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1 "One Germant, One Bowl" : The Mahāyāna View of Freedom /
2 "One Germant, One Bowl" : The Mahāyāna View of Freedom /
3 A Letter from Captain J. E. Ellam, Secretary of the International Buddhist Union, General Secretary of The Buddhist Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Editor of The Buddhist Review /
4 Asvagosha's Awakening of Faith: Zen Poem: "The Buddha's Triple Body" /
5 Bebas dari Ketakutan Sebuah Pelindungan dari Bhagawati Arya Tara / Chodron, Thubten
6 Bishop Imamura, of Honolulu: Dr. Kaikyoku Watanabe: Zen Hospice: Magazines and Books Received /
7 Book Review: Buddhism by Paul Dahlke: What is Buddhism? Compiled by Buddhist Lodge, London: Was Jesus Influenced by Buddhism? by Dwight Goddard: The Buddhist Annual of Ceylon: The Gospel of Buddha (New Edition) by Paul Carus /
8 Book Review: Some of the Important Buddhist Books Recently Published in Japan (Bukkyō Daijiten by Tokunō Oda: Bukkyō Daijii by the Nishi Hongwanji: Meijishū by Otto Rosenberg: Zenshū Jiten by Kodo Yamada: etc.) /
9 Book Review: The Buddha's Golden Path by Dwight Goddard: Aspects of Mahāyāna Buddhism and its Relation to Hīnayana by Nalinksha Dutt: etc. /
10 Book Review: Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrine or Seven Books of Wisdom of the Great Path by W. Y. Evans-Wents: A Buddhist Bibliography Compiled by A. C. March: Concentration and Meditation Compiled by The Buddhist Lodge, London: etc. /
11 Book Review: Vedanta and Modern Thought by W. S. Urquhart: The Land of the Lama by David Macdonald: The Gospel for Asia by Kenneth Saunders: The Doctrine of the Buddha by George Grimm: Pilgrimage of Buddhism by James Bissett Pratt: Gods of Northern Buddhism by Alice Getty: Tradition and Truth in Chinese Buddhism by Karl Ludwig Reichelt: etc. /
12 Buddhist Activities in China: "Nai-hsiao" (Inner Learning): The True Buddhist Spirit: Epochs in Buddhist History /
13 Buddhist Monuments in China (Shina Bukkyō Shiseki) by Profs. Tokiwa and Sekino: Hōnen the Buddhist Saint by Prof. Ishidzuka and Dr. Coates: A Study of Shin Buddhism by Prof. Sasaki: etc. /
14 Concerning Kumarajīva's Translation of the Daśa-ādhyāna-vinaya-bhikṣnī-pratimokṣa: 1400th Anniversary of Bodhidharma Celebrated /
15 Concerning The Eastern Buddhist /
16 Dr Tagore's Second Visit to Japan: Dr Hodous's Work on Chinese Buddhism: Prof. Pratt's Lecture in Peking: Buddhism in China: A Kyoto Zen Temple Burned by Incendiary: A New Translation of the Smaller Sukhavatīvyūha Sūtra by Prof. Utsuki: etc. /
17 Dr. Nanjyō's Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra: Dr. Tsuji on the History of Japanese Buddhism: The Death of Rev. Horio, of the Jōdo Sect: Rev. Arai, of the Sōtō Zen : Goes Abroad: Prof. Teramoto's Translation of A History of Buddhism in Khotan: On The Japanese Buddhist Periodicals: The Eastern Branch of Hongwanji Taking Census: Prof. Sasaki's Departure for Europe: Contributors: A Letter from a Reader) /
18 Great Buddha from the Yun-kang Rock-carvings: A Branch School of Tōkō University in Korea: Prof. Akanuma on the Buddhism of the Āgamas /
19 Not Sectarian: The Object of The Eastern Buddhist: The Removal of the Edditional Office: New Interest Awakened in Buddhism: Apology for Delay /
20 On the Revival of Japanese Buddhism /
21 Prof. Sasaki's Work on Vasubandhu's Viṃśaka-Kārikā: The Central Conception of Buddhism by Prof. Stcherbatsky: Prof. Kimura on Abhidharma Treatises: Buddhist Revival in China: etc. /
22 Quy Y Tam Bảo / Phật-Hội Pháp-Hoa
23 Sir Charles Eliot: Manshi Kiyozawa: Items of Buddhist News /
24 T. W. Rhys Davids: The Shinran Shōnin Celebration /
25 The Compassionate Kitchen: Buddhist Practices for Eating with Mindfulness and Gratitude / Chodron, Thubten
26 The Eastern Buddhist: Buddhists and Hunting /
27 The Eathquake Disaster and the Publication of The Eastern Buddhist /
28 The Foundation of Buddhist Practice The Library of Wisdom and Compassion Vol. 2 / The Dalai Lama ; Chodron,Thubten
29 The Idea and the Man: A Comment on Prof. Shūgaku Yamabe's Article on "Mahāyāna Buddhism and Japanese Culture" / Davids, Rhys
30 The International Buddhist Union: Shinran Revival: A Shingon Dictionary: A Chinese Professor and the Shingon Sect: A New Edition of the Tripitaka: Prof. Tokiwa's Trip to China: Buddhist Psalms: The Buddhist Dictionary: A Korean Buddhist Magazine: The Life of Hōnen in English: The Mahāyāna: Prof. Uyi /
31 The Quest of Historic Śākyamuni in Western Scholarship / Sauders, Kenneth
32 The Recovery of a Lost Manuscript on the History of Zen Buddhism in China /
33 The Second Conference of the Pan-Pacific Young Buddhists' Federation: 2500 Anniversary of the Buddha's Birth: Formation of International Buddhist Society: The Nippon Buddhist Research Association: etc. /
34 Una Mirada al Vacío La Plenitud del Ser / Lama Khensur Jampa Tegchok
35 五臺山信仰多文化、跨宗教的性格以及國際性影響力 / 釋妙江
36 文化哲學與歷史哲學的對話詮釋 / 吳汝鈞
37 合掌人生1:在南京,我是母親的聽眾 / 釋星雲 (著)=Shih, Hsing-yun (au.)
38 合掌人生2:關鍵時刻 / 釋星雲 (著)=Shih, Hsing-yun (au.)
39 合掌人生3:一筆字的因緣 / 釋星雲 (著)=Shih, Hsing-yun (au.)
40 合掌人生4:飢餓 / 釋星雲 (著)=Shih, Hsing-yun (au.)
41 佛說法華經因緣 / 釋泉慧
42 妙法蓮華經題旨與天台釋本經用「五重玄義」之說明 / 錢召如
43 明末清初熊開元由儒歸佛之心路歷程 / 盧秀華
44 遇見・修鍊・重現:臺灣宗教遺產保存修復特展 / 傅朝卿