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禪的訓練課程對促進輕度自閉症高職學生自我覺察能力之行動研究=The Action Research of Zen Training Course on Promoting Self-Awareness Abilities of the Students with Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder in Vocational High School
Author 劉馨予 (撰)=Liu, Hsin-yu (compose)
Publisher Url
Location臺東市, 臺灣 [Taitung shih, Taiwan]
Content type博碩士論文=Thesis and Dissertation
Publication year106
Keyword禪的訓練課程=Zen training course; 輕度自閉症高職學生=the students with mild Autism Spectrum Disorder in vocational high school; 自我覺察能力=self-awareness abilities

The research aims to discuss the learning process of Zen training course on promoting the students with mild Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in vocational high school. The students are expected to apply self-awareness approach to daily life after the course. Based on the founder’s Zen “understanding the mind” as the central idea, the goal is to teach students to aware their body and mind clearly and the research tries to develop a series of Zen activities suitable for students with mild ASD. The research adopts action research method. The subjects for the research are five students in vocational high school where the researcher serves in. The duration of Zen training course is 50 minutes once every week and the number of the course in total is 10 times in total. The tools for the research, are self-made checklist, teacher’s data sheet and questionnaire of response, the observation of the teacher, and the content of the interview between the parents and the teacher. The results of the multi-materials are being processed and analyzed. The conclusions are presented as the following:
The first one: Every student is at different speed to increase the participation in the class, and the one who concentrates well and maintains good performance can affect the awareness of mental situation or affect the awareness of body , mind and concentration at the same time.
The second one: Most students can be aware and adjust daily life after their awareness is promoted in class. Mainly they can “get rid of egocentrism” and be aware of “social interaction” and promote positively.
The last one: The principles of applying the training course for meditation to education:
I. The course should be combined with structured teaching and cultivate comfortable, quiet, safe, acceptable and positive surroundings for class.
II. Tea Zen, sitting quietly and walking meditation are suitable for the subjects. The process mainly is moving-quietness-moving, but it can be modified for diversity and fun according to the needs of the students.
III. Take the 10 times-course for example, the arrangement of the three periods is appropriate and the guidance for the every activity periodically is different, however, the arrangement for the period is fit for the principles: From quickness to slowness. From less to more. The topics for guidance should be student-centered.
IV: The design has clear example and step-by-step learning sheet but it should be adjusted individually according to the difference of the students and offers the flexibility of multi-evaluations.
The researcher also give suggestions for applying to the teaching and the direction for the research according to the above results, in order to provide the reference for the workers of special education or counseling psychology.
Table of contents摘要 i
Abstract ii
表次 vi
圖次 viii
第一章 緒論
第一節 研究背景與動機 1
第二節 研究目的與問題 4
第三節 名詞釋義 5
第四節 研究範圍與限制 7
第二章 文獻探討
第一節 禪的思維與訓練 9
第二節 輕度自閉症學生的特性與訓練 14
第三節 禪的技術應用於學生之相關研究 20
第三章 研究方法
第一節 禪的訓練課程建構與課程特色 25
第二節 研究方法的選擇與研究架構 28
第三節 研究程序 30
第四節 研究參與者 32
第五節 研究工具 35
第六節 資料處理與分析 36
第四章 研究結果
第一節 禪的訓練課程對促進輕度自閉症學生自我覺察之行動歷程 39
第二節 輕度自閉症學生從課堂到日常生活情境自我覺察之學習歷程 102
第三節 統合省思禪的訓練課程之行動歷程 145
第五章 結論與建議
第一節 結論 153
第二節 建議 156
壹、中文部分 159
貳、西文部分 162
附錄一 參與研究同意書 165
附錄二 家長同意書 166
附錄三 課程大綱 167
附錄四 導師、家長訪談表 173
附錄五 自我覺察檢核表 177
附錄六 課程觀察紀錄表 178
附錄七 課程內容紀錄暨檢討表 181
附錄八 家庭作業 182
附錄九 課程經驗回饋問卷 186
附錄十 〈八風吹不動〉故事內容 188
Created date2022.10.14
Modified date2023.01.16

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