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湛然『金剛錍』の研究 : 現代語試訳(1)=A Study of the Jīn-gāng-bēi(金剛錍) of Zhàn-rán(湛然): Japanese Translation with Annotations(1)
Author 島村大心 (著)=Shimamura, Daishin (au.)
Source 法華文化研究=Journal of Institute for the Comprehensive Study of Lotus Sutra=ホッケ ブンカ ケンキュウ
Pages21 - 63
Publisher Url
Location東京, 日本 [Tokyo, Japan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
AbstractThis paper is one of posthumous manuscripts of the late Reverend Daishin Shimamura, Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies. Although the manuscript of this study seems to be almost complete but not thoroughly examined. it was appreciated to have highly academic value so as to be published by the editorial board. The manuscript is so voluminous that it is divided into several parts to be continuously or intermittently published on this journal.] The Jīn-gāng-bēi (金剛錍) was written by Zhàn-rán (湛然, Tan-nen, 711-782), the great scholarly master of Tiān-tái sect (天台宗) in the Táng period, who wrote commentaries on three masterpieces of Zhi-yi (智顗) and other his own treatises. The title of the work means “Diamond (金剛) Scalpel (錍)” in order to cut ignorance, and its main topic is the capability of becoming Buddha (仏性) or that of accomplishing enlightenment. It is a well-known assertion unique to the work that the capability of becoming Buddha is inherent in all beings, not only living beings but even inanimate objects. In this paper, the late Rev. Shimamura translated the text of the Jīn-gāng-bēi (included in the 46th volume of Taishō-shinshū-daizōkyō edition) from classical Chinese into modern Japanese, and annotated it with detailed explanations in appropriate places. In this issue (No. 45), the first part (from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 (1) ② iii 2, in synopsis) of his study is published. [The responsibility for the wording lies with the editor.
Table of contents〔編集者による序文〕 21
I 序 言 22
II 現代語試訳 25
『金剛鋤』 25
〔1 第一章 この論の興る縁由を叙す〕 25
〔2 第二章 正しく論を立てる〕 25
〔2(1)第一節 浬繋の義を解説〕 25
〔2(1)① 第一款 意を叙べる〕 25
〔2(1)② 第二款 浬繋の義を解説する〕 26
〔2(1)②i 第一項 意を叙べる〕 26
〔2(1)②ii 第二項 経を引用して義を示す〕 27
〔2(1)②ii 1 第一目 仏性の進否を示す〕 27
〔2(1)②ii 2 第二目 教部の権実を示す〕 41
〔2(1)②iii 第三項 野客に対し進否、権実を解説する〕 43
〔2(1)②iii 1 第一目 名相について進否を解説する〕 43
〔2(1)②iii 2 第二目 説相について権実を解説する〕 47
ISSN02871513 (P)
Created date2023.09.02
Modified date2023.09.03

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