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The Buddhist Literature of Ancient Gandhāra: An Introduction with Selected Translations
Author Salomon, Richard (著)
PublisherWisdom Publications
Publisher Url
LocationSomerville, MA, US [薩默維爾, 麻薩諸塞州, 美國]
SeriesClassics of Indian Buddhism
Content type書籍=Book
NoteAuthor Affiliation: University of Washington
AbstractIn the years following Alexander the Great’s conquest of the East, a series of empires rose up along the Silk Road. In what is now northern Pakistan, the civilizations in the region called Gandhara became increasingly important centers for the development of Buddhism, reaching their apex under King Kaniska of the Kusanas in the second century CE. Gandhara has long been known for its Greek-Indian synthesis in architecture and statuary, but until about twenty years ago, almost nothing was known about its literature. The insights provided by manuscripts unearthed over the last few decades show that Gandhara was indeed a vital link in the early development of Buddhism, instrumental in both the transmission of Buddhism to China and the rise of the Mahayana tradition. The Buddhist Literature of Ancient Gandhara surveys what we know about Gandhara and its Buddhism, and it also provides translations of a dozen different short texts, from similes and stories to treatises on time and reality.
Table of contentsList of Illustrations
Introduction: The Rediscovery of Gandharan Buddhist Literature
1. The World of Gandharan Buddhism
Gandhara and India's Northwest Frontier
The Bloody History of Paradise
Early Buddhism and Gandhara
Aśoka and the Mauryan Empire
The Indo-Greeks
The Age of the Scythian Kingdoms
The Climax of Gandharan Buddhist Culture under the Kuṣāņa Empire
The Decline of Buddhism in Gandhara
The Legacy of Gandharan Buddhism
2. Buddhist Manuscripts, Buddhist Languages, and Buddhist Canons
Buddhist Texts and Canons
The Languages of Buddhism
Gāndhārī and Kharosthī
Deciphering Gandhārī Documents
The Destiny of Gāndhārī and the Triumph of Sanskrit
The Gandhārī Hypothesis
Further Discoveries of Gandharan Manuscripts
The Character of the Scrolls
3. The Buddhist Literature of Gandhara
The Scope of Gandharan Buddhist Literature
Canonical and Paracanonical Sutras
Vinaya Texts
Abhidharma and Scholastic Literature
Edifying Narratives
Mahāyāna Texts
Miscellaneous Texts
What Did Gandharan Buddhists Read?
Oral and Written Texts and Canons
Was There a Gāndhārī Canon?
The Problem of School Affiliation
Sutras in Prose
1. Three Numerically Grouped Sūtras
a. The Buddha and the Brahman Dhona
b. The Words of the Buddha
C.The Four Efforts
2. Five Thematically Grouped Sūtras
a. The Four Concentrations
b. Not Yours
C. Living Full of Disenchantment
d. The Adze Handle
e. The Parable of the Log
Poetic Texts
3. The Rhinoceros Sūtra
4. A Chapter from the Dharmapada
The Monk
Legends and Previous-Life Stories
5. Songs of Lake Anavatapta
a. Mahākāśyapa
b. Nanda
c. ŚroGa KomiviCśa
g. Yaśas
e. PiGola Bharadvāja
f. Vāgīśa
g. Nandika
h. Kusuma
6. Six Stories of Previous Lives and Other Legends
a. The Story of a Rich Man
b. The Previous Life of the Bodhisattva as a Merchant
c. The Previous Life of the Bodhisattva as Prince SudacGa
d. The Previous Life of Ājñāta KauGinya as a Potter
e. The Previous Life of Ānanda as a Prince
f. The Monk and the Saka
7. Avadāna Legends
a. The Contest between the Black and White Magicians
b. The Story of Zadamitra;
8. The Many Buddhas Sūtra
Scholarly Commentaries and Debates
9. A Commentary on the Sūtra of Chanting Together
a. The Five Faculties
b. The Six Roots of Argument
10. A Commentary on Canonical Versesa
Trade What Ages
b. Endowed with Proper Conduct
c. An Angry Man
11. An Abhidharma Treatise on Time and Existence
The Emerging Mahāyāna
12. The Perfection of Wisdom Sūtra
a. The Practice of the Knowledge of All Forms
b. The Teaching on Merit
State of the Art and Future Prospects
What Have We Learned?
1. Specimen of a Verse in Various Buddhist Languages
2. Specimen of a Gandhāran Buddhist Inscription: The Reliquary of Śatruleka
Image Credits
About the Author
ISBN9781614291688 (pbk); 1614291683 (pbk)
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Created date2023.07.10
Modified date2023.07.11

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