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『華嚴宗一乘開心論』의 사상적 특질=A Philosophical Characteristic of Kegonshu-ichijo-kaishin-ron
Author 金天鶴 (著)=김천학 (au.)
Source 불교학연구=Korea Journal of Buddhist Studies
Pages55 - 81
Publisher Url
LocationDaegu, South Korea [大邱, 韓國]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword화엄종일승개심론=Kegonshu-ichijo-kaishin-rom; 석마하연론=shi-moheyan-lun; 헤이안시대=The Heian Period; 보기=Fuki; 장세=Chosai; 공해=Kukai; 법장=Fa-tsang; 혜원=Hui-yuen; 인명=Buddhist logic; 해인삼매=the Buddhavatamsaka-samadhi
Abstract It is not easy to grasp the contents of the thought of Kaishin-ron completely, because only one volume exists in six volumes. There is no certain record to prove that Kaishin-ronwas written by Imperial command, but it is estimated that Kaishin-ronis Imperial compilation and the author Fuki is a pupil of Cho-sai of Todaiji-temple from examination of the text. The philosophical characteristics of Kaishin-ron are summarized as follows.
First, Fuki recognized logic as a required means to understand the teachings of Buddha. By using logic, he proved that all beings are included in the Buddhavatamsaka-samadhi and the doctrine of the Hua-yan Sutra surpasses others. In addition, criticizing peoples of the one vehicle who disregard logic, he emphasized the importance of logic.
Second, in Kaishin-ron , Fa-tsang's Tanxuan-ji and Hui-yuen's Gan-ding ji are occupied the important position and there are overwhelmingly many quotations from this two writings. It means that Kaishin-ronmakes a flow of japanese huayan studies since the Nara period.
In addition, we can find that the author of Kaishin-ronrespects shingon-buddhism and quotes books of the shingon buddhist system by influence of Kukai. It shows that Kaishin-ronhas rather different characteristics from Kegon-shiki (華厳私記類) of the Heian period.
Table of contentsI. 들어가는 글 55
II. 문헌의 기초적 검토 57
1. 서지와 찬술 년대 57
2. 인용문헌으로 본 사상의 경향 64
III. 화엄사상의 특질 66
1. 해인삼매의 선양 66
2. 어리석은 자[有迷者] 에 대한 비판의 의미 69
3. 『석마하연론』 인용의 의미 71
1) 『석마하연론』 인용개소의 분석 71
2) 원원해와 비로자나불의 관계 76
IV. 결론 77
ISSN15980642 (P)
Created date2021.04.28
Modified date2021.04.28

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