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1 “Sustainability” and the Code of Religion:On the Conditions for the Development of Eco-Religious Communication in the Religious System / 根瑟‧馬庫斯 (著)=Marcus, Guenzel (au.)
2 《成佛之道》教材彙編導讀 / 釋清德
3 《法與律之深層探索》論集簡介 / 釋昭慧
4 《施設論》思想與風格之探究(上) ── 以唐譯《大毘婆沙論》為主 / 釋悟殷
5 《圓頓止觀探微》摘要 / 釋性廣
6 《維摩詰經》之〈方便品〉與人間佛教思想 / 程恭讓
7 《認識臺灣本土佛教》導論:凝視跨世紀下的當代臺灣佛教多元轉型新貌 / 江燦騰
8 「人間佛教的解門與行門」引言大綱 / 釋性廣
9 「人間佛教的歷史性與永續性」引言大綱 / 侯坤宏
10 「大乘義章」書後 / 陳寅恪
11 「印順學派的成立、分流與發展」訪談錄導讀 / 邱敏捷
12 「印順導師思想之理論與實踐」論壇論文集(第九屆) / 釋性廣
13 「印順導師思想之理論與實踐」學術會議論文集(第十屆):傳道法師七秩壽慶學術研討會: 大會手冊.會議論文=Conference handbook / 林建德
14 「佛學之新評價」的批評(一)-(二) / 法航
15 「宗長者」呼称の成立と三十帖策子事件 ― 勧修寺法務寛信編纂史料の検討から / 柿島綾子
16 「梁氏佛教史」評 / 柳詒徵
17 「新唯識論語體文本」再略評 / 太虛
18 「僧伽護國史略」評 / 通一
19 『究竟一乗寶性論』と東アジア仏教:五─七世紀の如來蔵・真如・種姓説の研究 / 李子捷 (著)=Li, Zijie (au.)
20 <<無量壽經>>譯註 / 淨土宗編輯部
21 A Brief Introduction of DDBC Kwamun Data / Tu, Aming (著)=杜正民 (au.)
22 A comparison of buddha-nature and Dao-nature before the Tang Dynasty / Chih-mien Adrian Tseng
23 A re-examination of the meaning of buddha-nature as seen in the Mahāparinirvāna-sūtra / Chih-mien Adrian Tseng
24 Bodhidharma Lineages and Bodhisattva Precepts in the Ninth Century / Lin, Pei-ying (著)=林佩瑩 (au.)
25 Building the Buddhist Revival: Reconstructing Monasteries in Modern China / Gregory Adam Scott
26 CBETA as a Buddhist Digital Research Environment / Tu, Aming (著)=杜正民 (au.)
27 Changing attitudes to the Precepts in Modern Taiwan: The Debate between Brahmā’s Net Precepts and Yogācāra Precepts / Lin, Pei-ying (著)=林佩瑩 (au.)
28 Emptiness as Subject-Object Unity: Sengzhao on the Way Things Truly Are / Ho, Chien-hsing (著)=何建興 (au.)
29 Emptiness as Subject-Object Unity: Sengzhao on the Way Things Truly Are / Ho, Chien-hsing (著)=何建興 (au.)
30 From Indra’s Net to Internet: Communication, Technology, and the Evolution of Buddhist Ideas / Veidlinger, Daniel ; Rowe, Mark Michael
31 Householders and Monks: A Study of Treasure Revealers and their Role in Religious Revival in Contemporary Eastern Tibet / Antonio Terrone
32 Nāgārjuna's Critique of Language / Ho, Chien-hsing (著)=何建興 (au.)
33 Reconnecting with the Land (and the gods) in Tibet / Antonio Terrone
34 Resolving the Ineffability Paradox / Ho, Chien-hsing (著)=何建興 (au.)
35 Texts and Transformations: Essays in Honor of the 75th Birthday of Victor H. Mair / Saussy, Haun
36 The Atlas of Buddhist Pilgrimage, Buddhist Social Network and the Making of Digital Tripi aka ── Update of Current Projects / Tu, Aming (著)=杜正民 (au.)
37 The Buddhist Use of Official Documents in the Ninth Century: The Tendai Undertaking of Travelogues / Lin, Pei-ying (著)=林佩瑩 (au.)
38 The Education System of Sophia University Institute and Dharma Drum Buddhist College / Tu, Aming (著)=杜正民 (au.)
39 The Expansion and Integration of the Buddhist Content for Digital Research Environment / Tu, Aming (著)=杜正民 (au.)
40 The Korean Buddhist Empire: A Transnational History, 1910–1945 / Kim, Hwansoo Ilmee
41 The Origin of Bodhicitta and Its Development in Chinese Buddhism=菩提心探源及其在中國佛教的發展 / Yung-dong (著)=釋永東 (au.)
42 The Possibility of Future Kwamun Data / Tu, Aming (著)=杜正民 (au.)
43 The Present and Future of the CBETA Project / Tu, Aming (著)=杜正民 (au.)
44 Tibetan Buddhism Beyond the Monastery: Revelation and Identity in rNying ma Communities of Present-day Kham / Antonio Terrone
45 Two Models of Buddhist Networking in the Ninth Century China / Lin, Pei-ying (著)=林佩瑩 (au.)
46 Visions, Arcane Claims, and Hidden Treasures: Charisma and Authority in a Present-Day Gter ston / Antonio Terrone
47 Why do insentient things have buddha-nature?: A re-examination of Jizang’s claim / Chih-mien Adrian Tseng (著)=Tseng, Chih-mien (au.)
48 Yin Shun’s Research Regarding the Maitreya Pure Land / Chiu, Min-chieh (著)=邱敏捷 (au.)
49 Yinshun’s Interpretation of the Maitreya Pure Land / Chiu, Min-chieh (著)=邱敏捷 (au.)
50 あとがき / 佐藤長門