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Category Title Date
Lecture Venerable Tathālokā: "Powerful Challenges, Powerful Rewards Women Awakening Via the Renunciant Path in 21st Century Buddhism" 2018-10-17
Lecture 中觀著作中經典的使用:從宗喀巴返回到月稱的時代 2018-10-15
Lecture 蔣勳《我奉持的金剛經三個版本》 2018-10-15
Lecture 「二十世紀泰國僧團的兩次教育改革:走在政治妥協與宗教傳承之間的鋼索上」 2018-10-15
Lecture Eric Huntington: "On Buddhist Images: Materiality and Constructedness in Religious Representations" 2018-10-11
Lecture Ajahn Amaro: "Buddhism and Mindfulness in the West: Where are They Headed and What Challenges Do They Face?" 2018-10-11
Lecture Sangha Education in Contemporary China: Evolutions, Contexts and Debates 2018-10-11
Lecture Holy Horses! The Amano Shrine and the Sacred and Political Control of the Kōyasan Mountain Domain 2018-10-11
Lecture 敦煌專題講座 2018-10-09
Lecture 敦煌學術沙龍 2018-10-09
Lecture 名山與大寺:探索中國佛教的社會地理學 2018-10-08
Lecture 佛教的歷史觀與人生哲學 2018-10-08
Lecture 儒釋道三教融合的人間精神 2018-10-08
Lecture 【談書時光】聖嚴法師教默照禪 2018-10-08
Lecture Tianzhu Annual Lecture Reflections on the Movement to Revive the Precepts in Kamakura Japan: With a focus on Eison's 叡尊 Chōmonshū 聴聞集 2018-09-26
Lecture 【演講】葛兆光:近代中國與日本佛教如何應對現代世界——從1893年芝加哥萬國宗教大會說起 2018-09-17