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出版社: Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies=中華佛學研究所 出版地: 新北市, 臺灣 [New Taipei City, Taiwan] I  S  S  N : 10177132
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内容紹介: The Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies (JCBS) is a scholarly journal dedicated to the historical study of Chinese Buddhism in the premodern and modern periods. It seeks to promote the academic study, and teaching, of all aspects of Buddhist thought, practice, social, and institutional life in China, including historical interactions with Buddhist developments in South, East, and Central Asia. The JCBS publishes annually, and meets in conjunction with the American Academy of Religion.

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タイトル 著者
 Beyond Lineage Orthodoxy: Yongming Yanshou's Model of Chan as Bodhisattva Cultivation=超越法脈傳承之正統性 -- 永明延壽所提倡的「菩薩行之禪風」範例 [全文]
Welter, Albert (著)=魏雅博 (au.)
 Rebirth in the Lotus: Song Dynasty Lotus Sutra Devotion and Pure Land Aspiration in Zongxiao's Fahua jing xianying lu=法華信仰中的淨土養生 -- 宗曉《法華經顯應錄》的法華信仰與往生淨土 [全文]
Getz, Daniel Aaron=高澤民
 Zhongfeng Mingben and the Case of the Disappearing Laywomen=中峰明本與女居士的難題 [全文]
Heller, Natasha (著)=賀耐嫻 (au.)
 Dependent Co-evolution: Kropotkin's Theory of Mutual Aid and Its Appropriation by Chinese Buddhists=互助緣起 -- 論民國佛教界對克魯泡特金之互助論的轉用 [全文]
Ritzinger, Justin R.
 Revisiting the Notion of Zong: Contextualizing the Dharma Drum Lineage of Modern Chan Buddhism=再訪「宗」的概念 -- 現代禪佛教的法鼓宗 [全文]
Yu, Jimmy (著)=俞永峰 (au.)
 Humanizing the Study of Late Ming Buddhism=明末佛教研究的人性化 [全文]
Eichman, Jennifer (著)=艾靜雯 (au.)


n.25 [2012.07出版]

タイトル 著者
 The XML-Based DDB: The DDB Document Structure and the P5 Dictionary Module; New Developments of DDB Interoperation and Access=以可擴展標記語言(XML)為基礎的電子佛教字典 (DDB): DDB文件結構與P5字典模組; DDB 相互操作與取用技術的新發展 [全文]
Muller, Charles; Nagasaki, Kiyonori=永崎研宣; Soulat, Jean
 The Corpus Search and Results Handling System Glossa – a Description=語料庫搜尋與結果處理系統 Glossa 之說明 [全文]
Johannessen, Janne Bondi
 A Relational Database for Text-Critical Studies=經文鑑別研究之關係資料庫 [全文]
Simson, Wojciech
 Digital Editions of Premodern Chinese Texts: Methods and Problems – Exemplified Using the Daozang Jiyao=前現代漢語文本的數位版本:方法與問題 -- 以《道藏輯要》為例 [全文]
Wittern, Christian (著)=維習安 (au.)
 Some Reflections on the Mark-up and Analysis of Dūnhuáng Manuscripts: Exemplified by the Platform Sūtra=檢視敦煌寫本的標記與分析 -- 以六祖壇經為例 [全文]
Anderl, Christoph; Dippner, Kevin; Visted, Øystein Krogh
 Verb Semantics and Argument Realization in Pre-modern Japanese: A Corpus Based Study=前現代日語的動詞語意與論元體現 -- 以語料庫為基礎的研究 [全文]
Russell, Kerri L; Horn, Stephen Wright
 Bibliographical Notes on Buddhist Temple Gazetteers, Their Prefaces and Their Relationship to the Buddhist Canon=書目註記 -- 佛寺志及其序言與之於佛教藏經的關係 [全文]
Bingenheimer, Marcus (著)=馬德偉 (au.)


n.24 [2011.07出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Historical Relationship Between the Two Chinese Saṃyuktāgama Translations=《雜阿含經》和《別譯雜阿含經》的歷史關係 [全文]
Bucknell, Roderick S.
 Chos sbyin gyi mdo: Bhikṣuṇī Dharmadinnā Proves Her Wisdom=法布施的教說 -- 比丘尼達摩提那的智慧 [全文]
Bhikkhu Analayo (著)=無著比丘 (au.)
 Chinese Tiantai Doctrine on Insentient Things' Buddha-Nature=天台宗無情佛性思想 [全文]
Chen, Shuman (著)=釋見額 (au.)
 Chan-Pure Land: An Interpretation of Xu Yun's (1840-1959) Oral Instructions=禪與淨土 -- 虛雲言教之詮釋 [全文]
Gauci, Damian John
 Mahāmaitrī in a Mahāyāna Sūtra in Khotanese: Continuity and Innovation in Buddhist Meditation=由于闐之大乘經典談大慈 -- 佛教禪修的延續與創新 [全文]
Martini, Giuliana (著)=釋法樂 (au.)


n.23 [2010.07出版]

