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How Was an Āgama/Nikāya Scripture Composed?: The Case of Sāmagāmasutta
Author 佐々木閑 =Sasaki, Shizuka
Source インド学チベット学研究=Journal of Indian and Tibetan Studies=インドガク チベットガク ケンキュウ
Pages1 - 48
Publisher Url
Location京都, 日本 [Kyoto, Japan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keywordadhikaraṇa; Sāmagāmasutta; Vinaya; Samathakkhandhaka; dhammakathika
Table of contentsTable of Contents 1
1. Abstract 2
2. The structure of Sāmagāmasutta 3
3. Summary of Sāmagāmasutta 5
4. Noteworthy points in Sāmagāmasutta 8
4.1 First point 8
4.2 Second point 10
4.3 Third point 11
4.4 Fourth point 12
5. The adhikaraṇas and samathas in the Pāli Vinaya 13
6. A comparison between Sāmagāmasutta and Samathakkhandhaka 14
6.1 The six sources of adhikaraṇas 14
6.2 Procedure for resolving vivādādhikaraṇa 15
6. 3 Other Inconsistencies in Sāmagāmasutta 28
6.3.1 Method of carrying out sativinaya(SG-9) 28
6.3.2 Method of carrying out amūḷhavinaya(SG-10) 30
6.3.3 Method of carrying out paṭiññātakaraṇa(SG-11) 32
6.3.4 Method of carrying out tassapāpiyyasikā(SG-12) 34
6.3.5 Method of carrying out tiṇavatthāraka(SG-13) 36
7. The situation in which Sāmagāmasutta was composed 40
8. Descriptions criticizing the dhammakathikas in Vinayas other than the Pāli Vinaya 41
8.1 Dharmaguptaka Vinaya 41
8.2 Mahīśāsaka Vinaya 42
8.3 Mahāsāṃghika Vinaya 42
8.4 Sarvāstivāda Vinaya and Adhikaraṇavastu of Mūlasarvāstivāda Vinaya 43
9. Conclusion 45
ISSN13427377 (P)
Created date2021.06.25
Modified date2021.06.25

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