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出版社: The Institute of Oriental Philosophy=東洋哲學研究所 出版地: Tokyo, Japan I  S  S  N : 0915-5309
刊行頻度: annual=年刊 巻号と出版年: n.1(1987.07)- ウェブサイト:
内容紹介: Launched as a journal of Eastern thought in November 1962, Toyo Gakujutu Kenkyu (the Journal of Oriental Studies) has broadened into a journal examining a variety of current philosophical issues, from diverse viewpoints.
注記: 本刊為英文版的《東洋学術研究》。

v.27 [2017 出版]

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v.10 [2000 出版]

v.27 [2017出版]

タイトル 著者
 Buddhist Sūtras ― An Extraordinary Spiritual Heritage [全文]
Trotignon, Dominique
 Eugène Burnouf, Father of Buddhist Studies [全文]
Trotignon, Dominique
 Two Inseparable Names, Dunhuang and Paul Pelliot [全文]
Monnet, Nathalie
 The Presentation of the Lotus Sūtra in the Mogao Caves [全文]
Kontler, Christine
 Perspectives on Parables of the Lotus and the Gospel [全文]
Gira, Dennis
 The Publication and Distribution Context of the First Chinese Translations of the Lotus Sūtra [全文]
Hureau, Sylvie
 The Reception of Lotus Sūtra Thought in China [全文]
Kanno, Hiroshi
 A Future without Nuclear Weapons ― Thoughts from the Standpoint of Buddhist Principles of Peace [全文]
Oshima, Kyoko
 Lotus and Pure Land [全文]
Ducor, Jérôme
 Translation and Distribution of the Lotus Sūtra in the Cultural Field of Classical Chinese [全文]
Robert, Jean-Noël
 Perspectives of Mahayana Buddhism on the Destruction of Nature: Evaluating the Value of Nature [全文]
Shuichi, Yamamoto; Kuwahara, Victor S.
 The Sūtras in the Chinese World [全文]
Ducor, Jérôme
 The Concept of Co-existence as Seen in the Lotus Sūtra [全文]
Kawada, Yoichi; Hashimoto, Shin’ichi


v.26 [2016出版]

タイトル 著者
 Medical Ethics and Buddhism : A Focus on Euthanasia and Death with Dignity [全文]
Kawada, Yoichi (著)=川田洋一 (au.); Hashimoto, Shin’ichi
 Religious Reformations in Japan and Europe : An Encounter of Nichiren and Martin Luther [全文]
Dehn, Ulrich
 Voices of freedom : friendship, trust and liberation in the poems of early Buddhist nuns : Buddhism in the Twenty-first Century [全文]
Shaw, Sarah
 Mindfulness Meditation and Social Change : from Therapy to Wisdom and Ethics [全文]
Leonard, Mark
 Buddhist Organizations and Their Response to Natural Disasters [全文]
Onishi, Katsuaki (著)=大西克明 (au.)
 The Practice of Compassion : A Brief Reflection on Some Theravada Buddhist Meditation Traditions [全文]
Dhammasami, Khammai
 Women’s Roles in a World Without Nuclear Weapons [全文]
Kurihara, Toshie (著)=栗原淑江 (au.)


v.25 [2015出版]

タイトル 著者
 Luther and Nichiren : Reformers at Two Different Ends of the World [全文]
Brück, Michael von
 Dialogue Between Islam and Buddhism in Medicine [全文]
Boey, Christopher Choing-Meng
 Gender Equality of Buddhist Thought in the Age of Buddha [全文]
Kurihara, Toshie (著)=栗原淑江 (au.)
 Lotus Sutra Manuscript Series [全文]
Institute of Oriental Philosophy
 The Language of Lotus Sutra’s Parable of Medicinal Herbs [全文]
Faridah Noor Mohd Noor


v.24 [2014.08出版]

