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Category Title Date
Conference "Rainy Season Research Series" topics in Theravada Buddhist Studies 2020-09-22
Lecture UBC Tianzhu-Hurvitz Lecture Series: Dr. John Kieschnick on “Karma in Chinese Buddhist Historiography 2020-09-22
Lecture Wonhyo's Thought and Its Contemporary Application to Higher Education in Korea: A "Hwajaeng" Type Man of Talent" 2020-09-21
Conference 「分析的佛教哲學?佛教的分析哲學?」 2020-09-21
Conference 2020第11屆數位典藏與數位人文國際研討會 2020-09-17
Conference Shared Heart While Staying Apart 2020-09-15
Conference Prof. Yi-Hsun Huang's Webinar Talk: CHAN ISN’T JUST MEDITATION 2020-09-15
Conference 第十八屆「印順導師思想之理論與實踐—海內外印順學之發展」國際學術會議 2020-09-14
Conference 閱讀的健康管理研討會 2020-09-10
Contribution AAR Western Region, Buddhist Studies Unit 2021 2020-09-09
Others BuddhaNexus Update 2020-09-09
Scholarship 2020「如學禪師佛教文化博碩士論文獎學金」 2020-09-09
Scholarship 聖嚴漢傳佛教碩博士論文撰寫獎助 2020-09-09
Conference 「情感與理性:實踐哲學的考察」學術會議 2020-09-07
Conference 2020台灣宗教學會21週年「靜/境的力量」學術研討會 2020-09-07
Lecture Fall 2020 Lingyin Buddhist Studies Lecture Series (University of Arizona) 2020-08-31
Contribution Doing Theory in Southeast Asia 2020-08-28
Conference 國際學術研討會 「角力、並存還是共生:宗教與政治的今昔」(暫定改至 2020年11月20-21日) 2020-08-27
Conference Good Trouble! 2020-08-25
Others BYR & Friends Reunion Event 2020-08-25
Conference Spiritual Transformation in Shin Buddhism 2020-08-18
Lecture 人間佛教研究中心十五周年紀念活動 2020-08-18
Others Collaborative International Research Grants 2020-08-17
Lecture Dharma in Your Life 2020-08-17
Announcement 圖書館 佛學數位圖書館暨博物館 誠徵長期計時中文/外文工讀生 2020-08-10
Conference Women in Buddhism 2020-08-10
Contribution 《臺陽文史研究》學報第六期徵稿函 2020-08-10
Contribution Pandemic, Care Work, and Inequities in the Study of Religion 2020-08-05
Conference 2nd WORLD ENCOUNTER TERESIAN MYSTICISM AND INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE: Chan/Zen Buddhism and Carmelite Spirituality: ON LOVE AND COMPASSION(Ávila ~ Spain, 21-25th, July 2021). 2020-08-03
Exhibition 佛陀形影—院藏亞洲佛教藝術之美 2020-08-03
Contribution Pacific World: Journal of the Institute Buddhist Studies 2020-07-27
Lecture 「街頭巷尾有神明 – 宗教地景調查計畫」 教育活動 2020-07-27
Scholarship 2020「如學禪師佛教文化博碩士論文獎學金」 2020-07-24
Others The Journal of Global Buddhism (JGB): Vacant Copy Editor Position 2020-07-23
Conference 2020年第十七屆現代生死學理論建構學術研討會──疫情之下之紓困政策與生死反思 2020-07-22
Conference 2020 AAR Annual Meeting Moves Online 2020-07-22
Contribution 徵稿啟事──「三教的交涉與分合」專輯 2020-07-20
Exhibition 呼畢勒罕—清代活佛文物大展 2020-07-20
Announcement 本館將於 2020 年 8 月 1 日起更名為「臺大佛學數位圖書館」 2020-07-20
Conference 國際青年華嚴學者論壇 2020-07-13
Scholarship 2020年慧炬大學院校佛學論文及文學創作獎學金 2020-07-13
