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Category Title Date
Exhibition 絕壁重光─川渝石窟的保護與傳承暨李耘燕美術作品展 2017-11-14
Lecture 12月聖嚴教育基金會漢傳佛教演講(一) 2017-11-13
Lecture 12月聖嚴教育基金會漢傳佛教演講(二) 2017-11-13
Lecture Sanskritisation and the diction of early Buddhist texts, lecture and seminar by Dr Mark Allon, 23-25 Nov at SOAS 2017-11-08
Scholarship 海雲華嚴研究所鼓勵博碩士生研究華嚴獎勵辦法 2017-11-06
Scholarship Oxford: Two doctoral studentships in the Study of Religion 2017-11-01
Conference Reading A Gāndhārī Text With its Sanskrit and Pali Parallels 2017-11-01
Work Shop 「明清時期東亞宗教文化研究」工作坊 2017-10-31
Contribution Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies 2017-10-25
Lecture Sanskritisation and the diction of early Buddhist texts 2017-10-24
Contribution 《問哲期刊》邀稿啟事 2017-10-17
Contribution 《問天期刊》邀稿啟事 2017-10-17
Conference 2018佛教與東亞文化研修班 2017-10-12
Contribution Journal of Chinese Religions 2017-10-12
Conference Ganhwa Seon Conference, Subul Scholarly Awards, Meditation Retreat 2017-10-11
Conference 當代宗教與文化資產國際學術研討會 2017-10-11
Conference 2018佛教禪修傳統與現代社會國際研討會暨佛教與東亞文化研修班 2017-10-11
Scholarship 106學年度「欽哲傑出佛學研究獎學金」開始接受申請 2017-10-06
Lecture Workshop Series on Asian Representations and Constructions of Space (ARCS) 2017-10-05
Conference 2018第七屆漢傳佛教與聖嚴思想國際學術研討會 2017-10-02
Contribution 2018第七屆漢傳佛教與聖嚴思想國際學術研討會全球徵稿 2017-10-02
Admission Chinese Philosophy at Fudan University, Shanghai 2017-09-28
Contribution Fifth Annual Stanford-Berkeley Graduate Student Conference on Premodern Chinese Humanities 2017-09-27
Lecture Heather Blair: "What Counts? Buddhism, Picturebooks, and Japanese Culture" 2017-09-21
Lecture Barbara Rossetti Ambros: "On Talking Terms with Mihotokesama: Material and Bodily Practices of a Jōdo Shin Healer" 2017-09-21
Lecture Rev. Shojun Ogi: "Re-Focusing Buddhism in Modern Japanese Society: New Dimensions in Contemporary Japanese Buddhism" 2017-09-21
Conference James A. Benn: "Controversies in the Doctrine and Practice of Self-immolation in Medieval China" 2017-09-21
Lecture Tim H. Barrett: "A Possible Buddhist Influence on Chinese Political Thought" 2017-09-21
Lecture Altar Modern: Buddhist-inspired Artists and Visual Practices in Contemporary China 2017-09-21
Lecture Rupert Gethin: "On Death and Rebirth, and What Happens in Between: Two Buddhist Accounts of Why it Matters" 2017-09-21
Lecture Oliver Freiberger: "Lines in Water? On Drawing Buddhism's Boundaries in Ancient India" 2017-09-21
Lecture Polishing the Buddha’s Sacred Text? A methodological reconsideration of the significance of variant readings in the most popular Mahāyāna code in East Asia 2017-09-21
Conference Memento Mori: On Lu Yang's Buddhist Entanglements 2017-09-21
Contribution Journal of the Japanese Association for Digital Humanities, vol 3 (JJADH) 2017-09-21
Reading Club 國立臺灣大學哲學系「漢傳佛學研究室」《大智度論》研讀會 2017-09-18
Conference 2017國際青年華嚴學者論壇 2017-09-18
Exhibition The Buddha’s Word @ Stanford 2017-09-14
Contribution Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies at the Old Library of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford 2017-09-14
Course 中國佛教美術史佛藝專題 2017-09-11
Conference 「人間佛教在東亞與東南亞的傳佈」國際研討會 2017-08-28
Conference 2017國際青年華嚴學者論壇 2017-08-22
Conference 2017 Annual Meeting in Boston, Nov 18-21 2017-08-16
Conference 2017-18 Winter Program: Buddhism and East Asian Cultures 2017-08-15
Contribution Books on Tibet 2017-08-15
Admission Tianzhu-SSHRC Fellowships 2018-2019 2017-08-15
Others 「國際漢學研究數位資源」系統 2017-08-14
Conference 2017中央研究院明清研究國際學術研討會 2017-08-14
Others 「台大漢傳佛學研究室」公告 2017-08-02
Contribution Traditional Religions, Secularisms, and Revivals: Buddhism and Shamanism in Northern Eurasia 2017-08-01
Contribution 2018第七屆華嚴專宗國際​學術研討會 2017-07-03
Contribution 《臺大佛學研究》徵稿 2017-07-03
Conference 2017國際青年華嚴學者論壇 2017-06-27
Contribution 台灣哲學學會2017年學術研討會徵稿啟事 2017-06-12
Contribution The 7th International Conference Buddhism & Australia, call for capers and essays 2017-05-31
Reading Club 2017年7月-12月「漢傳佛學研究室」〈大般若經的般若波羅蜜多教學〉研讀會 2017-05-22
Conference 2017東亞佛教思想文化國際學術研討會 2017-05-15
Announcement 本館誠徵學生生活助學金同學 2017-05-09
Conference 國立臺灣大學哲學系「漢傳佛學研究室」 〈大般若經的般若波羅蜜多教學〉研讀會 2017-05-03
Contribution 2017國際青年華嚴學者論壇徵稿啟事 2017-03-13
Others New books on Japanese Buddhism, Call for Reviewers 2017-02-22
Contribution 2017東亞佛教思想文化國際學術研討會徵稿 2017-02-08
Announcement 本館誠徵長期計時工讀生 2016-12-19
Scholarship 余英時先生人文研究獎 2016-05-11
Exhibition 慈悲與智慧-宗教雕塑藝術 2014-12-22