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從身、心、靈的奧秘探討禪修的理論與方法 ——從竹筒功、太極、氣功、瑜伽探討之=From the Profound Mystery of Body, Mind and Spirit to Investigate the Theories and Ways of Buddhist Meditation-Illustrated by the Example of Bamboo Tube Exercises, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Yoga
Author 熊琬 (著)
Source 華嚴學報=Journal of Huayen Buddhism
Pages45 - 117
Publisher Url
Location新北市, 臺灣 [New Taipei City, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword丹道; 太極拳; 煉精化氣; 瑜伽; 氣功; 密宗; 竹筒功; Neidan; Tai chi chuan; conversion of Jing into Qi; Yoga; Qigong; Tantric Buddhism; Bamboo Tube Exercises

This article investigates the theories and ways of buddhist meditation from the profound mystery of body, mind and spirit-illustrated by the example of Bamboo Tube Exercises, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Yoga. These four ways have their own characteristics. However, they also have some similar places. Through describing and comparing these ways, we can learn more about the gist of spiritual practice. The human body is reflected in microcosm of the universe. Through developing human's physical potential, we can understand the mysteries of the universe. Neidan(內丹術) is one of spiritual practice ways in china. The key point about Neidan is training Jing(精), Qi(氣), Shen(神). Yoga is one of spiritual practice ways in india. The key point about yoga is training three nadis and seven chakras. And in Buddhism, the key point about spiritual practice is preserving the gates of the six indriyas(sense-organs 六根). The common ground of these ways is that all of them are help people to rediscover their body, mind and spirit-through teaching people how to regulate their diet, sleep, body, breath and mind. We can realize the mysteries of life by practicing these ways.
Table of contents一、前言──宇宙的奧秘即在身體 49
二、禪修在開發宇宙人生無限的奧秘 51
三、禪的訓練方法──從調和五事開始 54
四、依經絡、呼吸、神經、意念等生理、心理與精神(心靈)之探討 59
(一) 經絡、筋骨、氣、血與身心靈的關係──
「骨正筋柔,氣血自流」,百病自祛 59
(二) 就「氣」而言,它有幾種作用 61
五、實踐修行的前行──竹筒功法 63
六、瑜伽的修行的原理及次第 67
(一) 有關「瑜伽體位法」 67
(二) 心靈和身體的媒介 69
(三) 脈輪與身、心、靈 76
(四) 淨化九個心靈層次的方法 78
(五) 有餘依三摩地與無餘依三摩地 81
七、密宗修行理論與方式 84
(一) 生所成脈、氣、點 84
(二) 修所成脈、氣、點 85
(三) 氣脈、明點、拙火與修行 90
八、太極拳法理論與修行:行、住、坐、臥,無非太極之變動運行 92
九、丹道的修煉 101
(一) 丹道的修煉 101
(二) 修道的過程 101
十、結論 106
ISSN22226685 (P)
Created date2017.11.17
Modified date2022.12.08

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