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+1904-07-29 ~ +1982-08-14

34 bibliography, 2 full-text accessible.  

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Alternative Names:

Mahasi Sayadaw = U Sobhana Mahathera = Mahasi Sobhana = 馬哈希・柏拉般那無陀 = 馬哈希大師


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  A discourse on Ariyavasa sutta Mahasi Sayadaw 1980
  A Discourse on Ariyavasa Sutta Mahasi Sayadaw 1994
  A discourse on Hemavata sutta Mahasi Sayadaw 1980
  A discourse on Lokadhamma Mahasi Sayadaw 1980
  A discourse on Sallekha sutta-- by Mahasi Sayadaw; translated by U Aye Maung Mahasi Sayadaw 1981
  A discourse on samma paribbajaniya sutta Mahasi Sayadaw 1981
  A discourse on to nibbana via the noble eightfold path by the Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw, inclusive of Saraniya dhamma & Mahapaccavekkhana; translated from Burmese, by U Htin Fatt(Maung Htin), edited by U Htin Fatt & U Min Swe Mahasi Sayadaw 1980
  A discourse on to nibbana via the Noble Eightfold Path, inclusive of Saraniya Dhamma & Mahapaccavekkhana Mahasi Sayadaw 1980
  An English Rendering of the Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw's Discourse on Lokadhamma Mahasi Sayadaw 1980
  Bhara sutta or the discourse on the burdenBharasuttan ta ra to kri. Mahasi Sayadaw 1980
  Buddhist meditation and its forty subjects Mahasi Sayadaw 1957
  Culavedalla sutta, or, Discourse on various aspects of Buddha's dhamma Mahasi Sayadaw 1981
  Dhamma Therapy:Cases of Healing through Vipassana Mahasi Sayadaw 1997
  Discourse on sakka-panha sutta Mahasi Sayadaw 1980
  Fundamentals of vipassana meditation Mahasi Sayadaw 1981
  Nibbanapatisamyutta katha, or, On the nature of Nibbana Mahasi Sayadaw 1981
  Practical basic exercises in satipatthana vipassana meditation Mahasi Sayadaw 1950, 1959?
  Practical insight meditation:basic and progressive stages Mahasi Sayadaw 1971
  Practical insight meditation:basic and progressive stages [1st ed.] Mahasi Sayadaw 1971
  Practical vipassana meditational exercises Mahasi Sayadaw 1978
  Purpose of practising kammatthana meditation Mahasi Sayadaw 1980
  Questions on Life and Death Mahasi Sayadaw (講述)=馬哈希・西亞多 (spk.); Myint Swe (採訪); U Maung Maung Theinn (譯) BuddhaNet's Magazine Articles
  The great discourse on the wheel of Dhamma(Dhammacakkappavatana sutta) Mahasi Sayadaw 1981
  The progress of insight through the stages ofpurification:a modern Pali treatise on Buddhistsatipatthana meditation [3rd ed.] Mahasi Sayadaw
  The satipatthana vipassana meditation:a basic Buddhist mindfulness exercise Mahasi Sayadaw 1979
  Thoughts on the Dhamma Mahasi Sayadaw 1983
  內觀實踐 阿姜摩訶布瓦 ; 林崇安 ; 馬哈希・西亞多=Mahasi Sayadaw 2001.09
  四念處選章 馬哈希・西亞多 ; 慈濟瓦禪師 2003.12.06
  四念處禪修法 馬哈希・西亞多=Mahasi Sayadaw
  法的醫療 -- 內觀治病的個案 馬哈希・西亞多=Mahasi Sayadaw ; 阿格祇多=Bhikkhu Aggacitta ; 溫宗堃 2005.04
  修習業處禪的目的=Pourse of Practising Kammatthana Meditation 馬哈希・西亞多=Mahasi Sayadaw
  唯一的道路--四念處內觀禪修法, 內觀禪定法 馬哈希・西亞多=Mahasi Sayadaw 1992
  清淨智論 (巴漢對照) 馬哈希・西亞多 ; 溫宗堃 2006.06
  緬甸禪坐 馬哈希・西亞多 ; Myint Maung, U ; 方廣編輯部 ; Myint Maung, U ; 方廣編輯部 2004.05