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胎蔵曼荼羅の虚空蔵院における諸問題=Some Problems in the Ākaśagarbha Section of the Garbhamaņḍala
Author 川﨑一洸 (著)
Source 智山学報=Journal of Chizan Studies=智山學報
Pages0161 - 0174
Publisher Url
Location東京, 日本 [Tokyo, Japan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword胎蔵曼荼羅; 胎蔵法; 虚空蔵院
Abstract 『大日経』には、胎蔵曼荼羅の虚空蔵院を構成する菩薩として、虚空蔵、虚空無垢、虚空慧、清浄慧、行慧、安慧の六菩薩が説かれているが、「秘密漫荼羅品」と「密印品」(あるいは漢訳とチベット語訳)を比較すると、菩薩たちの幖幟の体系が異なっている。そのため『摂大儀軌』、『広大儀軌』、『玄法寺儀軌』、『青龍寺儀軌』の胎蔵四部儀軌では、その矛盾を解決すために、出現智、蓮華印、執蓮華杵の三菩薩が新たに付加されて、九菩薩となった。


 The Dainichi-kyō expounds that the Hall of Ākāśagarbha in the Womb-Realm Mandala consists of the six bodhisattvas Ākāśagarbha, Gaganāmala, Gaganamati, Viśuddhamati, Cāritramati, and Sthiramati. However, in the “Mitsu’in-hon [Secret Seal Chapter]” and “Himitsu mandara-hon [Secret Mandala Chapter]” or when comparing Chinese and Tibetan translations, the flag system of the bodhisattvas differs. For this reason, in the Womb-Realm Four-Part Commentary (Taizō shibu giki, made up of the Setsudai giki, the Kōdai giki, the Genpō-ji giki, and the Seiryū-ji giki), to resolve this contradiction, three more bodhisattvas are added (Shutsugenchi, Renge’in, and Shurengesho) for a total of nine bodhisattvas.

 In this paper, while drawing on a comparison of the main text of the Dainichi-kyō and the Taizō shibu giki, with additional reference to the Taizō bonji shingon brought to Japan by Kōbō Daishi and iconographic materials such as the “Taizō zuzō [Drawings of the Womb-World Mandala]” and “Daihi taizō sanmaya mandara [Great Compassion Womb-World Symbol Mandala],” I sort out the inconsistencies between Shingon and the nine bodhisattvas seals in the materials and, based on the data, check on the status of the various taizō-hō transmitted to Japan and provide information to contribute to the practice of taizō-hō.
Table of contents抄録 161
1 はじめに 161
2 『大日経』における乱脱 162
3 胎蔵四部儀軌における三菩薩の補充 164
4 『胎蔵梵字真言』における悉曇表記の真言 165
5 「胎蔵図像」の七菩薩 167
6 「大悲胎蔵三昧耶曼荼羅」の尊名訂正 168
7 『秘蔵記』末における混乱 169
8 『石山七集』の問題点 170
9 胎蔵法の次第における九菩薩の印言 ― 結びに代えて ― 171
註 173
ISSN02865661 (P)
Created date2023.05.17
Modified date2023.05.17

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