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Vajrapāṇyabhiṣekatantraの世尊大転輪について=On the *bhagarān mahācakravartin in the Vajrapāṇyabhiṣekatantra
Author 駒井信勝 (著)
Source 智山学報=Journal of Chizan Studies=智山學報
Pages0219 - 0234
Publisher Url
Location東京, 日本 [Tokyo, Japan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
KeywordVajrapāṇyabhiṣekatantra; 金剛手; 曼荼羅; 灌頂; cakravartin
Abstract 本稿では,Vajrapāṇyabhiṣekatantra(以下VPA)に見られる金剛灌頂曼荼羅,並びに画像法の中央に画かれる世尊大転輪がいかなる尊格であるのかを,『大日経』との比較や,経典の内容から検討してきた.




 In this paper, I investigated the nature of the esteem accorded to the Vajrābhiṣekamaṇḍala (“Diamond Initiation Mandala”; Jp. Kongō kanjō mandara) in the Vajrapāṇyabhiṣekatantra (VPA) and to the World-Honored One Great Wheel (seson daitenrin) depicted in the center of the composition by comparing it with the Dainichi-kyō (Skt. Mahāvairocana Sūtra) and examining the contents of the scriptures. The face bears a striking similarity to that of the World-Honored One Vairocana in the Dainichi-kyō “Tenjirin mandara gyōhon,” and following this point of view, the World-Honored One Great Wheel could be said to be Vairocana. When we focus on the positioning of World-Honored One Great Wheel in the context of the VPA, he can be read as a being accorded the highest esteem in all respects, and in view of this positioning as well, it seems that we can regard the World-Honored One Great Wheel as Vairocana. Finally, I examined the nature of the Wheel King (tenrinsha). In the VPA, the secret doctrine and vajra scepter are transmitted from master to disciple as from Shaka to Samantabhadra (Jp. Fugen) to Mañjuśrī (Jp. Monju). This can then be interchanged with Vairocana to Vajrapani to Myōsenkongō. In the Vajrābhiṣekamaṇḍala, Samantabhadra and Mañjuśrī are positioned above and below the World-Honored One Great Wheel, and in the composition, Vajrapani and Myōsenkongō are arranged on his right and left. Thus, when we compare the transmission of doctrine and vajra scepter as well as the arrangement of the mandala, we could say that the World-Honored One Great Wheel is Vairocana.
Table of contents抄録 219
1.はじめに 219
2.世尊大転輪と『大日経』の世尊毘盧遮那の尊容について 220
3.世尊大転輪の性格について 222
4.VPA における転輪者とは 223
5.おわりに 227
註 228
ISSN02865661 (P)
Created date2023.05.17
Modified date2023.05.17

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