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1 《華嚴經》的密碼 ─ 〈賢首品〉中佛陀的秘密=The Avataṃsaka Sūtra Code - Buddha's secret in "Chief in Goodness" / 海雲繼夢 (著)=Haiyun, Ji-meng (au.)
2 Book Review: Barbara Ambros, Emplacing a Pilgrimage: The Ōyama Cult and Regional Religion In Early Modern Japan / Swanson, Paul L.
3 Book Review: Bernhard Scheid and Mark Teeuwen, Ed., The Culture Of Secrecy In Japanese Religion / Payne, Richard K.
4 Book Review: Marcello Ghilardi, La logica del vedere. Estetica ed etica nel pensiero di Nishida Kitarō / Heisig, James W.
5 Book Review: Maria Rodríguez del Alisal, Peter Ackerman, and Dolores P. Martinez, Ed., Pilgrimages and Spiritual Quests In Japan / Ambros, Barbara
6 Book Review: Shoji Yamada, Shots In the Dark: Japan, Zen and the West / Hori, Victor Sōgen
7 Book Review: William R. Lindsey. Fertility and Pleasure: Ritual and Sexual Values In Tokugawa Japan / Eubanks, Charlotte
8 Editors' Introduction: Japanese Religions In Brazil / Shoji, Rafael ; Usarski, Frank
9 Editors’ Introduction: Helen Hardacre and the Study Of Japanese Religion / Ambros, Barbara ; Williams, Duncan ; Murphy, Regan E.
10 Eulogizing Kūya As More Than a Nenbutsu Practitioner: A Study and Translation Of the Kūyarui / Chilson, Clark
11 Officials Of the Afterworld: Ono No Takamura and the Ten Kings Of Hell In the Chikurinji Engi Illustrated Scrolls / Wakabayashi, Haruko
12 Researching Place, Emplacing the Researcher: Reflections On the Making Of a Documentary On a Pilgrimage Confraternity / Ambros, Barbara
13 Review of: Robert E. Carter, The Japanese Arts and Self-cultivation / Molle, Andrea
14 The Transplantation Of Soka Gakkai To Brazil: Building "the Closest Organization To the Heart Of Ikeda-Sensei" / Pereira, Ronan Alves
15 Tonsuring the Performer: Image, Text, and Narrative In the Ballad-Drama Shizuka / Oyler, Elizabeth
16 Wine, Rice, Or Both? Overwriting Sectarian Strife In the Tendai Shuhanron Debate / Watanabe, Takeshi
17 李通玄の華嚴思想における初發菩提心の意義=Significance of the Initial Arousal of Bodhicitta in Li Tongxuan's Huayan Thought / 伊藤真 (著)=Ito, Makoto (au.)
18 東南亞的天王傳統與後趙時代的天王傳統 / 古正美 (著)=Ku, Cheng-mei (au.)
19 法藏における三時敎觀と唯識思想の三轉法輪説について=The Doctrinal Classification of the Three Periods in Fazang and the Teaching of the Threefold Turning of the Wheel of Dharma in the Mind-Only School / 橘川智昭 (著)=Kitsukawa, Tomoaki (au.)
20 楞嚴經的五教判思維解析=The Analysis of the Thoughts of the Five Teachings Classification in the Śūraṅgama Sūtra / 熊琬 (著)=Hsiung, Wan (au.)
21 賢首宗高原法系文獻補遺=The Supplement to the Literature of the Dharma Lineage of the Xian-shou School / 李尚軒