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1 “Apūrva,” “Devatā,” and “Svarga”: Arguments On Words Denoting Imperceptible Objects / Unebe, Toshiya
2 A Note On the Sadvitīyaprayoga / Franco, Eli
3 Apologetics and Philosophy In Mandana Miśra's Brahmasiddhi / Nicholson Hugh
4 Aśoka’s Disparagement Of Domestic Ritual and Its Validation By the Brahmins / Lubin, Timothy
5 Can One Prove That Something Exists Beyond Consciousness? A Śaiva Criticism Of the Sautrāntika Inference Of External Objects / Ratié, Isabelle
6 Cārvāka Fragments: A New Collection / Bhattacharya, Ramkrishna
7 Contribution Of Polish Scholars To the Study Of Indian Logic / Mejor, Marek
8 Dharmakīrti On the Role Of Causation In Inference As Presented In Pramāṇavārttika Svopajñavṛtti 11–38 / Gillon, Brendan S. ; Hayes, Richard P.
9 Dharmakīrti’s Criticism Of Anityatva In the Sāṅkhya Theory / Watanabe, Toshikazu
10 Did Dignāga and Mallavādin Know the Old Vākya-Padīya-Vrtti Attributed To Bhartrhari? / Pind, Ole Holten
11 Early Meanings Of Dependent-Origination / Shulman, Eviatar
12 Facing the Boundaries Of Epistemology: Kumārila On Error and Negative Cognition / Freschi, Elisa
13 Ḥājji Ratan or Bābā Ratan’s Multiple Identities / Bouillier, Veronique ; Khan, Dominique-Sila
14 Haribhadra On Giving / Dundas, Paul
15 History, Philology, and the Philosophical Study Of Sanskrit Texts / Patil, Parimal G.
16 Is 'Inexplicability Otherwise' (Anyathânupapatti) Otherwise Inexplicable? / Balcerowicz, Piotr
17 Language, Understanding and Reality: A Study Of Their Relation In a Foundational Indian Metaphysical Debate / Shulman, Eviatar
18 My Rituals and My Gods: Ritual Exclusiveness In Medieval India / Granoff, Phyllis
19 Negation – Failure or Success? Remarks On an Allegedly Characteristic Trait Of Dharmakīrti's Anupalabdhi-Theory / Kellner, Birgit
20 Notes On Robert Thurman's Translation Of the Pañcakrama / Tomabechi, Toru
21 On the Śaiva Concept Of Innate Impurity (Mala) and the Function Of the Rite Of Initiation / Acharya, Diwakar
22 Remarks On the Visuddhimagga, and On Its Treatment Of the Memory Of Former Dwelling(s) (Pubbenivāsānussatiñāṇa) / Collins, Steven
23 Svabhāvavāda and the Cārvāka/Lokāyata: A Historical Overview / Bhattacharya, Ramkrishna
24 The Brahman and the Word Principle (Śabda) / Timalsina, Sthaneshwar
25 The Commitments Of a Madhyamaka Trickster: Innovation In Candrakīrti’s Prasanna-padā / Shulman, Eviatar
26 The Correspondence Principle and Its Critics / Bronkhorst, Johannes
27 The Ins and Outs Of the Jains In Tamil Literary Histories / Emmrich, Christoph
28 The Production Of Philosophical Literature In South Asia During The Pre-Colonial Period (15th To 18th Centuries): The Case Of the NYāyasūtra Commentarial Tradition / Preisendanz, Karin
29 The Typology Of Jāti-s Indicated By Diṅnāga and Development Of Diṅnāga’s Thought / Kang, Sung-yong
30 Uddis and Ācikh: Buddhaghosa On the Inclusion Of the Sikkhāpada In the Pabbajjā Ceremony / Crosby, Kate
31 What the Cārvākas Originally Meant / Bhattacharya, Ramkrishna
32 大愛夫人的出家 / 孫張清揚
33 中國到南洋的第一位文化大使 ── 法顯 / 何福同
34 中國第一個留學生 / 朱士嘉
35 仁慈的舍利弗與薄命的婁沙迦 / 嚴慧
36 天竺拉摩禪師記 / 周祥光 (著)=Zhou, Xiang-guang (au.)
37 世親及其著作 / 盤石
38 民族英雄岳飛、關羽、郭子儀都是佛教徒 / 莫正熹
39 玄奘法師 / 楊蓮生
40 印度佛教的功臣 ── 佛教阿育王 / 楊白衣
41 印度的大思想家 / 關毅滔
42 自尋煩惱的不蘭迦葉 / 中觀
43 佛陀十大弟子小傳(一)─(十) / 摩迦
44 佛教的文藝大師 ── 馬嗚菩薩 / 釋印順 (著)=Shih, Yin-shun (au.)
45 伽彌尼的故事 / 惟慈
46 吠橝多者之生活 / 羅迦古波 ; 阿迦黎耶
47 我對大迦葉的讚述 / 仁俊
48 我對阿難陀的讚述 / 仁俊
49 東方愛神(觀世音) / 釋樂觀
50 東漢一代譯師 ─ 安世高 / 常覺