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1 ["Being-in-the-World": The Bodhisattva Ideal and the Millennium]: Response / Lochhead, David
2 [Buddhism and Judaism: Some Further Considerations]: Response / Abe, Masao
3 [Mahāyāna Theology: A Dialogue With Critics]: Response / Cobb, John B., Jr.
4 [Mahāyāna Theology: A Dialogue With Critics]: Response / Griffiths, Paul J.
5 [Mahāyāna Theology: A Dialogue With Critics]: Response / Matthews, Robin
6 [The Pure Land Buddhist Notion Of Faith]: Response / Cobb, John B., Jr.
7 「一杯禪」與「一指禪」 / 谷懷
8 「自然と人間~震災と契機とした仏教的自然観~」講演録 /
9 「社会問題研究会~災害と宗教」報告 /
10 「教学再考 ―真言密教の伝統と創造―」講演録 /
11 「教学再考~私たちはいかにして法を伝えていくか~」 講演録 /
12 「教学再考~高野山における学道の現在~」講演録 /
13 『安永四年 智山年中行事』翻刻(一) / 橋浦寛能 ; 小笠原弘道
14 1992 Meeting Of the Japan Society For Buddhist-Christian Studies / Van Bragt, Jan
15 A Buddhist Perspective On Dual Worship / Bloom, Alfred
16 A Christian Response To Joint Buddhist-Christian Practice / Thurston, Bonnie
17 A Reply To the Responses / Corless, Roger
18 A Review Of Neville's "Behind the Masks Of God" Behind the Masks Of God: An Essay Toward Comparative Theology By Robert C. Neville Review By: David Lochhead / Lochhead, David
19 Annual Meeting Of the Society For Buddhist-Christian Studies / Habito, Ruben L. F.
20 Aunt Hannah On the Parliament of Religions / Snell, Minnie Andrews
21 Book Reivew: Asian Christian Spirituality: Reclaiming Traditions By Virginia Fabella, Peter K. H. Lee, David Kwang-sun Suh / Walles, William F.
22 Book Reivew: Turning the Wheel: American Women Creating the New Buddhism By Sandy Boucher; Sakyadhītā: Daughters Of the Buddha By Karma Lekshe Tsomo / Klein, Anne C.
23 Book Review: A Bridge To Buddhist-Christian Dialogue By Seiichi Yagi / Ingram, Paul O.
24 Book Review: A Study Of Nishida's Philosophy: The Development and Structure Of the Logic Of Field By Kosaka Kunitsugu / Kawamura-Hanaoka, Eiko
25 Book Review: After Patriarchy: Feminist Transformations Of the World Religions By Paula M. Cooey, William R. Eakin, Jay B. McDaniel / Nefsky, Marilyn F.
26 Book Review: American Society In the Buddhist Mirror By Joseph B. Tamney / Karpiel, Frank
27 Book Review: An Apology For Apologetics: A Study In the Logic Of Interreligious Dialogue By Paul J. Griffiths / Martinson, Paul Varo
28 Book Review: An Asian Theology Of Liberation By Aloysius Pieris / Howell, Nancy R.
29 Book Review: Brush Mind By Kazuaki Tanahashi / Shapiro, S. I. ; Sherrill, David M.
30 Book Review: Buddha Nature By Sallie B. King / Jacobsen, Knut A.
31 Book Review: Buddhism After Patriarchy: A Feminist History, Analysis, and Reconstruction Of Buddhism By Rita M. Gross / Amore, Roy C.
32 Book Review: Buddhism After Patriarchy: A Feminist History, Analysis, and Reconstruction Of Buddhism By Rita M. Gross / Young, Serinity
33 Book Review: Buddhist Monastic Life According To the Texts Of the Theravāda Tradition By Mohan Wijayaratna, Claude Grangier, Steven Collins / Boisvert, Mathieu
34 Book Review: Chōetsusha to jiko (The Transcendental and the Self: An Essay On the Takizawa-Abe Controversy) By Masaaki Honda / Tanaka, Yutaka
35 Book Review: Christian Theology and Interreligious Dialogue By Maurice Wiles / Lundeen, Lyman
36 Book Review: Christian Theology and Inter-Religious Dialogue By Maurice Wiles / Sennett, James F.
37 Book Review: Christianity Through Non-Christian Eyes By Paul J. Griffiths / Killen, David P.
38 Book Review: Civilized Shamans: Buddhism In Tibetan Societies By Geoffrey Samuel / Simmer-Brown, Juolith
39 Book Review: Contemplative Psychology By Hans F. de Wit, Marie Louise Baird / Killen, David P.
40 Book Review: Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Eastern Thought By John R. Suler / Gross, Philippe L. ; Shapiro, S. I.
41 Book Review: Die Dhāranī des Großen Erbarmens des Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara mit Tausend Handen und Augen by Maria D. Reis-Habito / Fuss, Michael
42 Book Review: Dissonant Voices: Religious Pluralism and the Question Of Truth By Harold A. Netland / Burch, Sharon Peebles
43 Book Review: Dōgen and the Kōan Tradition: A Tale Of Two Shōbōgenzō Texts By Steven Heine; Master Dogen's Shobogenzo, Book I By Gudo Nishimura, Chodo Cross, Master Dogen / Roshi, Robert Aitken
44 Book Review: Esoteric Buddhist Painting By Ishida Hisatoyo, E. Dale Saunders / Saso, Michael
45 Book Review: Ethics, Wealth, and Salvation: A Study In Buddhist Social Ethics By Russell F. Sizemore, Donald K. Swearer / Amore, Roy C.
46 Book Review: Fingers Pointing Toward the Sacred: A Twentieth Century Pilgrimage On the Eastern and Western Way By Frederick Franck / Gross, Philippe L.
47 Book Review: Frontiers In Asian Christian Theology: Emerging Trends By R. S. Sugirtharajah / Burch, Sharon Peebles
48 Book Review: Healing Breath: Zen Spirituality For a Wounded World By Ruben L. F. Habito / Unno, Taitetsu
49 Book Review: Images of Jesus: How Jesus Is Perceived and Portrayed In Non-European Cultures By Anton Wessels, John Vriend / Lundeen, Lyman
50 Book Review: Japan's Encounter With Christianity: The Catholic Mission In Pre-Modern Japan By Neil S. Fujita / Ingram, Paul O.