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Publisher: Dialogue Publishing Company Place of Publication: Honolulu, Hawaii ISSN: (E)1540-6253
Frequency: quarterly=季刊 Volume Date: v.1(1973)- Website:
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Journal Description: The Journal of Chinese Philosophy is devoted to the scholarly and creative study of Chinese philosophy and Chinese thought in all phases and stages of articulation and development. The journal has three main aims: first, to make available careful English-language translations of important materials in the history of Chinese philosophy; second, to publish interpretations and expositions in Chinese philosophy; third, a commitment to publishing comparative studies within Chinese philosophy or in relation to schools of thought in the Western tradition. 

v.41 n.1-2 [2014.03-06 Published]

v.26 n.3 [1999.09 Published]

v.41 n.1-2 [2014.03-06Published]

Title Author
 The Forgotten Frankfurt School: Richard Wilhelm's China Institute [Fulltext]
Goulding, Jay


v.26 n.3 [1999.09Published]

Title Author
 Book Review: "Doogen and the Koan Tradition: A Tale of Two Shoobgenzoo Texts," by Steven Heine [Fulltext]
Dippmann, Jeffrey Walter