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當代台灣大專青年學佛運動的興衰與轉機(1958~2016)=The Rise, Fall and Turning Point of the Contemporary College Youth Buddhist Movement in Taiwan (1958~2016)
Author 釋光持 =Saik, Chee-teng
Source 法印學報=Journal of Dharma Seals
Pages225 - 256
Location桃園縣, 臺灣 [Taoyuean hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Author: Religious Studies PhD. Student, School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China
Keyword大專青年學佛運動=College Youth Buddhist Movement; 佛學社團=Buddhist Society; 佛教青年營隊=Youth Camp; 慧炬粥會=Hui Ju Congee Conference
Abstract近數十年來,多元化社會的潮流,網絡文化興盛、少子化及佛教人口老化等問題逐漸浮現,直接或間接影響了大專青年學佛運動,在紮根、經營和運作上都面臨著更複雜的問題與挑戰。過去大專青年學佛運動的興盛,與當前的實際情況落差很大。當前無論是大專校園佛學社團或青年學佛營的運作上,都面臨著新的內外瓶頸現象,實在值得進一步探討。本文主要以「當代台灣大專青年學佛運動的興衰與轉機」作為研究,試圖採「質性研究」(qualitative research)與「量化研究」(quantitative research)之分析。經由實地訪談,深入探究並觀察、歸納、分析初、中、近期,檢視「佛學社團」與「青年營隊」的現況組織運作,二者經營間的關聯性,及影響大專青年運動發展的重要關鍵。其發展主要影嚮因素,以對照理解其後情勢的變化。希望研究成果能產出效益,有助於在現今多元化社會與網絡文化興盛的形勢下,帶領和接引 E 世代大專青年學佛。

In the past ten years, the trend of diverse societies, the rise of the Internet culture, sub-replacement fertility, the aging Buddhist population, and other problems have emerged one after another, which have directly or indirectly had an impact on the College Youth Buddhist Movement. The rise of College Youth Buddhist Movement in the past is vastly different from the current situation. At the present time, no matter if it’s the college Buddhist Society or Youth Buddhist Camp operations, new internal and external bottlenecks are being confronted, which is worthy of further exploration.
This paper’s main idea is to analyze the issue of “the rise and fall and turning point of the contemporary College Youth Buddhist Movement in Taiwan” trough qualitative research analysis and quantitative research analysis. The purpose of this study is to use field interviews to conduct inductive analysis on the early, middle, and recent phases, examine the current situation of the organizational operation of “Buddhist Society” and “Youth Camp”, the connection between the two in operation, and the key factors affecting development, and also compare and understand the before and after situation. The research results are hoped to yield benefits through which the E generation of college youth will be led to Buddha despite today’s diverse societies and the rise of the Internet culture.
Table of contents一、前言 228
⼆、台灣⼤專青年學佛運動的興起(1958~1990) 229
(一)大專青年學佛運動之萌芽期 229
(二)蓬勃發展的因素 230
三、⼤專青年學佛運動現況的變遷(1991∼2010) 233
(一)全國大專院校「佛學社團」整體發展概況 234
1、歷年大專院校擁有佛學社團之比例和個數成長趨勢 234
2、大專院校「道場社團」之成長趨勢 236
(二)道場推動大專青年學佛的趨勢 241
四、近期⼤專佛學社團、營隊的挑戰與轉機(2010∼2016) 242
(一)發展瓶頸與面臨的挑戰 242
1、初期的環境與挑戰 243
2、中期的發展特色、面臨的機會與挑戰 244
3、現況的瓶頸 245
(二)興衰中,逐漸露出轉機的現象 248
1、新世代青年學子,主動參與、投入、成立「佛學社團」 248
2、佛教道場「青年營隊」的重開啟 249
五、結論 252
ISSN22241299 (P)
Created date2020.06.11

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