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人間佛教先行者 —— 慈航法師的海外弘法(1930-1948)=Human buddhist forerunner: Ci-hang Master Promote Dharma in overseas (1930-1948)
Author 闞正宗 (著)=Kan, Cheng-tsung (au.)
Source 玄奘佛學研究=Hsuan Chuang Journal of Buddhism Studies
Pages33 - 66
Publisher Url
Location新竹市, 臺灣 [Hsinchu shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword慈航=Ci-hang; 太虛=Taixu; 人間佛教=Human Buddhism; 緬甸=Myanmar; 星馬=Singapore-Malaysia
Abstract 慈航法師生於晚清,長於民國,半生追隨太虛法師,推動太虛「人間佛教」在東南亞的落實功不可沒。
慈航法師追隨太虛改革佛教的進程,大致可分為四個時期,第一期是 1928 年 9 月至 1935 年底在安慶迎江寺,1930 年底起弘法於緬甸,並於仰光成立「中國佛學會」,推動太虛「人間佛教」事業。
第二期為 1936 年初回國至 1939 年 12 月,於滯港期間加入「中國佛教國際訪問團」止,以通俗演講享譽大江南北,成為太虛佛教改革的助力。
第三期則是參加「中國佛教國際訪問團」後卓錫星馬,自 1940 年 4月起至 1948 年 9 月止,持續推動佛教改革事業。
本文旨在探討慈航法師 1930-1936 年在緬甸,及 1942-1948 在星馬推動太虛人間佛教於海外的歷程。

Master Ci-hang was born in the late Qing Dynasty and grew up in the Republic of China. Half-life follows the Master of the Taixu, Promoting the implementation of "Human Buddhism" in Southeast Asia is indispensable.
Master Ci-hang followed the process of reforming Buddhism in Taixu, which can be roughly divided into four periods.
Master Cihang follows the Taixu to promote the process of reforming Buddhism can be roughly divided into four periods. The first phase was from September 1928 to the end of 1935. Yingjiang Temple in Anqing before the end of 1930, From the end of 1930 to 1935, he was promoted to Myanmar,and established the "Chinese Buddhist Association" in Yangon to promote the cause of "Human Buddhism".
The second phase was returned to the country in early 1936 to December 1939,joined the "Chinese Buddhism International Visiting Mission" during the stay in Hong Kong. known as a popular speech, it is famous in the north and south.
The third phase is to live in Singapore and Malaysia after attending the "Chinese Buddhist International Visiting Mission" from April 1940 to September 1948, the cause of Buddhism reform continued to be promoted.
In the fourth period, Master Ci-hang dropped the Southeast Asia's "Human Buddhism" career and came to Taiwan to host the Buddhist College.

Table of contents一、前言 37
二、太虛因緣與迎江寺的「改革」(1928-1930) 37
(一)出家因緣 37
(二)迎江寺的改革 39
(三)離開迎江寺 41
三、緬甸人間佛教的推動成果(1930-1935) 42
(一)禮印度佛聖蹟 42
(二)仰光禮塔與閱藏 43
1. 仰光禮塔 43
2. 「中華佛教大藏經處」閱藏 44
(1)藏經由來 44
(2)曾宅閱藏 45
(三)「中國佛學會」成立及會務推動 46
四、參加訪問團二度下南洋(1939-1948) 49
(一)參加「中國佛教國際訪問團」 50
1. 緬甸行 50
2. 印度、錫蘭行 51
3. 星馬行 52
(二)星馬菩提學校創立與弘法 53
1. 檳城菩提小學 53
2. 新加坡菩提小學 54
(三)「星洲中國佛學會」的成立與運作 56
1.《中國佛學》月刊 57
2.義務醫學院 58
3.倡辦慈航大學 58
4.離星赴臺 60
五、結語 61

ISSN18133649 (P)
Created date2020.03.23
Modified date2020.03.25

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