タイトル 著者
 Buddhist Wisdom and Ecological Awareness: Exploring Horizons of Praxis [全文]
Habito, Ruben L. F.
 The Possibility of Buddhism for the Future of Humankind [全文]
Gombrich, Richard
 (De)ethnicizing Buddhism for a Globalized World Order [全文]
Raghavan, Suren
 A Saddharmapundarkasutra Manuscript from Khotan: The Gift of a Pious Khotanese Family [全文]
Von Hinüber, Oskar
 Environmental Ethics : Thai Buddhist Perspectives [全文]
Swearer, Donald
 Ecosophy and Buddhist Wisdom [全文]
Matsuoka, Mikio
 Buddhist Values, Action for Sustainability and the Earth Charter [全文]
Anderson, Joan
 Foreword: “The Sutra of the Lotus Blossom” : An Essential Key in the Study of Buddhism [全文]
Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya, M. I.
 Buddhist Contributions to Climate Response [全文]
Kaza, Stephanie
 Universal Values and the Lotus Sutra [全文]
Chandra, Lokesh
 Peace and Harmonious Coexistence : An Islamic-Buddhist Dialogue [全文]
Kurup, Joseph
 Report on “Peace & Harmonious Coexistence : An Islamic-Buddhist Dialogue” [全文]
Soka Gakkai Malaysia
 Life in the Universe : Concordance with Buddhist Thought [全文]
Wickramasinghe, Chandra


v.23 [2013.08出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Lotus Sutra in Japanese literature : A spring rain [全文]
Rubio, Carlos
 Symbiosis and Sustainability through the Lens of Buddhism [全文]
Yamamoto, Shuichi; Kuwahara, Victor S.
 The Lotus Sutra and Western Culture and Spirituality [全文]
Torradeflot, Francesc
 The Idea of Symbiosis and Harmony in Buddhism : From the Perspective of the Lotus Sutra's Philosophy in the Chinese Tiantai Buddhism [全文]
Matsumori, Hideyuki


v.22 [2012.08出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Saddharmapundarıkasutra at Gilgit: Manuscripts, Worshippers, and Artists [全文]
Hinüber, Oskar Von
 Saddharma and the One Buddha Vehicle in the Lotus Sutra [全文]
Kanno, Hiroshi
 From Scholarly Object to Religious Text : the Story of the Lotus-sutra in the West [全文]
Deeg, Max
 The Lotus Sutra : Ideas and Values [全文]
Rubio, Carlos
 Preface [全文]
Hasan, Mushirul
 Preface [全文]
Harada, Minoru
 Contemporary Civilization and the Lotus Sutra [全文]
Kawada, Yoichi
 Continental Origins and Culture of Copying : An Examination of the Prototypes and Textualized Community of the Japanese Jeweled-Stupa Mandalas [全文]
O’Neal, Halle Elizabeth


v.21 [2011.08出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Premises and Promises of the Buddhist-Muslim Dialogue [全文]
Selim, Mohammad
 The Buddhist Perspective of Life and the Idea of Human Rights [全文]
Kawada, Yoichi; Apple, Shinobu Arai
 The New Humanism for World Peace [全文]
Kawada, Yoichi; Hashimoto, Shin’ichi
 Bodhi Tree and Human Revolution [全文]
Chandra, Lokesh