Contribution 《問哲期刊》邀稿啟事 2020-07-10
Others 資料庫:疾病感覺地圖 2020-07-08
Scholarship BDK 2021 Fellowship for Young Japanese Scholars 2020-07-06
Conference 2020第11屆數位典藏與數位人文國際研討會-智慧資料╳數位人文(Smart Data X Digital Humanities) 2020-07-06
Exhibition 遇見神佛9號-祈福漫畫特展【古往今來篇】 2020-07-02
Scholarship BDK Canada Graduate Scholarship competition 2020 2020-06-30
Contribution 第22届國際中國哲學大會——「世界哲學視閾中的中國哲學」參會論文徵集 2020-06-29
Others ERC Project BuddhistRoad Papers and First Conference Volume Buddhism in Central Asia I—Patronage, Legitimation, Sacred Space, and Pilgrimage, edited by Carmen Meinert and Henrik H. Sørensen 2020-06-23
Conference Update on 2020 AAR Meetings and COVID-19 2020-06-23
Contribution The 2nd KABS Mujin Writing Award Announcement 2020-06-18
Scholarship 109華嚴蓮社趙氏佛學獎學金申請 2020-06-15
Conference 「佛教傳播與語言變化——第14屆漢文佛典語言學」國際學術研討會 (因疫情關係,延期至2021年6月舉辦) 2020-06-15
Contribution Research Center for World Buddhist Cultures, Ryukoku University E-journal 2020-05-25
Conference Buddhism as/in/and Chinese Literature 2020-05-21
Work Shop Buddhism, Physics, and Philosophy Redux 2020-05-21
Conference 2020第十六屆生命教育學術研討會 2020-05-18
Conference Annual Meeting 2020-05-05
Conference Annual Meeting 2020-05-05
Others 數位文化中心誠徵數位策展編輯數名 2020-04-20
Others 數位文化中心誠徵知識工程師1名 2020-04-20
Conference Digital Humanities 2021 (DH2021) at UTokyo 2020-04-20
Conference 第九屆博物館研究國際雙年學術研討會——歷史:覆蓋、揭露與淨化昇華 2020-04-13
Conference IABS XIXth Conference Postponed until 2021 2020-04-06
Others 數位文化中心誠徵數位策展編輯數名 2020-03-30
Conference 「2020佛法真義——當代佛法實踐與再詮釋」論壇 2020-03-23
Others 2021政大宗教所徵聘專任教師 2020-03-23
Conference Chan Isn’t Just Meditation: Chan Master Hanyue’s Attitude toward Sūtra Teachings in the Ming 2020-03-17
Conference 「性別化的變遷:女性主義知識生產與跨國行動參與」國際學術研討會 2020-02-24
Announcement 2020 新春公告 2020-01-20
Contribution 2020 國際青年華嚴學者論壇 徵稿啟事 2020-01-13
Contribution 「佛教傳播與語言變化——第14屆漢文佛典語言學」國際學術研討會 2019-12-23
Contribution 第三屆中研語言學論壇 漢藏語言比較研究的回顧與前瞻:紀念龔煌城院士逝世十周年學術研討會 2019-12-23
Others Invitation to fill out online questionnaire on Buddhism and the Paranormal 2019-12-10
Others Submit an Announcement 2019-12-10
Reading Club 藏文讀書會 2019-11-25
Reading Club 現當代華文佛教期刊讀書會 2019-11-25
Contribution IAHR 2020: Tantra, Shamanism and Magic: Experiences, Practices, and Practitioners at the “Margins” of the Indic World 2019-11-04
Exhibition 慈悲與智慧-宗教雕塑藝術 2019-10-24
Conference Annual Meeting 2019-06-28
Admission MA in Buddhist Studies at Otago 2019-03-19
Contribution Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies 2019-03-19
Scholarship IABC Grant Aid Information 2019-03-13
Scholarship Funding, Scholarships, and Financial Aid 2018-11-28
Admission Enrollment Options 2018-11-28