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Category Title Date
Exhibition 千年摩崖.刻經碑拓特展&漢字記憶空間 2020-01-20
Lecture 109年故宮南院冬季講堂 2020-01-20
Work Shop Buddhism, Physics, and Philosophy Redux 2020-01-20
Work Shop 和漢知識的流通與文藝的形成--第1回 類書・佛典格言・提要集及其相關研究 2020-01-20
Announcement 2020 新春公告 2020-01-20
Lecture 《寶雨經》考——官寫經的流程與流傳 2020-01-20
Conference Foundations for Buddhist Chaplaincy 2020-01-13
Exhibition 2020木雕分館 「心之所向──館藏遼金佛教造像特展」 2020-01-13
Contribution International Conference on the Shentong Monastery 神通寺 and East Asian Buddhism 2020-01-13
Contribution 2020 國際青年華嚴學者論壇 徵稿啟事 2020-01-13
Lecture 31 Jan - 1 Feb 2020: Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Lecture Series in Chinese Buddhism at SOAS: S. Travagnin (Groningen) 2020-01-07
Work Shop Doctoral School Specialist Course: "Buddhism and Medicine in East Asia" Ghent University June, 2020 2020-01-07
Conference Unlocking Buddhist Written Heritage, British Library - February 7-8, 2020 2020-01-07
Contribution 歷史經驗與當代實踐:全球史與全球化視閾下佛教中國化問題國際研討會 2020-01-06
Conference Conflict, Co-existence or Symbiosis? Religion and Politics, Past and Present 2020-01-06
Conference 「佛教傳播與語言變化——第14屆漢文佛典語言學」國際學術研討會 2020-01-06
Conference 天主教輔仁大學宗教學系年度研討會 「角力、並存還是共生:宗教與政治的今昔」 2020-01-06
Contribution 2020夏荊山學術研討會Xia Jing Shan Academy CFP of 2019 Xia Jing Shan Academic Seminar 2019-12-31
Others 中研院中國文哲所徵聘專任研究人員 2019-12-30
Work Shop Graduate Students Workshop: "Religion, Pain, and Selfhood: Anthropologists and the Study of Buddhism" 2019-12-24
Exhibition 2020年木雕分館企劃特展 2019-12-24
Exhibition 看見西藏–立體實境縮影特展 2019-12-23
Contribution 第三屆中研語言學論壇 漢藏語言比較研究的回顧與前瞻:紀念龔煌城院士逝世十周年學術研討會 2019-12-23
Exhibition 【海上佛影-上海博物館藏佛教藝術展】 2019-12-23
Contribution 「佛教傳播與語言變化——第14屆漢文佛典語言學」國際學術研討會 2019-12-23
Exhibition Buddhism 2019-12-23
Work Shop On Tannishō Commentarial Materials 2019-12-19
Work Shop Digital Humanities for East Asian Studies @ Penn (June 1-4, 2020) 2019-12-17
Contribution Historical Mirror for the Contemporary World: International Conference on the Sinification of Buddhism through the Perspective of World History and Globalization 2019-12-13
Others AAR Member Memorial Notice 2019-12-10
Others Invitation to fill out online questionnaire on Buddhism and the Paranormal 2019-12-10
Others Submit an Announcement 2019-12-10
Others Buddhist Nuns Retreat at Shravasti in 2020 2019-12-10
Contribution 第三屆中研語言學論壇--漢藏語言比較研究的回顧與前瞻:紀念龔煌城院士逝世十周年學術研討會徵稿啟事 2019-12-09
Lecture Buddhist Contributions to Contemporary Moral Reflection: Selflessness and Moral Responsiveness (2020 Chao Lecture) 2019-12-09
Conference 2020佛教文學與經典詮釋 國際學術研討會 2019-12-09
Conference Chiasmus in Bodhisattva Literature: Two Examples and Theorizing a Meta-Structure 2019-12-03
Conference On the Interior Life of Master Hongyi 弘一大師 (1880-1942), a Modern Chinese Buddhist Artist-Monk: Three or Four Strands 2019-12-03
Contribution 2020「佛學研究」國際學術研討會 青年學者論壇徵稿 2019-12-02
Conference Buddhist Reductionism, Fictionalism, and Expressibility 2019-12-02
Reading Club 藏文讀書會 2019-11-25
Reading Club 現當代華文佛教期刊讀書會 2019-11-25
Conference The Primacy of Practice 2019-11-21
Conference 2020 ASPAC Conference 2019-11-21
Conference CONFERENCE) Writing the Region: Knowledge, Practice and Power in South Asia (Princeton South Asia Conference, April 17-18 2020) 2019-11-19
Admission 華嚴專宗研究所 2020 招生 2019-11-11
Contribution International Conference of Gendering Transformations: Feminist Knowledge Production and Trans/national Activist Engagement 2019-11-04
Contribution 2020年台灣的東南亞區域研究年度研討會:跨界深思:過去、現在與未來 2019-11-04
Contribution 「性別化的變遷:女性主義知識生產與跨國行動參與」國際學術研討會 2019-11-04
Contribution IAHR 2020: Tantra, Shamanism and Magic: Experiences, Practices, and Practitioners at the “Margins” of the Indic World 2019-11-04
Course Short Course on Vinaya in New Zealand (February 2020) 2019-11-01
Others 政大宗教所徵聘專任教師公告 2019-10-28
Others Graduate Institute of Religious Studies National Chengchi University Full-Time Faculty Position Opening 2019-10-28
Exhibition 慈悲與智慧-宗教雕塑藝術 2019-10-24
Conference 第14屆唐代文化國際學術研討會 2019-10-01
Contribution 19th IAB Congress Panel "Questioning the Questions of King Milinda, the Nāgasena Bhikṣu Sūtra" 2019-08-27
Conference Theologians Apply Now to Explore Psychological Science (January 6–18, 2020, Fuller Theological Seminary) 2019-07-05
Conference 2020第九屆華嚴專宗國際學術研討會 2019-07-01
Conference Annual Meeting 2019-06-28
Contribution 「2020 第九屆華嚴專宗國際學術研討會」徵稿啟事 2019-06-20
Contribution Buddhism, Law & Society, Vol. 3 – 2017-2018, on Monastic Governance 2019-03-19
Conference Digital Humanities 2021 (DH2021) at UTokyo 2019-03-19
Contribution Publication of Japan Studies Review vol. XXII (2018) 2019-03-19
Admission MA in Buddhist Studies at Otago 2019-03-19
Contribution Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies 2019-03-19
Contribution Royal Asiatic Society Call for Book Proposals 2019-03-19
Contribution Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies 19 (2018) 2019-03-19
Scholarship IABC Grant Aid Information 2019-03-13
Scholarship Funding, Scholarships, and Financial Aid 2018-11-28
Admission Enrollment Options 2018-11-28