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BOOK REVIEWS Terai Ryōsen. Tendai endonkai shisō no seiritsu to tenkai
Author Rhodes, Robert F. (著)
Source The Eastern Buddhist=イースタン・ブディスト
Volumev.49 n.1/2 New series
Pages259 - 264
PublisherEastern Buddhist Society, Otani University=大谷大学東方仏教徒協会=イースタン・ブディスト協会(EBS)
Publisher Url
Location京都, 日本 [Kyoto, Japan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article; 書評=Book Review
NoteTendai endonkai shisō no seiritsu to tenkai 天台円頓戒思想の成立と
展開 (The Formation and Evolution of Theories of the Perfect and Sudden Precepts by Japanese Tendai Monks). By Terai Ryōsen 寺井良宣. Kyoto: Hōzōkan, 2016. xx + 668 + 24 pages. Hardcover: ISBN 978-4-8318-7387-3.
AbstractThe present volume is a groundbreaking study of the perfect and sudden precepts (endonkai 圓頓戒, also known as the bodhisattva precepts) in medieval and early modern Tendai 天台 Buddhism. It consists of three parts. Part one takes up the Kamakura 鎌倉 period (1185–1333) precepts revival movement within the Tendai school known as the Kurodani lineage (Kurodani-ryū 黒谷流). Part two presents a detailed analysis of the Tendai interpretation of the ten major precepts found in the Brahmajāla Sutra (Fanwang jing 梵網経). Part three discusses four Tendai monks of the Muromachi 室町 (1336–1573) and Edo 江戸 (1603–1868) periods, focusing in particular on their understanding of the precepts and the nenbutsu 念仏.
ISSN00128708 (P)
Created date2021.07.28
Modified date2022.04.07

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