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Zhao, Wen


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Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  『涅槃経』の仏性論と漢伝仏教における般若中観思想=On the Buddha Nature Theory in the Nirvana Sutra 涅槃經 and its relation to Prajna Paramit a and Madhyamika Theory in Buddhism Propagated in China 趙文 (著)=Zhao, Wen (au.); 弓場苗生子 (譯)=Yuba, Naoko (tr.); 東アジア仏教研究会 (編) 東アジア仏教研究=Journal of East Asian Buddhist Studies=ヒガシアジア ブッキョウ ケンキュウ 2020.05
  16.星雲大師人間佛教菩薩道思想研究 趙文 2013星雲大師人間佛教理論實踐研究(上) 2013.08
  A Narrative in Prajñāpāramitā Literature and the Samādhi of Direct Encounter with Present Buddhas (pratyutpannabuddhasaṃmukhāvasthitasamādhi) Zhao, Wen Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies=JIABS 2020
  The Story of Sadāprarudita’s Search for Dharma and the Worship of the Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra from India to Sixth-Century China Zhao, Wen (著) Religions 2023.03
  從梵漢對勘看早期般若經“法身”思想的發展=Thought of Dharma Body in the Early Prajnaparamita Sutra from the Perspective of Mutual Collation of Sanskrit and Chinese 趙文 (著)=Zhao, Wen (au.) 世界宗教文化=The Religious Cultures in the World 2020
  華嚴學“理法界”與“事法界”思想溯源 趙文 (著) 世界宗教研究=Studies in World Religions 2021
  試論佛學對聲律論形成的影響 趙文 寧夏社會科學=Social Sciences in Ningxia 2007
  鳩摩羅什所傳“念佛三昧”之絲路源流 趙文 世界宗教文化=The Religious Cultures in the World 2017.08
  漢地五門禪與中亞出土梵語禪經中的念佛=The Buddhānusmṛti in the Chinese Five-Doors Meditation and Sanskrit Meditation Manual from Central Asia 趙文 (著)=Zhao, Wen (au.) 中華佛學研究=Chung-Hwa Buddhist Studies 2017.12