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Category Title Date
Others Summer Program> Accredited Classical Tibetan Summer Intensive Program in California 2018-03-20
Lecture Lecture> Gathering to read the Triṃsikā-vijñapti-mātratā, by Koitsu Yokoyama 2018-03-20
Lecture Imprints of the protective goddess Mahāpratisarā across Asia and her role in Java 2018-03-19
Conference 第7屆漢傳佛教與聖嚴思想國際學術研討會 2018-03-19
Contribution 中國「宗教中國化」與《宗教事務條例》學術研討會-徵稿啟事 2018-03-19
Conference American Academy of Religion Western Region 2018-03-16
Contribution CFP> "Tibetan Monastery Collections and Museums: Traditional Practices and Contemporary Issues" 2018-03-16
Contribution CFP> Identity and Networks in Buddhism and East Asian Religions 2018-03-16
Contribution CFP > The Aesthetics of Religious Belonging: Asian Perspectives 2018-03-12
Conference Creating the World of Chan/ Sŏn /Zen: Chinese Chan Buddhism and its Spread throughout East Asia 2018-03-12
Lecture 2018學術訪問: 史芬妮助理教授 2018-03-07
Lecture 2018學術訪問: 史芬妮助理教授 2018-03-07
Exhibition 凃寬裕攝影展:神遊天地—佛教行旅雪泥鴻爪 2018-03-07
Lecture 講題: 生死兩無憾—認識安寧照顧與臨終關懷 2018-03-07
Contribution 「人工智慧與哲學相關議題工作坊(II)」徵稿 2018-03-05
Conference 2018 第七屆華嚴專宗國際學術研討會 2018-03-05
Others 國立政治大學107學年度徵聘博士後研究人員啟事 2018-03-05
Announcement 法光佛教文化研究所2018年課程行事曆 2018-03-02
Others Program> Site Visits to East Asia: Opportunities in China and Korea Summer 2018 2018-03-02
Others Program> Summer Language Intensives and Year-long Postbaccalaureate Program 2018-03-02
Announcement Announcement> Royal Asiatic Society Call for Book Proposals 2018-03-01
Others 中台世界博物館與國立臺灣歷史博物館107-108年度兩館參觀互惠 2018-03-01
Contribution UK Association for Buddhist Studies Annual Conference 2018 2018-02-12
Conference 11th biennial conference of the International Society for Media, Religion, and Culture (ISMRC) 2018-02-07
Contribution 第二十九屆全國佛學論文聯合發表會 2018-02-05
Contribution 2018國際青年華嚴學者論壇 2018-02-05
Scholarship 紀念劉理堂先生博士論文獎 2018-01-29
Conference Chao Seminars Emptiness, Mind, and Reality Buddhist Interventions in the Realism Versus Anti-Realism Debate in Modern Philosophy 2018-01-12
Work Shop Conceptuality and Nonconceptuality in Buddhist Philosophy workshop 2018-01-12
Contribution 第二十九屆全國佛學論文聯合發表會 2018-01-08
Contribution 「星雲大師文學敘事的生命實踐與教化」國際學術研討會 2017-12-25
Course 法光佛教文化研究所「佛學成人教育」2018年春季課程招生 2017-12-06
Contribution 東海大學哲學系-「解讀中國哲學文本—理論、個案與實踐」國際學術研討會徵稿啟事 2017-11-20
Contribution Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies 2017-10-25
Conference 2018第七屆漢傳佛教與聖嚴思想國際學術研討會 2017-10-02
Admission Chinese Philosophy at Fudan University, Shanghai 2017-09-28
Lecture Rupert Gethin: "On Death and Rebirth, and What Happens in Between: Two Buddhist Accounts of Why it Matters" 2017-09-21
Lecture Oliver Freiberger: "Lines in Water? On Drawing Buddhism's Boundaries in Ancient India" 2017-09-21
Conference James A. Benn: "Controversies in the Doctrine and Practice of Self-immolation in Medieval China" 2017-09-21
Lecture Tim H. Barrett: "A Possible Buddhist Influence on Chinese Political Thought" 2017-09-21
Others 「國際漢學研究數位資源」系統 2017-08-14
Contribution 2018第七屆華嚴專宗國際​學術研討會 2017-07-03
Contribution 《臺大佛學研究》徵稿 2017-07-03
Scholarship 余英時先生人文研究獎 2016-05-11