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1 《大乘莊嚴經論.安慧釋》譯注與考察:第十七品「供養」與「依止」=Study of Sthiramati’s commentary on the Mahāyāna- sūtrālamkāra-kārikā:Chapter 17: offering and refuge / 蘇南望傑 (著)=Sonam Wangyal (au.)
2 《舍利弗阿毘曇論》安般念十六勝行詮釋之分析:以《瑜伽師地論》為參照=An Analysis of the Interpretation about 16-bases of Breathing in Shelifu Apitanlun with Yuqie Shidilun as a Reference / 張慧芳 (著)=Chang, Hueyfang (au.)
3 A folio of the Ratnakūṭa (Kāśyapaparivarta) in Khotanese=和闐寫本《寶積經》(大迦葉品)殘葉 / Maggi, Mauro (著)=茂羅馬紀 (au.)
4 A Translation of the Quotations in Śamathadevaʼs Abhidharmakośopāyikā-ṭīkā Parallel to the Chinese Saṃyukta-āgama Discourses 212, 222, 223, 224, 225 and 229=安止天所著《俱舍論註雜錄》(Abhidharmakośopāyikā-ṭīkā)中對應漢譯《雜阿含經》第212、222、223、224、225及229 經之譯註 / Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā =法施比丘尼
5 From a Liberated One to a Liberated One: An avadāna Quotation in the Abhidharmakośopāyikā-ṭīkā=從一個解脫者到另一個解脫者:《俱舍論註雜錄》中《譬喻經》的引文 / Bhikkhunī Dhammadinnā (著)=法施比丘尼 (au.)
6 On Rādha and Views:A Translation of Saṃyukta-āgama Discourses 111 to 138 (Fascicle 6)=羅陀與見:漢譯《雜阿含經》(卷六)111至138經英文譯注 / Bhikkhu Anālayo (著)=無著比丘 (au.)
7 On the Six Sense-spheres (1): A Translation of Saṃyukta-āgama Discourses 188 to 229 (Fascicle 8)=六根品:漢譯《雜阿含經》(卷八)188至229經英文譯注 / Bhikkhu Anālayo (著)=無著比丘 (au.)
8 On Views and Penetrative Knowledge:A Translation of Saṃyukta-āgama Discourses 139 to 187 (Fascicle 7)=見與正慧:漢譯《雜阿含經》(卷七)139至187經英文譯注 / Bhikkhu Anālayo (著)=無著比丘 (au.)
9 Selected Madhyama-āgama Discourse Passages and their Pāli Parallels=《中阿含經》摘選經文與其《巴利藏》對應經文之比較 / Bhikkhu Anālayo (著)=無著比丘 (au.)
10 一念三千、意義意志與生命意義的開展=Three Thousand Realms in a Single Thought:the Will to Meaning and the Revealing of the Meaning of Life / 唐秀連 (著)=Tong Sau Lin (au.)
11 以不空如來藏為骨幹理解諸佛如來誕生宣言=“The Tathāgata Within in Terms of Not-emptiness” as a Framework for Understanding the Buddha’s Declaration at the Time of Birth / 蔡耀明 (著)=Tsai, Yao-ming (au.)
12 從五臺山到徑山:密藏道開與《嘉興藏》初期經場成立論考=From Mount Wutai to Mount Jingshan: Mizang Daokai and the Founding of the Early Printing Sites of the Jiaxing Canon / 王啟元 (著)=Wang, Qi-yuan (au.)
13 湛然圓澄師徒三人之行止與「茶話」禪風=The Chan “Tea Words” of Zhan-Ran Yuan-Cheng and Two of His Dharma Heirs / 釋果鏡 (著)=Shih, Guo-jing (au.)
14 靈源枝派:明清時期佛教文獻與研究專刊導言=Preface / 廖肇亨 =Liao, Chao-heng