v.20 [2010出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Source and Development of Japan's Philosophies of Non-Violence [全文]
Yamamuro, Shinichi; Dorman, Benjamin
 Xixia Language Studies and the Lotus Sutra (II) [全文]
Nishida, Tatsuo; Mizufune, Noriyoshi; George, Anthony; Kotsuki, Haruaki (譯)=小槻晴明 (tr.)
 Buddhism in China and Modern Society : An Introduction Centering Around the Teachings of Taixu and Yinshun [全文]
Wei, Dao-ru; Cheng, Janet Mei-kee
 The Contribution of Buddhist Scholars toward the Friendship of China and Japan [全文]
Yang, Zeng-wen; Cheng, Janet Mei-kee
 Modern Nichirenist Discourses on Life and JØsei Toda's Buddhist Thought [全文]
Maegawa, Kenichi
 Sustainability and Buddhism : How do we measure quality of life and degree of happiness? [全文]
Kuwahara, Victor S.; Yamamoto, Shuichi
 Message [全文]
Ikeda, Daisaku; Soka Gakkai (譯)=創価学会 (tr.)
 El Amor en el Sutra del Loto y en la Mística de Juan de la Cruz [全文]
Freixes, Francesc Torradeflot
 The Bodhisattvas of the Earth in the Lotus Sutra : Involvement in the Human Society [全文]
Kanno, Hiroshi
 Buddhist Thoughts on Symbiosis : And its Contemporary Implications [全文]
Kawada, Yoichi; Hashimoto, Shin’ichi
 Message on the Exhibition [全文]
Ikeda, Daisaku; Soka Gakkai (譯)=創価学会 (tr.)
 The Concept of Equality in the Lotus Sutra : The SGI's Viewpoint [全文]
Kurihara, Toshie; Kurihara, Toshie (譯)=栗原淑江 (tr.); Hashimoto, Shin’ichi


v.19 [2009出版]

タイトル 著者
 The SGI within the Historical Context of Buddhism and its Philosophical Basis [全文]
Kawada, Yoichi
 The Core of Śākyamuni Buddha’s Teachings and the Distinctive Features of the Lotus Sūtra [全文]
Kanno, Hiroshi
 Buddhism and Women : Soka Gakkai International's Viewpoint [全文]
Kurihara, Toshie
 Buddhism as an Ethics-centered Worldview [全文]
Guseynov, Abdusalam
 "The Lotus Sutra" and Some Problems of Modern Culture [全文]
Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya, M. I. (著)=Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya, Margarita Iosifovna (au.)
 Some Aspects of the Ecological Ethics in Chinese Buddhism [全文]
Anashina, Mariya
 The Doctrine of Houon (Repaying the Debts of Gratitude) in Japanese Buddhist Thought and its Role in Labor Ethics Formation [全文]
Karelova, Lyubov
 An Ethics of Justice in Buddhism seen in a Cross-Cultural Context [全文]
Brück, Michael von
 How does Buddhism Contribute to the Environmental Problems? [全文]
Yamamoto, Shuichi; Kuwahara, Victor S.
 Leo Tolstoy's View of Religion and the Philosophy of Daisaku Ikeda : From the Perspective of the Lotus Sutra [全文]
Eguchi, Mitsuru


v.18 [2008.08出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Middle-way of Buddhism and Environmental Problems [全文]
Yamamoto, Shuichi; Kuwahara, Victor S.
 Modern Cosmology and Buddhism [全文]
Yamamoto, Shuichi; Kuwahara, Victor S.
 Nichiren's Philosophy of Peace [全文]
Kobayashi, Masahiro; Hashimoto, Shin’ichi


v.17 [2007.10出版]

タイトル 著者
 Reexamination of "Religion" in Contemporary Society [全文]
Taira, Sunao
 Bioethics from the View of Buddhism [全文]
Mori, Shoji; Kanno, Kathrine
 The Contemporary Significance of Buddhism and the Activities of Daisaku Ikeda [全文]
Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya, M. I.
 Bioethics on the Beginning of Life: Bioscience and Religious Culture in an Age of Crisis [全文]
Shimazono, Susumu
 Buddhist Perspective of Recent Advances in Science and Technology [全文]
Yamamoto, Shuichi; Kuwahara, Victor S.
 The Eastern Orthodox Theology and Buddhism : Deification and Nirvāna [全文]
Yamazaki, Tatsuya
 The Bodhisattva Way and Valuing the Real World in the Lotus Sūtra [全文]
Kanno, Hiroshi
 The Buddhist Manuscripts in the Collection of St-Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences [全文]
Popova, Irina F.
 A Vision of Peace in the Lotus Sutra [全文]
Kawada, Yoichi; Hashimoto, Shin’ichi
 Inter-religious Dialogue in Shūron, a Kyōgen Play [全文]
Maegawa, Kenichi


