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人間菩薩現實版 -- 昭慧法師與 Joan Baez=The Icon of Bodhisattva in real world: Ven Chao Hwei and Joan Baez
Author 陳悅萱 (著)=Chen, Yueh-shiuan (au.)
Source 法印學報=Journal of Dharma Seals
Pages163 - 182
Location桃園縣, 臺灣 [Taoyuean hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword昭慧法師=Ven. Chao Hwei; Joan Baez; 非暴力=Non-violence; 越戰=Vietnam War; 人權運動=Civil Rights
而在今年的疫情中,又見識到另外一位了不起女人 -- Joan Baez,她以一個歌手的身分,從事非暴力社會運動,影響60年代美國的音樂及美國社會至深,稱之為傳奇亦不為過。粗略的研究她的生平後,除了升起無比的敬佩之心,也發現了昭慧法師與 Joan Baez 的相似。
本文將先略述 Joan Baez的生平,再從她們的相似處,勾勒出現實版人間菩薩的面貌:勇敢、無我與智慧。而本文的目的也不在比較這兩位人間菩薩,而是從其高度相似的思想根源,學習菩薩行者應該具有的思想觀念與智慧,以及超凡的人格特質中,學習如何鍛鍊自己。

The Bodhisattva thought originates in the Mahayana sutras. The acts of the Bodhisattvas in the sutras are respected, admired, and moving, but there are also doubts: Is this too surreal? Have we ever seen it in the world? It wasn't until I knew Master Chao-hwei and what she did, that the original unrealistic imagination of Bodhisattvas were put into perspective. Complicated human minds and complex causes form a complex world and good and evil are complex terms. "Saving hardship" is not as simple as saving a person out of water, fire or from thieves. It requires ethical
judgment, unimpeded debate, and a strong will. Only with great courage can a Bodhisattva overcome opposition, obstruction and slander.
This year, with COVID-19 bringing a challenging pandemic, I came across the history of an amazing woman, Joan Baez, who was engaged in non-violent social movements as a singer. She had a profound impact on American music and American society in the 1960s. It's not an exaggeration to call her a legend. When researching her life, in addition to my heart filling with immense admiration, I also discovered similarities between her and Master Chao-hwei.
This article will first outline the life of Joan Baez, and from their similarities, outline aspects of an alive Bodhisattva: bravery, selflessness and wisdom. Beyond this comparison, the objective of the article is to convey the idea and wisdom of a bodhisattva practitioner may be improved, illustrated by the highly similar ideological roots, as well as the extraordinary personality traits of Master Chao-hwei and Joan Baez. They are two examples of ideals from which bodhisattva practitioners can learn how to improve themselves.
Table of contents壹、前言 166
貳、Joan Baez 的生平簡介 167
參、人間菩薩的特質 171
一、非暴力主義的堅持 171
二、勇者無懼 172
(一)勇於為公義發聲: 172
(二)勇於承擔風險: 173
(三)勇於危險的環境: 173
三、無我與緣起的智慧 176
四、堅強的意志與自信 -- 我知道他們不要聽,但我還是要說! 178
肆、結論 179
參考書目 181
一、專書 181
二、期刊 181
三、網址、其他 181
ISSN22241299 (P)
Created date2021.08.25

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