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杭州海潮寺與華嚴大學=Hangzhou Haichao Temple and Huayan Institute
Author 黃公元
Source 2015華嚴專宗國際學術研討會論文集上冊
Pages67 - 82
Publisher Url
Location臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei shih, Taiwan]
Content type會議論文=Proceeding Article
Note作者單位:杭州師範大學政經學院 教授(Professor, Hangzhou Normal University)
Keyword杭州海潮寺=Hangzhou Haichao Temple; 華嚴大學=Huayan Institue; 華嚴蓮社=Huayan Lotus Association; 華嚴學傳弘=The Propagation and Development of Huayan School
火。抗戰勝利後,顯光法師力圖修復,並於此開展僧教育,頗有成效,但遇到一些違緣,未能全部實現初衷。1958 年在海潮寺舊址建橡膠廠,後來僅有天王殿遺
構尚存,2000 年公佈為杭州文保單位。
海留雲寺住持、顯振禪師徒孫應乾及時伸出援手,並與杭州海潮寺住持聯絡,達成華嚴大學遷杭續辦的協定。60 名學僧在杭州海潮寺圓滿完成學業,其中不乏後

First, the history of Hangzhou Haichao Temple. Haichao Temple has a history of more than four hundred years. On the creation of Haichao Temple, “Wulin Fanzhi” of the late Ming Dynasty and the contemporary “History of Hangzhou Buddhism” is not
exactly the same. This paper agrees with the former records, pointing out the view point that the temple was founded by Master Lianchi lacks of reasonable basis. Haichao Temple was not very large at first. Later it was expanded in the Jiaqing and Daoguang
years of Qing Dynasty, and became a large temple in Hangzhou. In the Xianfeng years of Qing Dynasty, it was destroyed by the Taiping Rebellion. Since the Tongzhi three years of Qing Dynasty, the abbot of Haichao Temple, Master Puzhao fundraised to
reconstruct the temple which resplended again in the Guangxu years of Qing Dynasty.
As a disciple of Master Puzhao, Xianzhen went to Shanghai to build a branch of Haichao Temple, Liuyun Temple outside Xiaonan Gate. This forged a fate for Huayan Institute which later moved to Hangzhou. In the early years of the Republic of China,
Shanghai Huayan Institute continued to run in Hangzhou, which wrote a glorious page in the history of Haichao Temple. In the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, Haichao Temple, Lingyin Temple, Jingci Temple and Zhaoqing Temple were
regarded as the four largest temples in Hangzhou. During the Japanese invasion of China, the temple was under control of Japanese army and later was struck by lightning which resulted in that main buildings were destroyed by the fire. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Master Xianguang tried to repair and carry out monk education, as was first quite effective, but later he encountered some breach stopping him from completely realizing his original dreams. In 1958 at the site of Haichao Temple was built a rubber factory, later only King Hall remains, in 2000 it was identified as the Hangzhou cultural security unit.
Second, the connection between Haichao Temple and Huayan Institue, Huayan Lotus Association, Propagation and Development of Huayan School. Master Yuexia created Huayan Institue in Shanghai. The school will soon be difficult to sustain.
Yinggan being the abbot of Shanghai Liuyun Temple which was branch of Haichao Temple and being an apprentice of Master Xianzhen’s lended a helping hand in time. He contacted the abbot of Hangzhou Haichao Temple, and reached an agreement
to renew the relocation of Huayan Institute. Sixty monks successfully completed their buddhism education in Haichao Temple, many of whom later reached great achievement and played important roles in the development of Chinese Buddhism.
Speaking about the fate of Huayan Lotus Association and Propagation and Development of Huayan School, Master Zhiguang was a link between the most critical figures. It is precisely Zhiguang's apprentice Nanting in Taipei founded Huayan Lotus
Association and Huayan College. Another apprentice of Zhiguang, Aiting was also from Huayan Institute, who made great achievements in Huayan School as well. Changxing, Cizhou, Jiechen, Liaochen, Chisong, Huizong, Muxi, Miao kuo and other graduates
made th
Table of contents一、杭州海潮寺歷史沿革 71
二、海潮寺與華嚴大學、華嚴蓮社及華嚴傳弘的勝緣 75
三、杭州海潮寺重建之現狀與前景 79
Created date2021.12.02
Modified date2022.06.01

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