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宋代禪門文獻中的散聖及其游戲形象的精神淵源=Sages and Their Madness Image in Literature of Zen Buddhism in the Song Dynasty
Author 黃敬家 (著)=Huang, Jing-jia (au.)
Source 東華漢學
Pages101 - 134
Publisher Url
Location花蓮縣, 臺灣 [Hualien hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword散聖=Sages; 狂僧=Mad Monks; 游戲=Madness; 燈錄=Lamp Record; 宋代=Song Dynasty
Abstract 宋代禪門透過燈錄編纂,將佯狂瘋癲、傳承不明,又難以歸類的狂僧,另立一類以總集之,從《景德傳燈錄》別列「禪門達者」伊始,以下燈錄或名「散聖」,或名「應化聖賢」,以不使其精神湮沒。早期的燈錄所收錄多為前代的異類狂僧,南宋以來禪門語錄則出現多位本朝散聖。相較於唐代狂僧以種種佯狂神通變化,宋代語錄中的散聖則更凸顯其游戲應化、任運自在的特質。目前學界關於禪宗文獻中的狂僧研究亟待開發,因此,本文將接續六朝至唐代狂僧的歷史脈絡,考察宋代禪宗燈錄對異行狂僧的歸納定位,爬梳禪門燈錄、語錄中宋代禪門散聖的形象史料,挖掘宋代禪林散聖在禪宗中的定位及其游戲形象的精神淵源。

With the compilation of Lamp Record by Zen Buddhism in the Song Dynasty, Mad Monks with madness and unknown inheritance who were difficult to be classified was classified into a separate category. Ever since mad monks were separately classified into “monks specializing in Zen Buddhism” in “Jingde Lamp Record,” they are called “sages” or “saints” in Lamp Records to extend their spirit. Lamp Records in early days mainly collected mad monks of former dynasty, while those in Southern Song Dynasty mainly collected sages of Song Dynasty. There is an urgent need to
develop the studies on context of mad monks in literature of Zen Buddhism in academia. Therefore, this study intends to follow the historical context of mad monks from the Six Dynasties to the Tang Dynasty, and extend the inspection on genealogy construction of mad monks with weird behaviors in the Song Dynasty. In addition, this study also intends to investigate Lamp Records of Zen Buddhism and the historical materials of image of sages of Zen Buddhism in the Song Dynasty in Lamp Records, in order to unravel the historical status of sages of Zen Buddhism in Zen Buddhism genealogy in the Song Dynasty and the spiritual origin of their madness image from Lamp Records genealogy to actually existing figures.
Table of contents摘要 101
一、前言 102
二、宋代燈錄中禪門異僧的歸屬 103
三、禪門文獻中的宋代散聖形象 108
四、宋代散聖游戲形象的精神淵源 117
五、結語 125
主要徵引書目 127
附錄:宋代禪門達者/散聖/應化聖賢文獻一覽表 132
ISSN17268265 (平裝)
Created date2018.10.16
Modified date2018.10.19

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