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新文化運動時期中國佛教的近代革新:以「佛化新青年會」與佛化教育為探討= The Modern Innovation of Chinese Buddhism in the May Forth Movement Period: A Discussion on the Association for the Buddhacization of the New Youth and Buddhacization of the Education
Author 釋道禮=Shi, Dao-li
Source 圓光佛學學報=Yuan Kuang Journal of Buddhist Studies
Pages65 - 102
Publisher圓光佛學研究所=Yuan Kuang Buddhist College
Publisher Url
Location桃園縣, 臺灣 [Taoyuean hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword新文化運動=Enlightenment Movement; 佛化新青年會=Association for the Buddhacization of the New Youth; 張宗載=Zhāng Zōngzài; 《佛化新青年》=The Young Men’s Buddhist Monthly
Abstract中國的啟蒙運動肇始於清末民初近代國家轉型期的階段,至 1919年新文化運動時期而達於高潮,此時期無論是思想知識的傳 播媒介,或是思想內涵均產生巨大變化。在新文化運動所帶來文 化革新的大環境裡,中國佛教界亦已開始走向社會,與現代社會 同步,進行復興與轉型的內容。當中,張宗載與甯達蘊所成立的 「佛化新青年會」,便是具代表性的中國佛教界近代革新的組 織,其以風起雲湧之姿,在各省甚至在日本創立分會,吸引上萬 人士加入。佛化新青年會的刊物─《佛化新青年》,與陳獨秀於 1920年創辦的《新青年》這份刊物,同樣有著將中國與中國佛教的未來希望,託付於青年身上的共通期許。《佛化新青年》,匯集 了來自各方對於佛教與佛學、歷史、世界、科學,以及教育等精 闢的文章,從中可看出當時佛教學人對於中國佛教近代革新的關 懷與理念。佛化新青年會的眾多社會事業中,以佛化教育最為引 人注目。除了實際興辦了佛化小學、佛化義務學校,提出佛化大 學教育的全方位計畫,亦創辦了以實業為主的北京高級職工學 校,培養對國家社會建設有用的人才。

China's Enlightenment began in the Modern Transformation period, the era of Late Qing and the Early Republic and it reached the highest stage at the May Fourth Enlightenment Movement in 1919. Both the media of ideological construct and ideological connotation changed significantly in this period. The biggest dilemma that Chinese Buddhism confronted in times of extraordinary change was how to accommodate transformation of modern nation and combine with the new thoughts thereby becoming the Chinese Buddhism in the New Age Society. Association for the Buddhacization of the New Youth was representative of the important organization of Modern Chinese Buddhism. Zhāng Zōngzài and Níng Dáyùn who established Association for the Buddhacization of the New Youth founded branches in the provinces of China and Japan. The Association for the Buddhacization of the New Youth which issued periodical, The Young Men’s Buddhist Monthly had expectations on the young people making the Chinese Buddhism a better future. The Young Men’s Buddhist Monthly collected articles of Buddhism, history, science and education in which we can see Buddhist scholars’ concern and aspiration for Chinese Buddhism’s modern innovation. Among many social affairs of the Association for the Buddhacization of the New Youth, the Buddhism education was the most compelling. Besides established Buddhacization elementary school, Buddhacization of the voluntary school and proposed omnibus education program for Buddhacization University it also founded Beijing senior workers school cultivating the expert for society
Table of contents摘要 65
一、前言 69
二、新文化運動─來自傳統的反傳統主義 73
(一) 新文化反傳統主義的根源 74
(二) 非激進的「激進主義」,非保守的「保守主義」 75
三、時代的覺悟:「佛化新青年會」與《佛化新青年》的創辦 79
(一) 從「新佛教青年團」的《新佛化旬刊》到「佛化新青年會」的《佛化新青年》 79
(二) 促成組織「佛化新青年會」之四大背景因素 83
四、佛陀之教育:佛化教育學校與理念之實行 89
五、結論 95
徵引書目 98
ISSN16086848 (P)
Created date2018.03.19

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