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《維摩詰經》論疏考辨 ──以宋明清時期相關著作為中心 =A Preliminary Study of post-Tang Commentaries on the Vimalakīrti Sūtra
Author 黃繹勳 (著)=Huang, Yi-hsun (au.)
Source 佛光學報=Fo Guang Journal of Buddhist Studies
Volumen.2 新1卷
Pages413 - 470
Publisher Url
Location宜蘭縣, 臺灣 [I-lan hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
本論文為佛光大學佛教研究中心 102 學年度「維摩經與東亞文化研究」子計畫之一:「《維摩詰經》與宋元明清佛教」研究報告。本子計畫負責人和主要撰寫人為黃繹勳,研究助理林運增主要負責《維摩經略疏垂裕記》部分,陳愛娥主要負責《維摩經評註》部分。

Keyword《維摩詰經》論疏=commentaries on the Vimalakīrti Sūtra; 心淨=purified mind; 佛土=Buddha land; 方便=skillful means; 不思議=inconceivability; 不二法門=the Dharma gate of nonduality
Abstract 本論文主要略探宋明清時期所撰成的八部《維摩詰經》論疏,依其年代排列如下:一、宋智圓,《維摩經略疏垂裕記》(10 卷);二、宋程俱,《維摩詰所說經通論》(8 篇);三、明楊起元,《維摩經評註》(14 卷);四、明傳燈,《維摩經無我疏》(12 卷);五、明著者佚,《維摩經疏科》(1 卷);六、明通潤,《維摩詰所說經直疏》(3 卷);七、明大賢,《維摩詰經折衷疏》(6 卷);八、清瀞艇,〈維摩饒舌〉(1 卷)。

This article is a preliminary study of eight commentaries on the Vimalakīrti Sūtra composed during the Song, Ming, and Qing dynasties. In chronological order, the eight commentaries are as follows: 1. Weimojing lüeshu chuiyuji 維摩經略疏垂裕記 by Zhiyuan 智圓 (Song); 2. Weimojie suoshuojing tonglun 維摩詰所說經通論 by Cheng Ju 程俱 (Song); 3. Weimojing pingzhu 維摩經評註 by Yang Qiyuan 楊起元 (Ming); 4. Weimojing wuwoshu 維摩經無我疏 by Chuandeng 傳燈 (Ming); 5. Weimojing shuke 維摩經疏科 by an anonymous author; 6. Weimojie suoshuojing zhishu 維摩詰所說經直疏 by Tongrun 通潤 (Ming); 7. Weimojie jing zhezhongshu 維摩詰經折衷疏 by Daxian 大賢 (Ming); 8. “Weimo raoshe 維摩饒舌 ” by Jingting 瀞艇 (Qing).
The present article compiles basic information about each of the commentaries, including relevant scholarship, the author’s biography, and the commentary’s structure. This article further examines how each commentary deals with four concepts from the Sūtra that were important to pre-Song commentators: the idea that “when the mind is purified, the buddha-land is purified,” skillful means, inconceivability, and the Dharma gate of nonduality. The analysis of these concepts demonstrates the continuities of Song, Ming, and Qing commentaries with earlier periods.
Table of contents中文摘要 413
Abstract 414
一、前言 415
二、文獻提要與重要論題略述 415
(一)北宋.智圓(976-1022),《維摩經略疏垂裕記》 416
(三)明.楊起元(1547-1599),《維摩經評註》 430
(四)明.傳燈(1554-1628),《維摩經無我疏》 435
(五)明.著者佚,《維摩經疏科》 442
(六)明.通潤(1565-1624),《維摩詰所說經直疏》 442
(七)明.古德大賢(約 1573-1630),《維摩詰經折衷疏》 455
三、總結 465
引用書目 467
ISSN24143006 (P)
Created date2016.06.28
Modified date2020.04.08

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