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1 Buddhism and the Dynamics of Transculturality : New Approaches / Kellner, Birgit
2 Dharmaguptaka Vinaya Varṣā, Pravāraṇā, and Kaṭhina Rites / Sravasti Abbey
3 Dharmaguptaka Vinaya Bhikṣu Poṣadha and Rites to Establish the Territory / Sravasti Abbey
4 Dharmaguptaka Vinaya Bhikṣuṇī Poṣadha and Rites to Establish the Territory / Sravasti Abbey
5 Dharmaguptaka Vinaya Śikṣamāṇā Poṣadha and Other Rites / Sravasti Abbey
6 Dharmaguptaka Vinaya Teachings and Rites for Śrāmaṇerī/as / Sravasti Abbey
7 Dharmaguptaka Vinaya Pravrajyā and Śikṣamāṇā Ordination Rites / Sravasti Abbey
8 世界文明原典選讀Ⅴ:佛教文明經典 / 蔡耀明 (編)=Cai, Yao-ming (ed.)
9 Introductions to Digital Humanities: Religion/Buddhism / Veidlinger, Daniel
10 Logik und Apriori zwischen Wahrnehmung und Erkenntnis: Eine Studie zum Frühwerk Mou Zongsans (1909–1995) / Suter, Rafael