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Cultures of Eschatology: Volume 1: Empires and Scriptural Authorities in Medieval Christian, Islamic and Buddhist Communities. Volume 2: Time, Death and Afterlife in Medieval Christian, Islamic and Buddhist Communities
Author Wieser, Veronika (著) ; Eltschinger, Vincent (著) ; Heiss, Johann (著)
PublisherDe Gruyter Oldenbourg
Publisher Url
LocationBerlin, Germany [柏林, 德國]
Content type書籍=Book
NoteAbout the Author
Veronika Wieser and Johann Heiss, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna; Vincent Eltschinger, École Praticque des Hautes Études, Paris.
KeywordHistorical Period; History; History of Religions; Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies; Medieval History; Medieval Studies; Theology and Religion; Topics in History
AbstractIn all religions, in the medieval West as in the East, ideas about the past, the present and the future were shaped by expectations related to the End. The volumes Cultures of Eschatology explore the many ways apocalyptic thought and visions of the end intersected with the development of pre-modern religio-political communities, with social changes and with the emergence of new intellectual and literary traditions.

The two volumes present a wide variety of case studies from the early Christian communities of Antiquity, through the times of the Islamic invasion and the Crusades and up to modern receptions, from the Latin West to the Byzantine Empire, from South Yemen to the Hidden Lands of Tibetan Buddhism. Examining apocalypticism, messianism and eschatology in medieval Christian, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist communities, the contributions paint a multi-faceted picture of End-Time scenarios and provide their readers with a broad array of source material from different historical contexts.

The first volume, Empires and Scriptural Authorities, examines the formation of literary and visual apocalyptic traditions, and the role they played as vehicles for defining a community’s religious and political enemies. The second volume, Time, Death and Afterlife, focuses on key topics of eschatology: death, judgment, afterlife and the perception of time and its end. It also analyses modern readings and interpretations of eschatological concepts.
Table of contentsFrontmatter I
Contents V
Cultures of Eschatology, volume 1: Empires and Scriptural Authorities in Medieval Christian, Islamic and Buddhist Communities
Preface and Acknowledgements XI
Notes on Contributors, volume 1 XIII
Introduction: Approaches to Medieval Cultures of Eschatology 1
Literary and Visual Traditions
Making Ends Meet: Western Eschatologies, or the Future of a Society (9th–12th Centuries). Addition of Individual Projects, or Collective Construction of a Radiant Dawn? 25
Apocalyptic Literature - A Never-Ending Story 45
“When the Sun is Shrouded in Darkness and the Stars are Dimmed” (Qurʾan 81:1–2). Imagery, Rhetoric and Doctrinal Instruction in Muslim Apocalyptic Literature 66
Volatile Images: The Empty Throne and its Place in the Byzantine Last Judgement Iconography 84
Appendix 106
On some Buddhist Uses of the kaliyuga 123
Scriptural Traditions and their Reinterpretations
Choices – The Use of Textual Authorities in the Revelation of John 165
Manichaean Eschatology: Gnostic-Christian Thinking about Last Things 181
Manichaean Eschatology: Gnostic-Christian Thinking about Last Things 194
Appendix: Cinzia Grifoni, cur., Pseudo-Methodius’ Revelationes in the so-called Third Latin Recension 233
Eschatological Relativity. On the Scriptural Undermining of Apocalypses in Jewish Second Temple, Late Antuque and Medieval Receptions of the Book of Watchers 254
Empires and Last Days 1
Eschatologies of the Sword, Compared: Latin Christianity, Islam(s), and Japanese Buddhism 277
The Portents of the Hour: Eschatology and Empire in the Early Islamic Tradition 294
The History of Ibn Ḥabīb: al-Andalus in the Last Days 319
Apocalyptic Insiders? Identity and Heresy in Early Medieval Iberia and Francia 337
Apocalyptic Cosmologies and End Time Actors
Treasure Texts on the Age of Decline: Prophecies Concerning the Hidden Land of Yolmo, their Reception and Impact 359
Gog and Magog Crossing Borders: Biblical, Christian and Islamic Imaginings 390
Zaydī Theology Popularised: A Hailstorm Hitting the Heterodox 415
Political Propheticism. John of Rupescissa’s Figure of the End Times Emperor and its Evolution 441

Cultures of Eschatology, volume 2: Time, Death and Afterlife in Medieval Christian, Islamic and Buddhist Communities
Notes on Contributors, volume 2 IX
Death and Last Judgement
Death and Eschatological Beliefs in the Lives of the Prophets according to Islam 467
Scattered Bones and Miracles – The Cult of Saints, the Resurrection of the Body and Eschatological Thought in the Works of Gregory of Tours 479
Arguing for Improvement: The Last Judgment, Time and the Future in Dhuoda’s Liber manualis 509
Death and Pollution as a Common Matrix of Japanese Buddhism and Shintō 528
Afterlife and Otherworld Empires
Apocalypse Now? Body, Soul and Judgement in the Christianisation of the Anglo-Saxons 549
The Evolution of the Buddhist Otherworld Empire in Early Medieval China 578
Space and Power in Byzantine Accounts of the Aerial Tollhouses 603
The Multiple Uses of and Enemy: Gog, Magog and the “Two-Horned One” 631
A.D. 672 – The Apex of Apocalyptic Thought in the Early Medieval Latin West? 642
Exegesis, Empire and Eschatology: Reading Orosius’ Histories Against the Pagans in the Carolingian World 674
The Bede Goes On: Pastoral Eschatology in the Prologue to the Chronicle of Moissac(Paris BN lat. 4886) 698
The Afterlife of Eschatology
The Testament of Time - The Apocalypse of John and the recapitulatio of Time according to Giorgio Agamben 733
Eschatology as Occidental Lebensform: The Case of Jacob Taubes 759
History beyond the Ken: Towards a Critical Historiography of Apocalyptic Politics with Jacob Taubes and Michel Foucault 783
Proper Names 817
Geographical Names and Toponyms 829
ISBN9783110690316 (hc); 9783110597745 (Ebook)
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Created date2023.09.22
Modified date2023.09.26

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