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雪嶠圓信法系與《據源錄》=The Dharma Lineage of Xueqiao Yuanxin and the Record of Juyuan
Author 野口善敬 (著)=Noguchi, Yoshitaka (au.) ; 柳幹康 (譯)=Yanagi, Mikiyasu (tr.)
Source 佛光學報=Fo Guang Journal of Buddhist Studies
Volumen.1 新5卷
Pages75 - 102
Publisher Url
Location宜蘭縣, 臺灣 [I-lan hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword《據源錄》=Record of Juyuan; 嘉興藏本《雪嶠禪師語錄》=Record of Zen Master Xueqiao in the Jiaxing Tripitaka; 雪嶠圓信=Xueqiao Yuanxin; 形山海淖=Xingshan Hainao; 遠峯頓青=Yuanfeng Dunqing
Abstract 雪嶠圓信(1571-1647)是明末臨濟宗具代表性的禪僧,因獲得清初順治帝的敬慕而聞名。他無視自己本屬的嗣法系統,自作主張遙繼雲門宗開祖雲門文偃的禪法,由此惹起風波,導致其法嗣、法孫在禪史上皆未得到詳細記載。日本京都大學圖書館所藏的經書院本《據源錄》抄本,是尚未得到學界重視的孤本。該本資料價值甚高,載有雪嶠法系的若干原始材料。今人憑藉它,可得以一窺當時禪林如何重視嗣法及法系的風氣。筆者即利用《據源錄》,並旁及明末清初燈史等文獻,釐清了雪嶠門下禪法繼承的禪史脈絡。

Xueqiao Yuanxin 雪嶠圓信 (1571-1647) was a representative Chan monk of the late Ming dynasty, known primarily for the high esteem in which he was held by the early Qing dynasty emperor Shunzhi 順治帝. Regarding his own Dharma ancestry, Xueqiao Yuanxin claimed to have received transmission directly from Yunmen Wenyan 雲門文偃 (864-949), founder of the Yunmen school of Chan, a claim that generated much criticism. Of Xueqiao's successors little is known. Recently, however, a valuable source of information on this topic has been found in the Record of Juyuan 拠源録, a heretofore unknown unique manuscript in the Zōkyō Shoin 蔵経書院 collection at the Kyoto University Library. This text not only clarifies aspects of the activities of masters in Xueqiao's line but also provides evidence attesting to the importance of Dharma transmission and lineage in that era. The present article investigates the Dharma lineage of Xueqiao, based on the Record of Juyuan with supplementary material from the late-Ming, early-Qing Lamp histories.
Table of contents一、雪嶠圓信傳略 78
二、有關雪嶠法系的問題①:雪嶠嗣法 80
三、有關雪嶠法系的問題②:雪嶠是否有法嗣 84
(一)雪嶠一門無法嗣 84
(二)到康熙年間之前燈史類看法 86
(1)順治 5 年(1648)撰〈凡例〉刊 86
(2)康煕 5 年(1666)自序刊 86
(3)康煕 15 年(1676)序刊 86
(4)康煕 16 年(1677)序刊 86
(5)康煕 17 年(1678)完成 87
(6)康煕 32 年(1693)序刊 87
(7)康煕 36 年(1697)序刊 87
(8)崇禎 5 年(1632)序刊 87
(9)順治 11 年(1654)序刊 88
(10)康煕 42 年(1703)序刊 88
(三)乾隆年間燈史類的看法 88
四、有關雪嶠法系的問題③:雪嶠法嗣的典據 89
(1)譚貞默撰〈道行碑〉 89
(2)高承埏撰〈雪嶠信禪師傳贊〉 91
(3)嚴沆撰〈雲門雪嶠和尚千指菴碑記〉 92
(4)梅谷行悅《正宗錄》 93
五、《據源錄》…宣揚雪嶠法系 95
(一)《據源錄》與其結構 95
(1)〈雪嶠圓信得法來源記(擬題)〉康煕歳次丙寅(25 年,1686)仲春望日陽山弟子沈恆撰7頁(缺少第1頁) 97
(2)〈雲門雪嶠和尚千指菴碑記〉(附頂相、讃)法名智閔、嚴沆撰7頁(有內題〈據源錄〉) 97
(3)〈衢州明果寺形山和尚塔銘〉(附頂相、讃)梁萬禝撰7頁〈衢州天寧形山淖和尚事略〉王作霖述4頁 97
(4)〈虎林永慶遠峰青禪師剩語〉(附頂相、讃)蘭亭弟子王嗣敬、剃度門人覺非、覺安同編12頁〈武林永慶遠峰青禪師行錄〉張仕進撰24頁 97
(5)〈據源錄後跋〉清河散人智祥識2頁 97
(二)《據源錄》所明之事 97
六、結語 99

ISSN24143006 (P)
Created date2020.04.20
Modified date2020.04.20

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