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圓照寺敬定法師對臨濟宗七塔派法脈的承續=The Inheritance and Continuation of Qita Sect of Linji Lineage by Master Jing Ding of Yuan Zhao Temple
Author 邱敏捷 (著)=Chiu, Min-chieh (au.)
Source 臺灣文獻=Taiwan Historica
Volumev.72 n.2
Pages207 - 232
Location南投市, 臺灣 [Nantou shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword圓照寺=Yuan Zhao Temple; 敬定法師=Master Jing Ding; 臨濟宗=Linji lineage; 七塔派=Qita Sect; 臺灣佛教=Taiwan Buddhism
1948 年,至今已有 72 年歷史。淨心法師與煮雲法師,分別擔任第 7 與第 8
任住持,規模逐漸形成。敬定法師於 1984 年接任該寺住持,隔年易寺名為
法師於 1974 年,承接臨濟宗七塔派自林野通奇而至玠宗法師之法脈,為第
42 世法嗣,主要展現「以藝弘禪」之特色,諸如有「合唱團與歌仔戲」公
剛經》油畫展」與「法筵美石展」等。2001 年,敬定法師再付法於玄慧法
師;2011 年,又傳法於宏尊法師等 7 人。敬定法師領導圓照寺致力於弘法

Yuan Zhao Temple is located at Niaosong District, Kaohsiung City.
Originally named Yuan Jue Temple, it was established by Master Kai Can of Da
Xian Temple in 1948 and has had the history of seventy-one years. Master Jing
Xin and Master Zhu Yun served as the seventh and the eighth abbot
respectively as the scale gradually formed. Master Jing Ding became the abbot
of the temple in 1984, turning the name from Yuan Jue Temple to Yuan Zhao
Temple to highlight “Yuan,” the soundness of the Buddhist virtues and “Zhao,”
the Buddhist glory, the Buddhist merciful spirits to enlighten and help take
away people’s sufferings. At present, Yuan Zhao Temple mainly aims to
promote Earth-Treasure (Kṣitigarbha) Bodhisattva. However, Master Jing Ding
had experience in learning Zen, and used to receive the teachings of Qita Sect
of Linji Lineage.Qita Sect of Linji Lineague originated from Master Linye
Tongqi in Ming Dynasty, and at the end of Qing Dynasty Master Ci Yun
contributed substantially in preaching the Buddhism and had a number of
disciples, and Master Yuan Ying was one of the most prestigious one. Master
Yuan Ying passed the torch down to Master Master Pai Sheng and Master Jie
Zong, which became the two cornerstones of Qita Sect of Linji Lineage in
Taiwan.In 1974, Master Jing Ding inherited Qita Sect, Linji Lineage, from
Linye Tongqi to Master Jie Zong and became the forty-second generation.
Master Xuan Hui, and Master Hung Zun along with other six Masters inherited
from Master Jing Ding in 2001 and 2011, respectively. Master Jing Ding led
Yuan Zhao Temple in preaching Buddhism and benefiting the public using
innovative and multi-faceted ways. Therefore, the temple belongs to the
important rites of Qita Sect, Linji Lineage, in the Buddhist circle of Taiwan.
Table of contents壹、前言 209
貳、敬定法師的習禪經驗 210
叁、臨濟宗七塔派的形成及其對臺灣的傳播 213
肆、敬定法師對七塔派法脈之承接與再傳 217
伍、敬定法師「以藝弘禪」之特色 221
一、合唱團與歌仔戲公演 222
二、舉辦花藝美展 223
三、成立「禪畫美術館」與舉辦「《金剛經》油畫展」 224
四、成立「法筵藝石館」及舉辦「法筵美石展」 225
陸、結語 225
ISSN1016457X (P)
Created date2022.08.24
Modified date2022.08.24

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