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聖嚴法師的淨土念佛法門=Research on the Pure Land Method of Buddha Recitation as Expounded by Venerable Sheng Yen
Author 黃國清 (著)=Huang, Kuo-ching (au.)
Source 聖嚴研究:第八輯=Studies of Master Sheng Yen Vol.8
Pages91 - 132
Publisher Url
Location臺北, 臺灣 [Taipei, Taiwan]
Series No.8
Content type專題研究論文=Research Paper
Note作者單位:南華大學宗教學研究所副教授=Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Religious Studies, Nanhua University
Keyword聖嚴法師=Ven. Sheng Yen; 彌陀淨土=Amitāyus Pure Land; 人間淨土=Pure Land on Earth; 念佛法門=methods of Buddha recitation; 心淨土淨=purification of environment through the purification of mind

Venerable Sheng Yen, the founder of the famous Dharma Drum Buddhist community, was one of the most important Buddhist thinkers and practicians in the contemporary Taiwanese Buddhist world. He extensively studied Buddhist texts, received a doctoral degree in Japan, and wrote a vast collection of works on Buddhism. Besides the valuable contribution he made to the Buddhist academic circle, the Venerable emphasized understanding and practicing equally, and was versed in Chan meditation and other practice methods of Buddhism. As a famous spiritual master, he traveled around the world to teach the Dharma and guide meditation retreats. Chan and Pure Land traditions have normally prevailed throughout the history of Chinese Buddhism, and the Pure Land method is especially applicable to spiritual practice in daily life, could be adopted either by the beginner or the experienced practitioner. The Pure Land method has often been misunderstood as a convenient means without profound theories, thus shadowing its true meaning of practice. Venerable Sheng Yen had expounded comprehensively Pure Land Buddhism from a broad viewpoint to disclose the characteristics of its methods, broaden the scope of its cultivation, and lead the way to the practice of the pure land on Earth. He had made a great contribution to the propagation and development of Pure Land Buddhism. The Pure Land method of Buddha recitation as expounded by him could be concluded as follows:
1. To enhance the profundity and broadness of the theories of Pure Land Buddhism: The Venerable elucidated the Pure Land teachings from the aspect of the whole Dharma. Through this way, not only did he preserve the features of Pure Land Buddhism, he also founded its theories and practices on the context of the Buddha’s entire teachings. The understanding of the Dharma could enhance the religious experience of Buddha recitation. Besides, he made clear the convenient meaning and true meaning contained in Pure Land Buddhism.
2. To clarify the openness and compatibility of the methods of Pure Land Buddhism: In Pure Land Buddhism, there are methods ranging from easy to difficult, and the deep experience of Buddha recitation with concentrated mind leads to the realization of concentration and wisdom. The samādhi of Buddha recitation paves the way for the manifestation of prajñā and Buddha’s establishment. The Pure Land Buddhism should not be seen as totally different from other Buddhist sects in methods and goals. Venerable Sheng Yen dedicated himself to the promotion of Chinese Chan tradition, however, through his elucidation on the deep meaning of Buddha recitation in Pure Land Buddhism, he disclosed the communication of Chan and Pure Land in the ways of spiritual development.
3. To interpret the original teachings on practice in key Pure Land texts: Due to the narrow traditional explanation of Pure Land teachings focused on the self-oriented purpose of being reborn in the Western World of Ultima
Table of contents一、前言 94
二、拓展淨土教學的深廣義理 95
三、解明淨土行門的開放融通 101
四、開闡淨土教法的原本經說 108
五、教導淨土念佛的多元方法 114
六、連結西方淨土與人間淨土 120
七、結論 125
參考文獻 128
英文摘要 130
Created date2016.08.25
Modified date2021.08.05

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