タイトル 著者
 A Study of the Development of Yongjia Xuanjue's Biographies: With a Focus on Their Relationship to the Concept of School (zong 宗) in Chinese Buddhism=永嘉玄覺傳記之研究 -- 兼談其傳記中之宗派思想 [全文]
Huang, Yi-hsun (著)=黃繹勳 (au.)
 The Yoga Tantras and the Social Context of Their Transmission to Tibet=瑜伽密續與其傳播至西藏的社會背景 [全文]
Weinberger, Steven
 Developing a NeumeScribe for Sino-Japanese Buddhist Musical Notations=為中國日本佛教樂譜創立紐姆記譜法 [全文]
Markham, Elizabeth J. (著)=馬塋璠 (au.); Wolpert, Rembrandt F. (著)=吳任帆 (au.)
 A Tentative Exploration into the Development of Master Sheng Yen's Chan Teachings=初探聖嚴法師禪法之演化 [全文]
Yu, Jimmy
 Saccaka's Challenge: A Study of the Saṃyukta-āgama Parallel to the Cūḷasaccaka-sutta in Relation to the Notion of Merit Transfer=薩遮迦的質疑 -- 由《雜阿含經》與《中部尼柯耶.薩遮迦小經》的平行研究談福德轉化的意義 [全文]
無著比丘 (著)=Bhikkhu Analayo (au.)
 The Expression “The Myriad Dharmas are Only Consciousness” in Early 20th Century Chinese Buddhism=二十世紀初期中國佛教對萬法唯識之表述 [全文]
Hammerstrom, Erik J.
 Facets of the Intellectual History in India and Tibet Concerning Meditating on a Mere Absence=印度與西藏對於禪修「唯遮」的思想歷史面向 [全文]
Hopkins, Jeffrey


n.22 [2009.07.01出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Lion's Roar in Early Buddhism: A Study Based on the Ekottarika-āgama Parallel to the Cūḷasīhanāda-sutta=早期佛教之「獅子吼 」 -- 《增壹阿含經》與相應於《獅子吼小經》之研究 [全文]
Bhikkhu Analayo (著)=無著比丘 (au.)
 That the Powers of the Buddha Are Common to Disciples...=聲聞弟子與佛陀的相同之力 [全文]
Dessein, Bart
 An Inquiry Into Master Xuyun's Experiences of Long-dwelling in Samādhi=虛雲和尚長時住定經驗之探索 [全文]
Huimin, Bhikkhu
 Chan Master Xuedou and His Remarks on Old Cases in the Record of Master Xuedou at Dongting: A Preliminary Study=《雪竇和尚住洞庭語錄》之「拈古」略探 [全文]
Huang, Yi-hsun (著)=黃繹勳 (au.)
 Why Practicing Virtue is Better than Working Out: Bodies and Ethics in Indian Buddhism=為何修習道德更勝於理解 -- 佛教之身行與倫理 [全文]
Powers, John
 The Practice of Mahāyāna Si Nianchu in Sixth Century China: Huisi's Interpretation and Practice of Si Nianchu in His Sui Ziyi Sanmei=中國六世紀的大乘四念處禪法 -- 慧思在《隨自意三昧》中對四念處之詮釋與修法 [全文]
Wang, Ching-wei (著)=王晴薇 (au.)
 Comparing East Asian and Southeast Asian Buddhism: Looking at Traditional China from the Margins=東亞與東南亞佛教之比較 - 從邊緣看傳統中國 [全文]
McRae, John R.=馬克瑞, 約翰


n.21 [2008.07出版]

タイトル 著者
 Reflections on Comparative Āgama Studies=關於阿含經比對研究的省思 [全文]
無著比丘 (著)=Bhikkhu Analayo (au.)
 The Two Versions of the Other Translation of Saṃyuktāgama=《別譯雜阿含經》之兩個版本 [全文]
Bucknell, Roderick S.
 Duplicitous Thieves: Ouyi Zhixu's Criticism of Jesuit Missionaries in Late Imperial China=狡辯的小偷 -- 蕅益智旭在帝制中國晚期對基督徒的批評 [全文]
Foulks, Beverley
 Taixu's Youth and Years of Romantic Idealism, 1890–1914=太虛法師早年時期的生平與理想 [全文]
Goodell, Eric (著)=郭瑞 (au.)
 The Textual Formation of the Newly Discovered Anban Shouyi Jing=《安般守意經》格義上的新發現 [全文]
Shi, Guo-huei (著)=釋果暉 (au.)
 Yijing's View on the Bhikṣunīs' Standard Robes=義淨對比丘尼制衣的看法 [全文]
Heirman, Ann
 Jung's Warnings Against Inflation=榮格對自大的警告 [全文]
Hopkins, Jeffrey
 Was Lushan Huiyuan a Pure Land Buddhist? Evidence from His Correspondence with Kumārajīva About Nianfo Practice=廬山慧遠是淨土信仰者嗎? -- 以慧遠與鳩摩羅什對念佛修行的書信問答為論據 [全文]
Jones, Charles B. (著)=周文廣 (au.)
 The Tibetan Buddhist Syllogistic Form=藏傳佛教之因明論式 [全文]
Perdue, Daniel