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Alternative Names:

Cui, Zhong-hui = Tsui, Chung-hui


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  《維摩詰經》經變圖藝術演變 崔中慧 (著) 人生=Humanity 2018.10
  A Study Of Early Buddhist Scriptural Calligraphy: Based On Buddhist Manuscripts Found In Dunhuang And Turfan (3-5 Century) Tsui, Chung-hui (著)=崔中慧 (au.) 2010.01
  Re-examining the Diamond Sūtra Manuscript S.P.2 and Sacred Book Culture in the Tang Dynasty Tsui, Chung-hui The Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies=IIJBS 2014
  水月觀音圖像、思想與世俗化之遞變 崔中慧 (著)=Cui, Zhong-hui (au.) 2015東亞佛教思想文化國際學術研討會 2015.10.16 - 18
  北涼《優婆塞戒經》與人間佛教的奠基 崔中慧 (著)=Cui, Zhong-hui (au.) 2014東亞佛教思想文化國際學術研討會 2014.11.02
  北朝《華嚴經》寫經與刻經初步考察 崔中慧 (著)=Tsui, Chung-hui (au.) 2017華嚴專宗國際學術研討會論文集下冊 2017
  吐魯番出土北涼且渠安周供養《佛華嚴經》研究=A Study of the Buddhist Manuscript Buddhâvatamsaka Sūtra Dedicated by Juqu Anzhou in the Northern Liang Period 崔中慧 (著)=Tsui, Chung-hui (au.) 華嚴學報=Journal of Huayen Buddhism 2013.11
  佛教初期寫經坊設置蠡測=A Preliminary Study of Early Buddhist Scribal Workshop 崔中慧 (著)=Tsui, Chung-hui (au.) 臺大佛學研究=Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies 2016.12
  妙筆耕心:楷書心經=Practicing Calligraphy to Cultivate the Mind: Writing the Heart Sutra in the Standard Script 崔中慧 2022
  初期佛教寫經反映的文化交流 - 以竺法護譯場為例=Cultural Communication Reflected in the Scribing Practices of Early Buddhist Scripture - Taking Dharmaraksa ’s Translation Team as an Example 崔中慧 (著)=Cui, Zhong-hui (au.) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2019
  流沙墨韻─敦煌吐魯番佛教寫經書法探秘 崔中慧 (著)=Cui, Zhong-hui (au.) 藝術學 2012.05
  敦煌藏經洞出土北魏《華嚴經》寫本研究 崔中慧 (著)=Cui, Zhong-hui (au.) 2016華嚴專宗國際學術研討會論文集下冊 2019.01
  德國收藏吐魯番出土早期《華嚴經》寫本殘片研究=A Study on Early Huayen Manuscript Fragments in German Collection 崔中慧 (撰) 2014華嚴專宗國際學術研討會論文集上冊 2014.10