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General introduction [68]
Category [47] :characteristic[21]、Asia Buddhism[26] (Mahayana Buddhism[4]、Theravada Buddhism[5]、China Buddhism[17])
Buddhist Art [20]
Sect [54] :China[16]、India[22]、Tibet[6]、Japan[10]
History [32]  :General[18]、Dynasty[14] (China[11]、Japan[3])
Dharma-gate [75]  :Mutual[28]、China[18]、Tibet[23]、Others[6]
Practioner [74]:Tibet[18]、China[31]、India[25]
Buddha and Bodhisattva [40] :Buddha[12]、Bodhisattva[8]、Arhat[2]、Others[18]
Sutra [105]:Sutra[45]、Sastra[43]、Others[17] (Anthology[8]、Verses[4]、Indian philosophy books[3]、Theravada Buddhism history books[2])
Appellation [21]
Others [201] :Others[189]、12 divisions of the Mahāyāna canon[12]

Buddhist Art (佛教藝術)
NO. Chinese English Japanese German French
1. 佛教藝術 Buddhist Art 仏教芸術 Buddhistische Kunst Art Bouddhique
2. 佛塔 = 浮屠 = 浮圖 stupa = pagoda 仏塔
3. 繪畫 painting 絵画 Malerei Peinture
4. 唐卡 Tangka = Thangka タンカ Thangka
5. 壁畫 mural 壁畫 Wandbild Peinture Murale
6. 雕刻 = 雕塑 Sculpture 彫刻 Skulptur = Bildhauerei Sculpture
7. 書法 Chinese Calligraphy 書道 Kalligraphie Calligraphie Chinoise
8. 戲劇 Drama 演劇 Drama Drame
9. 石窟 cave 石窟 Grotte
10. 佛像 Buddhist Statue = Buddharupa 仏像 Buddha-Statue
11. 佛教建築 Buddhist Architecture 仏教建築 Buddhistische Architektur Architecture Bouddhique
12. 犍陀羅式 Gandhara Form = Gandharan 犍陀羅式 (Art) du Gandhâra
13. 坦特羅式 Tantric Form 坦特羅式
14. 佛經變相 = 經變 = 變相 = 變繪 Metamorphic Images of Sutras = Metamorphoses of Sutr 変相
15. 變文 Bianwen = Buddhist Stories Retold 変文
16. 禪詩 Zen poems 禅詩
17. 造像 To Make an Image 造像
18. 俗講 Sujiang = a Type of Popular Lecture Delivered to Exp 俗講
19. 唱導 Chang-Dao = to Preach to People and Lead Them to Con 唱導
20. 瑜伽焰口 Yogacara Flaming Mouth