v.16 [2006.10出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Lotus Sūtra and the Dialogue of Religions [全文]
Kanno, Hiroshi
 The Humanist Principle : Compassion and Tolerance (2) [全文]
Ikeda, Daisaku; Unger, Felix; Soka Gakkai (譯)=創価学会 (tr.)
 "I'd rather have Eternal Emptiness" : Goethe and Buddhism [全文]
Osten, Manfred; Kaplan, Robert
 Humanity, Earth and the Universe : A Viewpoint of Mahayana Buddhism [全文]
Kawada, Yoichi; Hashimoto, Shin’ichi
 Symbiosis with the Global Environment : Buddhist Perspective of Environmental Education [全文]
Kuwahara, Victor S.; Yamamoto, Shuichi


v.15 [2005.12出版]

タイトル 著者
 Inclusivism and Religious Tolerance in the Lotus Sūtra [全文]
Kanno, Hiroshi
 World Peace and the Lotus Sutra [全文]
Ikeda, Daisaku; Soka Gakkai (譯)=創価学会 (tr.)
 Xixia Language Studies and the Lotus Sutra (I) [全文]
Nishida, Tatsuo; Mizufune, Noriyoshi; George, Anthony; Kotsuki, Haruaki (譯)=小槻晴明 (tr.)
 The Humanist Principle : Compassion and Tolerance (1) [全文]
Ikeda, Daisaku; Unger, Felix; Soka Gakkai (譯)=創価学会 (tr.)
 The Buddhist Concept of the Human Being : From the Viewpoint of the Philosophy of the Soka Gakkai [全文]
Matsuoka, Mikio; Matsuoka, D.; Hashimoto, Shin’ichi
 The 21st Century Is a Century of Women : Buddhism and Women [全文]
Kurihara, Toshie
 Deforestation and Civilization : A Buddhist Perspective [全文]
Yamamoto, Shuichi; Kuwahara, Victor S.
 Religion as a Sign of Understanding [全文]
Biser, Eugen


v.14 [2004.10出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Spirit of India : Buddhism and Hinduism (2) [全文]
Ikeda, Daisaku; Nanda, Ved P.; Bethel, Diana
 Mahatma Gandhi and Buddhism [全文]
Anand, Y. P.
 Some Reflections on Buddhism and Gandhism [全文]
Gangrade, K. D.
 The Modern Significance of the Lotus Sutra [全文]
Kanno, Hiroshi
 Contemporary Thought on Gandhism and Buddhism [全文]
Ikeda, Daisaku; Soka Gakkai (譯)=創価学会 (tr.)
 Gandhism and Buddhism: A Modern Perspective [全文]
Kawada, Yoichi; Hashimoto, Shinichi
 On the Xixia Version of the Lotus Sutra [全文]
Nishida, Tatsuo; Mizufune, Noriyoshi; Jorge, Anthony; Kotsuki, Haruaki (譯)=小槻晴明 (tr.)
 Huisi's Perspective on the Lotus Sutra as Seen Through the Meaning of the Course of Ease and Bliss in the Lotus Sutra [全文]
Kanno, Hiroshi
 Greetings [全文]
Chandra, Lokesh (著)=錢德拉 (au.)


v.13 [2003.10出版]

