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1 Buddhism and the Dynamics of Transculturality : New Approaches / Kellner, Birgit
2 Introductions to Digital Humanities: Religion/Buddhism / Veidlinger, Daniel
3 Logik und Apriori zwischen Wahrnehmung und Erkenntnis: Eine Studie zum Frühwerk Mou Zongsans (1909–1995) / Suter, Rafael
4 A Stream of Nectar : Public Teachings / Sumgön, Jigten ; Jungne, Sherab
5 菩薩行願:觀音、地藏、普賢菩薩法門講記(大字版)=Bodhisattva Deeds and Vows: Commentary on the practices of Bodhisattvas Avalokitesvara, Ksitigarbha, and Samantabhadra / 釋聖嚴
6 禪淨何爭?:聖嚴法師的禪淨思想與體證=No Conflict between Chan and Pure Land: Master Sheng Yen’s thought and practice regarding the Chan and Pure Land philosophy / 陳劍鍠
7 禪淨修持與靜坐體認 / 陳劍鍠
8 Buddhismus verstehen : Geschichte und Ideenwelt einer ungewöhnlichen Religion=Understanding Buddhism / Schmidt-Leukel, Perry ; Türstig, Hans-Georg
9 禪鑰=The Key to Chan / 釋聖嚴
10 佛教與儒教 / 荒木見悟 ; 廖肇亨
11 正念的四個練習=The Four Foundations of Mindfulness / 喜戒禪師 (著)=Venerable U Sīlānanda (au.) ; 賴隆彥
12 The Female Quest for Enlightenment: Western Nuns Transforming Gender Prejudice in Tibetan Buddhism / Swanepoel, Elizabeth
13 近代佛教改革的地方性實踐:以民國南京為中心(1912-1949)=The Reform of Modern Buddhism in Local Communities of China: A Case Study in Nanjing, 1912-1949 / 邵佳德
14 壇經講記=Retreat Talks on the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch / 釋繼程
15 Buddhist-Christian relations in Asia / Schmidt-Leukel, Perry
16 Buddhist Transformations and Interactions: Essays in Honor of Antonino Forte / Mair, Victor H.
17 Essence of Peace and Security in Major Religions of the World : Peace and Security Essence in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam: A Comparative Analysis / Reza, Md. Mohoshin
18 Das Tor des Zen: Grundlagen und Praxis / Yamada, Koun
19 突破「無知」的壁壘:科學與佛教的震撼對話!有助打破大腦的「自我」框架,消除煩惱最佳指南=無知の壁 / 蘇曼那沙拉 (著)=Sumanasara, Alubomulle (au.) ; 養老孟司 (著)=Yoro, Takeshi (au.) ; 釋徹宗 ; 林文娟
20 Buddhismus für Dummies / Landaw, Jonathan ; Bodian, Stephan