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從「四大」原理談佛教養生學=Buddhist Regimens : from the Four-Element Principle's Point of View
Author 釋性廣 (著)=Shih, Sing-kuang (au.)
Source 玄奘佛學研究=Hsuan Chuang Journal of Buddhism
Volumen.25 佛教女性專輯
Pages129 - 163
Publisher Url
Location新竹市, 臺灣 [Hsinchu shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword佛教養生法=Buddhist Regimens; 四大=four elements; 觸食=food from touch; 四大調和=four elements are in harmonious; 四威儀=four dignified manners
Abstract 本文以佛法觀點提出健身療病的養生原理與調身功法。主要學理依據,出自於佛教經典;而調身平衡的功法設計,則援引『身念處』修行內容,故名之為『佛教養生法』。具體內容為:

This article provides principles of improving health and regimens of exercise beneficial to physical body from the Buddhist point of view. The main theoretical basis comes from the Buddhist scripture while the idea of designing the exercises to adjust the balance of the body is inspired from the Buddhist scripture on practicing "mindfulness of the body". Therefore, this regimen is named "Buddhist regimen". The main contents are as follows:
First, explaining the human body's material characteristics and its structure by means of the Buddhist doctrine-mainly, four elements of substance.
Second, according to the Buddhist scripture, the law of balance, "If the four elements are not in harmony, the body will suffer" or "If the four elements are in harmony, the body will recover from an illness" explains the cause of a disease and how to maintain health.
Third, the author designs simple and applicable exercises based on Buddhist "the mindfulness of the body"-to adjust the postures back to "four dignified manners", to maintain moment-by-moment mindfulness of breathing and to remind oneself of keeping the balance of the four features in the physical body.
Fourth, one applies the principle of "correct mindfulness and sampajanna" from the meditation for the core of learning. Moreover, with the benefit of maintaining good health, one even has the tranquility in mind and enlightenment. Hopefully, one can be harmonious in both mind and body, and through practicing meditation, one can attain wisdom at ease.
There are a clear and explicit theoretical basis, brief and simple exercises to learn, and most importantly, an overall remarkable recuperating effect in this Buddhist regimen. To satisfy different needs, it can provide help in three aspects. First, helping people improve their health. People who live in a modern life tend to be more static and take little exercise, so they may have more stasis and their body may become stiff. This regimen can effectively relieve the pain, improve physical fitness, and make healing and good health possible. Second, helping practitioners promote meditation force. Among them, "the four-feature softening method" can directly, quickly and effectively alleviates physical discomfort caused by sedentariness for a long time, and make body and mind at ease; moreover, it is beneficial to mindful meditation. Third, helping the Bodhisattvas promote their ability of endurance. If Mahayana practitioners pay attention to their dignified manners, they will be respected. Their endurance may get stronger because of reconciling four features, so it is very helpful to promote charity business.
Table of contents摘要 129
Abstract 131
一、引言 133
(一)四食益生命 133
(二)佛教養生觀 135
二、四大調和則身安 136
(一)四大組成色身 137
(二)四大不調則病生 139
(三)四大調和則病癒 140
(四)小結 140
三、『四界調和』養生法 142
(一)功法設計原理 142
(二)四儀正姿法 143
1、四類判準 144
(1)真理判準 144
(2)倫理判準 145
(3)效益判準 145
(4)美感判準 147
2、三項平衡 148
(1)整體平衡 148
(2)結構平衡 149
(3)實用法則 149
3、三階進展 150
(1)覺起即調 150
(2)念茲在茲 151
(3)任運自然 151
(三)四界調柔法 151
1、觸食增益 152
2、調柔部位 152
3、質量基數 153
四、成效舉例 154
(一)腎並症候群 154
(二)胃食道逆流 156
(三)肌肉痠痛 157
五、結論 159
(一)有法理依據 159
(二)有操作方法 159
(三)有具體效果 161
(四)簡易易學 161
(五)全面調理 161
(六)即淺即深 162
參考書目 162
一、藏經 162
二、專書 163
ISSN18133649 (P); 18133649 (E)
Created date2016.06.22
Modified date2022.03.04

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