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《大唐西域記》的觀音文學=Guanyin Literature in " Da Tang Xi Yu Ji "
Author 蕭麗華 (著)=Hsiao, Li-hua (au.)
Source 佛光人文學報=Fo Guang Journal of Humanities
Pages41 - 76
Publisher Url
Location宜蘭縣, 臺灣 [I-lan hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword玄奘=Xuanzang; 《大唐西域記= " Da Tang Xi Yu Ji "; 觀音文學=Guanyin literature; 靈驗記=efficacious narratives; 佛教文學=Buddhist literature

"Da Tang Xi Yu Ji" (The Record of the West in the Great Tang Dynasty) has abundant literary materials and a special writing style combining religion with travel notes, essays, jottings and novels. It extraordinarily manifests the feature in combination of novel and religion by adopting a theme of Guanyin writing. This paper first discussed the literary characteristics of "Da Tang Xi Yu Ji" through confirmation of "Da Tang Xi Yu Ji" preserving the historical materials of Central Asia and South Asia in the seventh century, writing in a style intermingled with "travel notes, sacred narratives and Buddhist doctrine" , integrating "history and reality" and "myth legends and realities", manifesting a tourism literature in rhythmical prose characterized by parallelism. Secondarily, by sorting out the eighteen narratives in total twenty three Guanyin writings in "Da Tang Xi Yu Ji" and observing them in the overall thinking of Guanyin literature in the Tang Dynasty, it did show the importance of "Da Tang Xi Yu Ji" in the Tang Dynasty Guanyin literature. Finally, this paper conducted analysis through two routes, Guanyin faith in "Da Tang Xi Yu Ji" and literary traits. Regarding Guanyin faith, "Da Tang Xi Yu Ji" was mainly the system of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva with Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes from Shingon Buddhism (also known as Tantra Buddhism). It also integrated the faith of Guanyin efficaciousness in the Lotus Sutra, Nahai Guanyin of Mount Potalaka in the Avatamsaka Sutra and Fearlessness Bestowal Guanyin of hearing the sound and saving the suffer in the Suramgama Sutra. Regarding literary traits, the Guanyin literature of "Da Tang Xi Yu Ji" was basically following the style of efficacious narratives and mystery novels of the Six Dynasties. In general, regarding the model of Guanyin image and Guanyin faith in "Da Tang Xi Yu Ji", there were four types including "Calling and Rescuing" by bodhisattva's rupakaya, "Wisdom and Liberation" by guiding King of Harsha Empire and some merchants, "Good Deeds and Blessings" by advising Harsha King to manage five Indian provinces with compassion and doing good for happiness, "Doubt Dispelling" by bodhisattva's appearing in front of Harsha King to get rid of his doubts and hesitation about the succession to the throne. Viewing from the literary significance, there were more than ten stories of Guanyin manifestation in "Da Tang Xi Yu Ji", though some were complete and had lively dialogues on a scale of mystery novels, in general, it belonged to a system of efficacious narratives without rich novel characters nor changing plot in stories. Therefore, it was basically following the style of efficacious narratives and mystery novels of the Six Dynasties, in which revealed characters of writing mode of Sangha's seeing and hearing as well as historical records for the West; especially, the mystery and ghosting characters became the blueprint of "The Journey to the West".
Table of contents一、前言 43
二、《大唐西域記》的文學性 44
三、《大唐西域記》的觀音書寫 47
四、《大唐西域記》的觀音信仰與文學特質 58
五、結論 69
參考文獻 71
ISSN27890082 (P); 27890090 (E)
Created date2022.08.03
Modified date2022.08.08

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