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1 〈禪經〉에 나타난 유가행 유식파의 단초:4善根을 중심으로=Four Wholesome Roots(kuśalamūla) in the Dhyāna-sūtras -with special reference to their relation to the Śrāvakabhūmi / 안성두 (著)=Ahn, Sung-doo (au.)
2 A possible Buddhist influence on Chinese political thought / Barrett, T. H.
3 A preliminary survey of Buddhist higher education in Asia: developing typologies and comparing secularities / Borchert, Thomas
4 A study of the Buddha’s biographies in the Vinaya Piṭaka: centered on the Chinese translations of the four complete Vinayas / Wang, Li-na
5 A study on a stone lantern from Dongzhang village in medieval China / Chen, Huai-yu
6 A visit of Christian missionaries at Mount Wutai: Mongol Buddhism from a cross-cultural perspective / Temule, Temur (著)=特木勒 (au.)
7 Buddhism and commerce in ninth-century Chang’an: a study of Ennin’s Nittō Guhō Junrei Kōki 入唐求法巡禮行記 / Seo, Tatsuhiko
8 Buddhist merit in the West: a case study from Australia’s Nan Tien Temple / Shi, Jue-wei
9 Commoditization of the sacred: production and transaction of Buddhist statues in fifth- to tenth-century China / He, Yong-shan
10 Commoditization of the sacred: production and transaction of Buddhist statues in fifth- to tenth-century China / He, Yong-shan
11 Decentering Mañjuśrī: some aspects of Mañjuśrī’s cult in medieval Japan / Faure, Bernard
12 Diplomatic relations of the Buddhist kingdom Northern Liang北涼: a research on the time of Juqu Mengxun’s 沮渠蒙遜 (368–433, r. 401–433) building stone Buddha for his Mother on Mount Tianti 天梯山 / Tong, Ling
13 Ennin’s (793–864) Sillan connections on his journey to Mt. Wutai: a fresh look at Ennin’s travel record / Lin, Pei-ying
14 Fazang’s theory of zhenru真如 (Skt. tathatā) and zhongxing 種姓 (Skt. gotra): with a focus on the influence of the Ratnagotravibhāga / Li, Zi-jie
15 Forging sanctity: the way Laiguo became a saint / Liu, Yi-feng
16 From Western Lands: Dharma lineages of Ximing 西明 Monastery and Jingshan 徑山 Monastery / Zhan, Ru
17 Gathering medicines among the cypress: the relationship between healing and place in the earliest records of Mount Wutai / Andrews, Susan
18 How the Mount Wutai cult stimulated the development of Chinese Chan in southern China at Qingliang monasteries / Keyworth, George A.
19 Late imperial Chinese piety books / Goossaert, Vincent
20 Legally Buddhist: monks, nuns, and legal texts in Dunhuang / Liu, Cui-lan
21 Moving monks and mountains: Chōgen and the cults of Gyōki, Mañjuśrī, and Wutai / Quinter, David
22 Narratives on a portrait of Japanese Prince Shōtoku (c.573–622): East Asian Buddhist networks in the royal painting / Lin, Pei-ying
23 On 10 Chan-Buddhism images in the poetry of Du Fu / Zhang, Yi-nan
24 Renewal revisited: a new study of the late-Ming Buddhism / Berezkin, Rostislav
25 Representations of the Wutai Mountains in classical Japanese literature / Borgen, Robert
26 Rethinking Yang Wenhui’s identity as a 'Chinese’ Pure Land Buddhist in his polemics against Jōdo-Shinshū / Zamorski, Jakub
27 Ritual refashioned: Buddhism, Lingbao and the adaptation of vows (yuan 願) / Wolf, Lucas A.
28 Rumours and prophecies: the religious background of the late Yuan rebellions / Ter Haar, Barend
29 The lineage of Japanese pilgrim monk Jōgyō and the Chinese monasteries where he studied in the Tang period: with complementary discussions on Kūkai’s disciples and Ximing Monastery / Zhan, Ru
30 The Mañjuśrī cult in Khotan / Hamar, Imre
31 The medieval Chinese vision of Japan: Buddhist perspectives in the Tang and Song periods / Kotyk, Jeffrey
32 The portrayal of women in the poetry of Jing’an Eight-Fingers / Bingenheimer, Marcus ; Shen, Ting
33 The sea voyage to China attempted by Indian Buddhist monks during the years from 305 to 435 / Hu-von Hinüber, Hai-yan
34 The way of the Nine Palaces (jiugong dao 九宮道): a lay Buddhist movement / Ter Haar, Barend J.
35 Tibeto-Mongol Buddhist architecture and iconography on Wutaishan, seventeenth to early twentieth centuries / Charleux, Isabelle
36 Ŭich’ŏn, Jingyuan, and ritual repentance in the revival of Huayan Buddhism in the Northern Song period / McBride II, Richard D.
37 Where Linji Chan and the Huayan jing meet: on the Huayan jing in the essential points of the Linji Chan lineage / Keyworth, Goerge
38 경전 번역의 형태와 당면과제 / 통광스님
39 근대 낭만주의 시에 나타난 정토(淨土) 이미지 연구=A research of Pure Land image shown in the poetry of modern Romanticism-centered on the nature images of Baekjo associates’ poem / 허혜정 (著)=Huh, Hye-jung (au.)
40 대승불교의 생명관=Mahāyāna Buddhist perspective on life / 이중표 (著)=Lee, Joong-pyo (au.)
41 불교 한문번역을 위한 몇 가지 제언=A translation of problem in Buddhist chinese writing / 이병욱 (著)=Lee, Byung-wook (au.)
42 와수반두(Vasubandhu, 世親)의 저작 및 사상적 귀속문제(1)=Against the theory of two Vasubandhus(1) / 이종철 (著)=Lee, Jong-cheol (au.)
43 판본별 티베트대장경에서의 삼장명의 고찰=A Study on the Names of Tibetan Tripitakas by Xylographic edition / 최종남 (著)=Choi, Jong-nam (au.)