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Yu, Jimmy  


24 bibliography, 10 full-text accessible.  

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Alternative Names:

俞永峰 = 俞永峯


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  (Book Reviews)A Pure Mind in a Clean Body: Bodily Care in the Buddhist Monasteries of Ancient India and China Yu, Jimmy (著)=俞永峰 (au.) Journal of Chinese Religions=中國宗教研究集刊 2013.11
  A Tentative Exploration into the Development of Master Sheng Yen's Chan Teachings=初探聖嚴法師禪法之演化 Yu, Jimmy Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal=中華佛學學報 2010.07
  Book Review: "Contextualizing the Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Chan/Zen Narratives: Steven Heine's Academic Contributions to the Field" Yu, Jimmy Religious Studies Review 2011.09.14
  Book Review: "The Teaching of Wuzhu: Zen and Religion of No-Religion," By Wendi L. Adamek. Yu, Jimmy Religious Studies Review 2013.03.07
  Book Review: "Zen Buddhist Rhetoric in China, Korea, and Japan," Edited by Christoph Anderl. Yu, Jimmy Religious Studies Review 2014.09.12
  Book Review: "Zongmi on Cha," By Jeffrey Lyle Broughton Yu, Jimmy Religious Studies Review 2010.06.02
  Master Sheng Yen and the Modern Construction of Chan Buddhism Yu, Jimmy 聖嚴思想國際學術研討會(第3屆)暨法鼓山信眾論壇 -- 聖嚴法師的教導與時代意義 2010.05.30/31
  Master Sheng Yen’s life and the Embodiment of his Religious Vision=聖嚴法師的一生及其宗教觀的體現 Yu, Jimmy (著)=俞永峰 (au.) 2018 第七屆近現代漢傳佛教論壇議程 2018.12.17
  Revisiting the Notion of Zong: Contextualizing the Dharma Drum Lineage of Modern Chan Buddhism=再訪「宗」的概念 -- 現代禪佛教的法鼓宗 Yu, Jimmy (著)=俞永峰 (au.) Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal=中華佛學學報 2013.07
  Venerable Sheng Yen’s Scholarship on Late Ming Buddhism Yu, Jimmy (著)=俞永峰 (au.) 聖嚴研究:第一輯=Studies of Master Sheng Yen No.1 2010.03
  Venerable Shengyan’s Self-Representation in Relation to His Formulation of Chan Buddhism Yu, Jimmy (著) 불교학리뷰=Critical review for Buddhist studies =仏教学レビュー 2023.04
  三波浪潮之後 俞永峰 (著) 人生=Humanity 2016.12
  不離教理的禪法建構 - 聖嚴法師與禪宗之現代化建構 俞永峰 (著) 人生=Humanity 2010.06
  致力教育的時代背景探究 - 聖嚴法師與禪宗之現代化建構 俞永峰 (著) 人生=Humanity 2010.05
  從歷史高點探討聖嚴禪法演變 俞永峰 (著) 人生=Humanity 2010.07
  發現更多問題,得到更多答案 俞永峰 (著) 人生=Humanity 2011.08
  聖嚴法師的現代化禪法=The Historical Circumstances of Master Sheng Yen’s Chan Teachings 俞永峰 (著)=Yu, Jimmy (au.) 第四屆近現代漢傳佛教論壇 2018.01
  聖嚴法師禪法的演變 - 以禪法為教育的最後階段 - 聖嚴法師與禪宗之現代化建構 俞永峰 (著) 人生=Humanity 2011.02
  聖嚴法師禪法的演變 - 改良兩種禪法的時期──聖嚴法師與禪宗之現代化建構 俞永峰 (著) 人生=Humanity 2011.01
  聖嚴法師禪法的演變 - 教授禪法初期(下) - 聖嚴法師與禪宗之現代化建構 俞永峰 (著) 人生=Humanity 2010.11
  聖嚴法師禪法的演變 - 教授禪法初期(上) - 聖嚴法師與禪宗之現代化建構 俞永峰 (著) 人生=Humanity 2010.10
  聖嚴法師禪法的演變 - 實驗時期──聖嚴法師與禪宗之現代化建構 俞永峰 (著) 人生=Humanity 2010.12
  聖嚴思想的形成因緣 - 聖嚴法師與禪宗之現代化建構 俞永峰 (著) 人生=Humanity 2010.08
  對現代日本禪的回應 - 聖嚴法師與禪宗之現代化建構 俞永峰 (著) 人生=Humanity 2010.08