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江華禪源寺의 위치 비정=A Presumptive Study on the Location of Sǒnwǒn-sa(禪源寺) Temple
Author 이종철 (著)=Lee, Jong-cheol (au.) ; 조경철 (著)=Jo, Gyung-cheol (au.) ; 김영태 (著)=Kim, Yung-tae (au.)
Source 선학=禪學=Journal of Seon Studies
Volumev.3 n.0
Pages25 - 47
Publisher Url
LocationKorea [韓國]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Note저자정보: 이종철(한국정신문화연구원 한국학대학원 교수), 조경철(한국학대학원 박사과정 수료)·김영태(한국학대학원 박사과정).
Keyword高麗大藏經; 禪源寺; 忠烈祠; 南山; 花山=華山; 案山; 假闕; 掌苑署栗場; 海雲堂
AbstractThis paper is about presuming the most possible location of Sǒnwǒn-sa temple, which is related to the historical place where the carving of Buddhist canon, Tripitaka Koreana (Koryǒ Taej anggyǒng), was undertaken. The aim of the study is to refute the previous theory which concluded the location of Sǒnwǒn-sa Temple to be in Kanghwa-do Island. Precisely, its administrative location has been known as Chisan-ri, Sǒnwǒn-sa, Kanghwa-kun County for the past twenty-five years after it was designated as a historical site of S nw n-sa Temple in 1977.
Koryǒ court was exiled on Kanghwa Island from the invasion of Mongol 1n 1232. Four years later the carving of Buddhist canon, Tripitaka Koreana, was being undertaken wishing for the protection of the nation. In 1245 the Sǒnwǒn-saTemple was built.
The importance of Sǒnwǒn-sa Temple was equivalent to that of Susǒn-sa Temple, the most influential temple of that time, since it was owned by Choi Wo, who held the reins of the Koryǒ court. Due to its historical and cultural importances, the correct location should be clarified. The presumptive site that I want to argue is behind of Chungryǒl-sa Memorial. Its current administrative district is Sǒnhaeng-ri, Sǒnwǒn-sa, Kanghwa-kun County, which is 4 Km away from the place where was designated as a historical site of Sǒnwǒn-sa Temple.
There are three facts that can support my argument. Firstly, there have been no evidence neither proof from the four times excavations carried out from 1996 to 2001, which was triggered after Tripitaka Koreana was designated as the UNESCO's World Heritage in 1996. Secondly, a historical document says that Changw ns , Yulj ang, the government office which controled and provided chestnuts of the country, and Chungryǒl-sa Memorial were built after Sǒnwǒn-sa became ruined along with the demise of the Kory Dynasty. Later, the Tripitaka Koreana was also moved to Haein-sa Temple in Kyǒngsang-do Province. The document says that the Yulj ang was built in the site of Sǒnwǒn-sa
temple, where had a good harvest of chestnuts. The place that I argue in this paper is one of three places which were recorded as a good harvest of chestnuts. Finally, the historical document records that Sǒnwǒn-sa Temple was in the Hwasan Mountain. The Hwasan (花山) was also recorded as 華山 in Chinese characters and also called Namsan(南山) or
Ansan (案山). The term Namsan generally is used for the mountain which is located in front of a capital city. Namsan in Seoul and another Namsan in Kyǒngju would be the good examples. The old map of Kanghwa Island shows that Hwasan (花山) is located in the southern part of the capital city of Kanghwa-kun County, where Chungryǒl-sa Memorial is located. In the light of all three facts, the most possible place of Sǒnwǒn-sa Temple can be presumed to be the area of Chungryǒl-sa Temple in S nhaeng-ri town.
Table of contentsⅠ. 문제의 제기 25
Ⅱ. 선원사 위치 비정에 대한 기존의 견해 27
1. 지산리 현발굴터 27
2. 선행리 충렬사 앞터 31
Ⅲ. 선원사의 위치비정 33
Ⅳ. 맺음말; 충렬사 뒷편 42
ISSN15980588 (P)
Created date2022.03.15
Modified date2022.03.15

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