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Publisher: International Academy of Buddhism, Hsi Lai University
Place of Publication: California, USA
Publish Frequency:
Website: http://journal.uwest.edu/index.php/hljhb

第 8 卷 [2007 Published]

第 1 卷 [2000 Published]

第 8 卷 [2007Published]

Title Author
 Mind in the Views of Buddhism and Cognitive Sciences [Fulltext]
Lee, Ming
 Reason as Employed by the Buddha: Its Originality and Mystical Foundations [Fulltext]
Szkredka, Slawomir
 Purification Buddhist Movement, 1954-62: The Recovery of Traditional Monasticism from Japanized Buddhism in South Korea [Fulltext]
Chanju Mun
 Wang Enyang’s Response to Modern Science in Early Twentieth Century [Fulltext]
Chen, Huaiyu
 Buddhism and Scientific Methods [Fulltext]
Chang, Otto H.
 Ecological Perspectives in Buddhism [Fulltext]
Ramanujam, Geetha
 Buddhism and Science: A Century of Investigation [Fulltext]
Ananda W.P. Guruge
 Buddhist Medicines in Chinese Literature [Fulltext]
Long, Darui
 Parallels in Engineering and Humanistic Buddhism [Fulltext]
Wong, Winie
 Ethics of Wealth and Poverty: Examination of Buddhist View-Point in Present Millennium [Fulltext]
Sinha, Neelima


第 1 卷 [2000Published]

Title Author
 The Three Treasures and "Humanistic" Buddhism of the 20th Century=三寶與二十世紀之「人間」佛教 [Fulltext]
Lancaster, Lewis
 Humanistic Buddhism in Tibetan Tradition=從西藏佛教看人間佛教 [Fulltext]
Santucci, James A.
 Wisdom and Compassion:Two Paradigms of Humanistic Buddhist Movements=慈悲與智慧 -- 人間佛教二模範 [Fulltext]
Bond, George D.
 Buddhism and Psychotherapy:The Role of Self-control Strategies=佛教與心理治療 -- 自我控制的角色 [Fulltext]
De Silva, Padmal
 Book Review: "Reinventing the Wheel", by Peter D. Hershock [Fulltext]
Graham, Tom
 Book Review: "Food for the Thinking Mind", by K. Sri Dharmananda [Fulltext]
Punyasiri, Aparekke
 Humanistic Buddhism as Conceived and Interpreted by Grand Master Hsing Yun of Fo Guan Shan=星雲大師對人間佛教的認知與詮釋 [Fulltext]
Kimball, Richard L.
 Humanistic Buddhism from Venerable Tai Xu to Grand Master Hsing Yun [Fulltext]
Long, Darui
 Humanistic Elements in Early Buddhism and the "Theravada Tradition"=原始佛教與南傳佛教中的人道觀 [Fulltext]
Guruge, Ananda W. P.
 Book Review: "What in Brief is Buddhism", by Ananda W. P. Guruge [Fulltext]
Thich An Hue
 Book Review: "Free at Last in Paradise", by Ananda W. P. Guruge [Fulltext]
Grey, Leslie
 Book Review: "Suramgamasamadhisutra", Tr. By Etience Lamotte [Fulltext]
Guruge, Ananda W. P.
 Review of John Powers (tr.), Wisdom of Buddha: "A Translation of the Saµdhinirmocana Sutra" [Fulltext]
Graham, Tom
 Book Review: "The Voice of the Buddha: The Beauty of Compassion (Lalitavistara)", Tr. by Gwendolyn Bays [Fulltext]
Santucci, James A.
 Book Review: "The Biographical Scripture of King Asoka", Tr. by Li Rongxi [Fulltext]
Guruge, Ananda W. P.
 Book Review:"Zen and the Brain", by James H. Austin [Fulltext]
Thich An Hue
 Book Review: "Dhammapada 1", by dGe-'dun Chos-'phel [Fulltext]
Guruge, Ananda W. P.
 Book Review: "Nepalese Caitya", by Niels Gutschow [Fulltext]
Guruge, Ananda W. P.
 Book Review: "Soka Gakkai", by Phillip Hammond & David Machacek [Fulltext]
Murry, Michael