢聖集of Kai-yuan-ru開元録.Although many of conventional Catalogue of scriptures経録had been treated as the "Buddhist scripture", Zhi-sheng智昇who is the author of Kai-yuan-ru開元録concluded what edited this book in China as a result of verification. The dharani陀羅尼of 276 sorts of real numbers is recorded on this Tuo-luo-ni-za ji陀羅尼雑集.An interesting thing has not only dharani陀羅尼but many things in which the Buddhist scripture containing the dharani陀羅尼is mentioned. Those some are making with the book which was missing by Kai-yuan-ru開元録.Then, historical investigation was tried about the source of the dharani陀羅尼quoted and the Buddhist scripture. The tables of contents currently mentioned to each scrolls are 169 totals. Although an unknown thing of sources is 73% of 124 points, if it measures by the quantity, it will become about 50%. When it puts in another way, as for the part which is in agreement with the present Taishozo大正蔵book, the amount of Tuo-luo-ni-za ji陀羅尼雑集no less than five volumes are. Next, the Kongoji Manusripts金剛寺写本of Tuo-luo-ni-za-ji陀羅尼雑集was investigated. Kongoji-issaikyo金剛寺一切経, from the cloister government term, it continued and was copied down into the Kamakura period. These are assumed to be a transfer book from Nara sutra-copying. That is, it will be close to the Tang Buddhism唐仏教The title of the volume 1, volume 3, and volume 5 of Kongoji Manusripts金剛寺写本serves as a Za-zhou ji雑呪集. Respectively, it is mostly in agreement with volume 4, volume 6, and the volume 8 of the Tuo-luo-ni-za ji陀羅尼雑集of the Taishozo大正蔵book. It guessed that the original title was Za-zhou ji雑呪集from the consideration on these comparison historical investigation. It was assumed that change of a title and exchange of the contents were based on the request which avoids misconception since Tuo-luo-ni-ji-jing陀羅尼集経十二巻twelve volumes was translated about the middle of the seventh century. Although the simultaneously confused dharani陀羅尼was arranged and the order of scrolls was replaced, it cannot be said that it was modified. The proof is left as it is in the state where 19 of 169 titles overlap or are similar.
Table of contentsまえがき 59
一、『陀羅尼雑集』中の陀羅尼経典 60
二、金剛寺蔵の『雑呪集』と『陀羅尼雑集』 76
三、まとめ 81
注 82
ISSN13434128 (P)
Created date2016.03.02
Modified date2017.11.01

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