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근대 민중불교운동의 이념적 연원=The Ideological Origin of the Public Buddhist Movement in Modern times at Korea
Author 李在洙 (著)=Lee, Jae-soo (au.)
Source 한국불교학=韓國佛教學
Volumev.31 n.0
Pages253 - 282
Publisher Url
LocationKorea [韓國]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Note저자정보: 동국대학교 대학원 불교학과 박사과정
AbstractUi-chun(義天) has been known the founder of Tian-tai(天台) sect of Koryo period. The studies have been done around the period, purpose and its effect with the premise of Ui-chun's foundation. But the heterodox assertion has appeared with the collection of Daegak-guksa's works with lot of proportion of Huayan(華嚴) and doubt about the establishing process Seon-bong temple's grave stone. Thus the established theory of Ui-chun's foundation of Tian-tai has been reconfirmed through admitting his orientation of Huayan.
The material supporting doubt above has the proceeding chances to expect another grave stones as the helping factor of the orthodoxy. So I have studied the fact about the grave stone and Gook-chung temple and any possibility of existing another stone materials in this work.
The historical trace of Ui-chun has been recorded in the grave stone of Heung-wang temple, established in the period of his staying in Gook-chung temple. And Gook-chung temple's tombstone has been reportedly to try to make in the time of building up golden stūpa there. But the disagreements of conservative Huayan and Faxiang(法相) sects, and inner-diving of Tian-tai sect have blocked its establishment, destroyed after its build up or not been founded.
Table of contents서언 1
I. 천태종 개창에 관한 기존 견해 2
II. 義天의 天台宗 開創에 대한 異說과 그 문제점 4
1. 異說이 제기한 의문과 그에 대한 답변 4
2. 남겨진 문제에 대한 견해 6
III. 史料에 대한 새로운 고찰 8
1. 碑文에 관한 문제 8
1) 다른 碑의 존재 가능성 8
2) 碑文에 보이는 의문 9
2. 國淸寺에 관한 문제 10
1) 국청사 준공 과정 10
2) 국청사碑의 존재 가능성 12
結語 12
ISSN12250945 (P)
Created date2021.12.14
Modified date2021.12.20

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