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「全球化」抑或「去全球化」? ——以國際貿易為例=Globalization or Deglobalization? A Perspective on International Trade
Author 陳悅萱 =Chen, Yueh-shiuan
Source 法印學報=Journal of Dharma Seals
Pages179 - 194
Location桃園縣, 臺灣 [Taoyuean hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword全球化; 去全球化; 國際貿易; 產業供應鏈; 自由貿易協議
Abstract當前世界的經濟局勢詭蹫多變,疫情對全球經濟造成極大的影 響,例如航運的失序、運輸成本的飆漲、產業供應鏈的斷鏈等,讓人 對未來深感憂慮。但此波疫情對全球經濟的影響,究竟是短期的干 擾?還是長期趨勢的改變?
本文首先解釋了經濟全球化的意涵,並分別說明全球化的關鍵內 容――貿易自由化、產業供應鏈,以及去全球化的可能性。
經濟學是最重視實證,也是運用數量分析最深入的社會科學。數 據資料的選取、經濟指標建構的合理性,都會對研究結論產生重大影 響,因此本文提供幾個有關全球經濟數據的重要資料庫,以及學者建 構的經濟指標與實證分析的結論,以讓有興趣的讀者能利用文內介紹 的專業知識,深入研究該議題。

In the present, the world's economy faces a complicated and fickle situation. The pandemic continues to cause great impact on the global economy, such as the disorder of cargo shipping, the spike in transportation costs and the disruption of industrial supply chains, all of which make the future worrying. Is this impact a short-term disturbance or a long-term change in global economy trends? This thesis first explains the meaning of economy globalization and expounds on the key content of globalization- free trade, industrial supply chains and the possibility of deglobalization. Economics is a social science that highly values factual proof and adopts in-depth quantitative analysis. Research conclusions rely heavily on the selection of data points, as well as the feasibility of the way we construct economic index. Therefore, several important data bases regarding global economic information are provided in this thesis. In addition, you will find economic indices and conclusions supported by concrete analyses and proof from scholars. Readers who are interested in deepening their knowledge about this issue will be able to apply the professional knowledge provided in this work.
Table of contents壹、前言 181
貳、「全球化」與「去全球化」 181
一、經濟的全球化(globalization) 181
1. 貿易自由化——關稅壁壘的拆除 183
2. 移動與交流——產業供應鏈 185
二、經濟的去全球化(de-globalization) 186
參、資料庫與實證研究 188
一、資料庫介紹 188
二、計量研究 189
1. 「產業供應鏈比值」(SCF ratio)、「國際貿易彈性」(Global Trade Elasticity) 189
2. “Global value chain” 190
肆、結論 192
參考網址 193
ISSN22241299 (P)
Created date2022.02.22
Modified date2022.02.23

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