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出版社: Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies=中華佛學研究所 出版地: 臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei City, Taiwan] I  S  S  N : 2313-2000
刊行頻度: annual=年刊 巻号と出版年: V.27(2014)- ウェブサイト:
改題: The JCBS has had a long history rooted in the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies. It was previously known as the Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal from 1987 to 2013. Prior to 1987, it was known as Hwakang Buddhist Journal, which published 8 issues until its name was replaced. In 2014, the Journal changed its name to The Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies (JCBS).
内容紹介: The Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies (JCBS) is a scholarly journal dedicated to the historical study of Chinese Buddhism in the premodern and modern periods. It seeks to promote the academic study, and teaching, of all aspects of Buddhist thought, practice, social, and institutional life in China, including historical interactions with Buddhist developments in South, East, and Central Asia. The JCBS publishes annually, and meets in conjunction with the American Academy of Religion.

v.33 [2020.07 出版]

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v.33 [2020.07出版]

タイトル 著者
 Emplacing Dizang Bodhisattva On Mt. Jiuhua With Local Dramas During the Late Imperial and Republican Eras (1368–1949) [全文]
Ou-yang, Nan
 Building a Pure Land Lineage: A Study Of Zhida’s Play Guiyuan jing and a Translation Of Its Three Paratexts [全文]
Wang, Meng-xiao
 Metaphorical Imagery and the Fashioning Of Caodong Identity In Hongzhi Zhengjue’s 宏智正覺 (1091–1157) Commentarial Verses On Old Cases [全文]
Guo Xing
 Karma, Charisma, and Community: Karmic Storytelling In a Blue-Collar Taiwanese Buddhist Organization [全文]
Ritzinger, Justin R.
 The History Of Jin Nikāya In Thailand: A Preliminary Study From a Socio-political Perspective [全文]
Liu, Yao-ping
 The Puhua Si 普華寺: Longing For Trustworthiness and Recognition. Transformations In the Religious Identity and Institutional Affiliation Of the Chinese Buddhist Temple In Prato [全文]
Bianchi, Ester


v.32 [2019.11出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Missing Link: Siṁha Bhikṣu and the Construction Of an Indian Chan Lineage, With Special Attention To Zongmi [全文]
Gregory, Peter N.
 Xuanzang’s Relationship To the Heart Sūtra In Light Of the Fangshan Stele [全文]
Attwood, Jayarava
 An Old Savior In a New Paradise: Buddha Amitābha In Tang Dayuan’s ‘New Pure Land’ [全文]
Zamorski, Jakub


v.31 [2018.07出版]

タイトル 著者
 Something for Nothing: Cognitive Metaphors for Emptiness in the *Upadesa (Dàzhìdù Lùn)=以有為無 — 《大智度論》之空性認知隱喻 [全文]
Orsborn, Matthew (著)=歐慧峰 (au.)
 Yixing and Pseudo-Yixing: A Misunderstood Astronomer-Monk=一行抑或假託一行 — 被曲解的星學家僧人 [全文]
Kotyk, Jeffrey (著)=康傑夫 (au.)
 Bo Juyi’s Memorial Inscription for Chan Teacher Weikuan=白居易為惟寬禪師所寫的碑銘 [全文]
Poceski, Mario (著)=伯理奧 (au.)
 Qian Qianyi as a Buddhist in the Ming-Qing Transition=明清之際的佛弟子錢謙益 [全文]
Lin, Hsüeh-Yi (著)=林學儀 (au.)
 What is Our Shared Sensory World?: Ming Dynasty Debates on Yogacara versus Huayan Doctrines=何謂「器世間」? — 明末唯識與華嚴學家之爭論 [全文]
Brewster, Ernest Billings (著)=白立冰 (au.)


v.30 [2017.07出版]

タイトル 著者
 On the Ekottarikāgama T 125 as a Work of Zhu Fonian=論《增壹阿含經》的譯者應是竺佛念 [全文]
Radich, Michael
 Astrological Iconography of Planetary Deities in Tang China: Near Eastern and Indian Icons in Chinese Buddhism=唐代中國星曜神祇的占星術圖像:中國佛教中的近東與印度圖像 [全文]
Kotyk, Jeffrey
 Bridging the Gap: Zongmi’s Strategies for Reconciling Textual Study and Meditative Practice=會通禪教:宗密融合研教與習禪的策略 [全文]
Gregory, Peter N. (著)=彼得.N..格里高瑞 (au.)
 The Celebration of Congee in East Asian Buddhism=東亞佛教中崇尚粥糜的飲食文化 [全文]
Toleno, Robban A. J.
 Innovation and Continuity in the Pure Lands: Pure Land Discourses and Practices at the Taiwanese Buddhist Order Dharma Drum Mountain=淨土的承先與啟後:臺灣法鼓山的淨土主張與修行 [全文]
Reinke, Jens (著)=黃穎思 (au.)


v.29 [2016.07出版]

タイトル 著者
 The General and the Bodhisattva: Commander Hou Jigao Travels to Mount Putuo =將軍與菩薩:侯繼高總兵遊普陀山 [全文]
Bingenheimer, Marcus (著)=馬德偉 (au.)
 Meeting the Inhabitants of the Necropolis at Baoshan=認識寶山塔林的居民 [全文]
Adamek, Wendi L.
 Monumental Stone Sūtra Carvings in China and Indian Pilgrim Sites=中國與印度聖地的刻經石 [全文]
Wenzel, Claudia
 Introduction: The Creation of Buddhist Sacred Sites in China [全文]
Yü, Chün-fang
 The Temple of the Prince Who Torched His Body and the Making of Mount Wutai=王子燒身寺與五台山的形成 [全文]
Andrews, Susan


v.28 [2015.07出版]

タイトル 著者
 Defining the Chinese Buddhist Canon: Its Origin, Periodization, and Future [全文]
Guangchang, Fang; Zi, Xin; Wu, Jiang
 Addressing the Mind: Developments in the Culture of Confession in Sui-Tang China [全文]
Adamek, Wendi L.
 Conceptions and Attitudes towards Contemplative Practice within the Early Traditions of Chan Buddhism [全文]
Poceski, Mario
 Disorienting Medicine: Fayan Wenyi’s Ten Admonishments for the Lineage [全文]
Brose, Benjamin
 A Well-Reasoned Dharma: Buddhist Logic in Republican China [全文]
Aviv, Eyal
 Reexamining the Categories and Canons of Chinese Buddhist Healing [全文]
Salguero, C. Pierce


v.27 [2014.07出版]

タイトル 著者
 The Scripture on Saving and Protecting Body and Life: An Introduction and Translation=《救護身命經》之介紹與英譯 [全文]
Lowe, Bryan D.
 A Buddhist Critique of Scientism=佛教的唯科學主義批判 [全文]
Hammerstrom, Erik J. (著)=韓光 (au.)
 The Chinese Buddhist Cultus: Common Public Rituals in PRC Monasteries Today=中國的佛事場域 -- 中華人民共和國佛寺常見的大眾儀式 [全文]
Gildow, Douglas
 Realization through Hearing in Chan Literature=禪宗語錄公案中耳根圓通及其應用 [全文]
Venerable Guo Jing (著)=釋果鏡 (au.); Kotyk, Jeffrey
 A Study of the Concept of Jieti “The Essence of the Precepts” in Daoxuan's (596-667) Vinaya Commentaries=道宣律典註疏中之「戒體」論 [全文]
Newhall, Thomas