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Prayudh Payutto  

+1938 ~

15 bibliography, 6 full-text accessible.  

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Alternative Names:

ポー・オー・パユットー = P. A. Payutto = Phra Brahmagunabhorn = Phra Dhammapitaka = Phra Rajavaramuni = Phra Debvedi = Venerable Prayudh Payutto (Dhammapitaka) = Phra Prayudh Payutto


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  Buddhadhamma:Natural Laws and Values for Life Olson, Grant Allan; Prayudh Payutto 1995.09
  Buddhismus und Ökologie Thich, Nhat Hanh ; Litsch, Franz-Johannes ; Liegl, Werner ; Wagner, Hans-Günter ; Phra Prayudh Payutto 2001
  Buddhist economics -- a middle way for the market place Prayudh Payutto; Dhammavijaya; Evans, Bruce 1994
  Engaged Buddhism for New Nillennium Prayudh Payutto=Phra Debvedi 1999.08
  Good, Evil & Beyond -- Kamma in the Buddha's Teachings P. A. Payutto 1997
  Good, evil and beyond -- kamma in the Buddha's teaching P. A. Payutto; Evans, Bruce
  Helping yourself to htlp others Bhikkhu Puriso; Prayudh Payutto=Phra Debvedi
  Samadhi in Buddhism Phra Dhammapitaka (著)=P. A. Payutto (au.) Manusya: Journal of Humanities 1999.03
  Sammasati:an exposition of right mindfulness Prayudh Payutto=Phra Debvedi 1988
  Thai Buddhism in the Buddhist world:a survey of the Buddhist situation against a historical background Prayudh Payutto=Phra Rajavaramuni 1984
  Toward Sustainable Science -- A Buddhist Look at Trends in Scientific Development P. A. Payutto; Evans, Bruce 1993
  What a True Buddhist Should Know About P. A. Payutto (著) Manusya: Journal of Humanities 2002.09
  テーラワーダ仏教の実践 -- ブッダの教える自己開発 ポー・オー・パユットー ; 野中耕一 2007.09
  仏法 -- テーラワーダ仏教の叡智 ポー・オー・パユットー ; 野中耕一 2008.02.25
  仏法の思考と実践 -- テーラワーダ仏教と社会 ポー・オー・パユットー=P. A. Payutto ; 野中耕一 2009.02