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Pramāṇakīrtiḥ. Papers dedicated to Ernst Steinkellner on the occasion of his 70th birthday
Author Kellner, Birgit ; Krasser, Helmut ; Lasic, Horst ; Much, Michael Torsten ; Tauscher, Helmut
PublisherArbeitskreis für Tibetische und Buddhistische Studien=Association for Tibetan and Buddhist Studies
Publisher Url
LocationWien, Austria [維也納, 奧地利]
SeriesWSTB Monograph Series
Series No.70
Content type書籍=Book
Note1.WSTB: Wiener Studien zur Tibetologie und Buddhismuskunde
2. xxxvii + 1103p., 2 vols.
AbstractWSTB Catalogue ; WSTB No. 70
Table of contentsPart 1
Ernst Steinkellner - Imprints and echoe xi
Publications of Ernst Steinkellner xxvii
Katia Buffetrille, "Pays caché" ou "Avenir radieux?" Le choix de Shes rabrgya mtsho 1
Gudrun Bühnemann, sivalingas and caityas in representations of the eight cremation grounds from Nepal 23
Christoph Cüppers, Die Reise- und Zeltlagerordnung des Fünften Dalai Lama 37
Elena De Rossi Filibeck, The fragmentary Tholing bKa ' 'gyur in the IsIAO Library 53
Max Deeg, A little-noticed Buddhist travelogue - Senghui's Xiyu-ji and its relation to the Luoyang-jialan-ji 63
Hildegard Diemberger, Padmasambhava's unfinished job: the subjugation of local deities as described in the dBa' bzhed in light of contemporary practices of spirit possession 85
Georges Dreyfus, Is perception intentional? A preliminary exploration of intentionality in Dharmakïrti 95
Franz-Karl Ehrhard, The biography of sMan-bsgom Chos-rje Kun-dga' dpalldan (1735-1804) as a source for the Sino-Nepalese war 115
Vincent Eltschinger, On 7th and 8th century Buddhist accounts of human action, practical rationality and soteriology 135
Eli Franco, Prajnâkaragupta on pratïtyasamutpâda and reverse causation 163
Tom Funayama, Kamalasïla's distinction between the two sub-schools of Yogâcâra. A provisional survey 187
Richard Gombrich, Popperian Vinaya: Conjecture and refutation in practice 203
Michael Hahn, In defence of Haribhatta 213
Paul Harrison, Notes on some West Tibetan manuscript folios in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art 229
Jens-Uwe Hartmann, Der Sattvärädhanastava und das KsäranadTsütra 247
Guntram Hazod, The grave on the 'cool plain'. On the identification of 'Tibet's first tomb' in Nga-ra-thang of 'Phyong-po 259
Harunaga Isaacson, First Yoga: A commentary on the âdiyoga section of Ratnäkarasänti's Bhramahara (Studies in Ratnäkarasänti's tantric works IV) 285
Takashi Iwata, An analysis of examples for the interpretation of the word istah in Dharmakïrti's definition of the thesis 315
David Jackson, Rong ston bKa' bcu pa - Notes on the title and travels of a great Tibetan scholastic 345
Christian Jahoda, Archival exploration of Western Tibet or what has remained of Francke's and Shuttleworth's Antiquities of Indian Tibet Vol. IV? 361
Muni Srï Jambüvijayaji, Dignäga's Nyäyapravesakasütra 395
Shoryu Katsura, Dharmakïrti's proof of the existence of other minds 407
Deborah Klimburg-Salter, Tradition and innovation in Indo-Tibetan painting Four preaching scenes from the life of the Buddha, Tabo mid 11th century 423
Taiken Kyuma, Marginalia on the subject of sattvänumäna 469
Horst Lasic, Placing the Tabo tshad ma materials in the general development of tshad ma studies in Tibet. Part one: The study of the Nyäyabindu 483
Christian Luczanits, Prior to Birth II - The Tusita episodes in Early Tibetan Buddhist literature and art 497

Klaus-Dieter Mathes, Can sutra mahamiidra be justified on the basis of Maitrïpa's Apratisthänaväda? 545
Claus Oetke, About the assessment of views on a self in the Indian philosophical tradition 567
Patrick Olivelle, The term vikrama in the vocabulary of Asvaghosa 587
Parimal G. Patil, Dharmakïrti's white lie - Philosophy, pedagogy, and truth in late Indian Buddhism 597
Ole Holten Pind, Nägärjunian Divertimento - A close reading of Milla madhyamaka-kârikâ VII 30cd and VIII 7cd 621
Karin Preisendanz, The initiation of the medical student in early classical Ayurveda: Caraka's treatment in context 629
Ernst Prêts, Implications, derivations and consequences: prasatiga in the early Nyäya tradition 669
Charles Ramble, The Aya: Fragments of an unknown Tibetan priesthood 683
Ludo Rocher, Commentators at work: Inheritance by brothers in Hindu law 721
Rosane Rocher, Henry Thomas Colebrooke and the marginalization of Indian pandits 735
Cristina Scherrer-Schaub, Immortality extolled with reason: Philosophy an
Created date2022.03.17
Modified date2022.03.17

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