タイトル 著者
 Overcoming the Suffering of Life [全文]
Marinoff, Lou
 A History of Women in Japanese Buddhism:Nichiren's Perspectives on the Enlightenment of Women [全文]
Kurihara, Toshie; Imai, Mariko (譯)=今井真理子 (tr.)
 Message for the 21st Century as Depicted in the Lotus Sutra [全文]
Kawada, Yoichi; Iwakuni, Mari
 The Spirit of India : Buddhism and Hinduism (1) [全文]
Ikeda, Daisaku; Nanda, Ved P.; Bethel, Diana
 The Contribution of Buddhism and Christianity to Peace in the World [全文]
Woschitz, Karl M.; Kaplan, Robert
 Two Views of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi’s Attitude toward Japanese Militarism and Education [全文]
Bethel, Dayle M.
 Buddhist Cosmic Philosophy and Daisaku Ikeda's Concept of Peach Cosmology [全文]
Guha, Amalendu


v.12 [2002出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Viewpoints of Buddhism toward Life Science [全文]
Kogure, Shinichi
 The Virtues of Asian Humanism [全文]
Gier, Nicholas F.
 Peace, Ecology and the Mahayana Spirit [全文]
Du, Ji-wen; Kawamoto, Masanobu
 Science and Buddhism [全文]
Mori, Shoji; Kawamoto, Masanobu
 Dialogues on Eastern Wisdom(2) [全文]
Xianlin, Ji; Jiang, Zhong-xin; Ikeda, Daisaku; Watson, Burton
 The Practice of Bodhisattva Never Disparaging in the Lotus Sutra and Its Reception in China and Japan [全文]
Kanno, Hiroshi
 The Place of the Soka Gakkai in Buddhist History in Japan [全文]
Miyata, Koichi
 Environmental Ethics in Mahayana Buddhism:The Significance of Keeping Precepts (sila-paramita) and Wisdom (prajna-paramita) [全文]
Shuichi, Yamamoto


v.11 [2001出版]

タイトル 著者
 Lotus on the Lake:How Eastern Spirituality Contributes to the Vision of World Peace [全文]
Dorn, A. Walter
 Mahayana Buddhism and Environmental Ethics:From the Perspective of the Consciousness-Only Doctrine [全文]
Yamamoto, Shuichi
 Dialogues on Eastern Wisdom(1) [全文]
Ikeda, Daisaku; Jiang, Zhong-xin; Xianlin, Ji; Watson, Burton
 The Place of the Lotus Sutra in Indian Buddhism [全文]
Silk, Jonathan Alan
 The Reception of Lotus Sutra Thought in China [全文]
Kanno, Hiroshi
 The Acceptance and Impact of the Lotus Sutra in Japan [全文]
Miyata, Koichi
 Mahayana Buddhism and Human Rights:Focusing on Methods of Interpretation [全文]
Shiotsu, Toru; International, Latex
 Beyond the Ego:New Values for a Global Neighbourhood [全文]
Mahapatra, Sitakant


v.10 Sp. Edition [2000出版]

タイトル 著者
 Nichiren Thought In Modern Japan: Two Perspectives [全文]
Sato, Hiroo


v.10 [2000出版]

タイトル 著者
 Soka Gakkai in America:Supply and Demand of SGI(2) [全文]
Manchacek, David W.
 Contents [全文]
 Saddharmapundarikasutra in Chinese History and Its Significance in the 21st Century [全文]
Yang, Zeng-wen
 The Reception of the Lotus Sutra in Japan [全文]
Kanno, Hiroshi
 The Lotus Sutra and SGI President Daisaku Ikeda [全文]
He, Jing-song
 The Saddharmapundarika and Sunyata Thought [全文]
Kajiyama, Yuichi
 Bodhisattvas in the Lotus and Other Sutras [全文]
Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya, M. I. (著)=Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya, Margarita Iosifovna (au.)
 Soka Gakkai in America:Supply and Demand of SGI(1) [全文]
Hammond, Phillip
 The Lotus Sutra and Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and Josei Toda [全文]
Miyata, Koichi (著)=宮田幸一 (au.)
 New Sanskrit Fragments of the Saddharmapundarikasutra in the Schoyen Collection, Norway [全文]
Matsuda, Kazunobu
 The State and the Buddhist Sangha:Xixia State(982-1227) [全文]
Kychanov, Evgenij I.