The Sanskrit-English Exercise Key (Lesson 6):


1. Poets desire wealth.

2. Teachers (Du.) are angry with students (Du.)

3. Kings are angry with enemies.

4. You cut the trees with an axe.

5. Drops of water fall from the mountain.

6. Teachers with students are looking at the ocean there.

7. Brahmin throws an oblation to the fire.

8. The seer sacrifices to Vishnu for the king.

9. The man mounts the horse.

10. Water on the fields dries out.

11. Teachers like students.

12. Enemies of kings perish by sword.

13. The boy writes a letter to the teacher.

14. People desire heaps of gems.

15. Trees grow only from the mountain.

16. People cross over the water by [means of] arms (Du.).

17. The man calls boys (Du.) to the house.

18. Poet's sons see an elephant on the road to the village.

19. The king calls fighters to the city.

20. Where do teacher and student sit?

21. The fighters today fight with enemies.

22. "What are you bringing," asks teacher the boy.

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The English-Sanskrit Exercise (Lesson 6):


1. meghebhyo vihagah patanti vrksesu sidanti ca |

2. tatra janakasya grhaj tisthatiti balah pathikaj vadati |

3. ksatriyairnrpo nagaramagacchati |

4. bahvorbalena jayasi he nrpa |

5. atra na vasamo janakastvatra vasati |

6. kimadhuna likhasiti wisyaj guruh prcchati |

7. gurorgrhe wisyah kutesu sidanti wastrani pathanti ca |

8. ksatriyo 'wvamarohati nagaramagacchati ca |

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