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鄭鳳姬  (本名)


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Alternative Names:

Cheng, Fung-Kei (本名)


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  An Exploration of Two Sanskrit Issues on Chinese and English Renditions of Buddhist Scriptures: Using “The Dharma of Emancipation of the Exhaustible and Inexhaustible” in the Vimalakīrti Nirdeśa Sūtra as an Example=從梵文翻譯漢英佛典兩個問題之初探:以維摩詰所說經中闡釋「有盡無盡解脫法門」為例 鄭鳳姬 (著)=Cheng, Fung-Kei (au.) 2013東亞佛教思想文化國際學術研討會 2013.11.09
  An Exploratory Study of a Counselling Framework: Four Noble Truths and Their Multi-Interactive Cause-and-Effect=心理諮詢架構之初探 :四聖諦及其多重因果互動 鄭鳳姬 (著)=Cheng, Fung-Kei (au.) 中華佛學研究=Chung-Hwa Buddhist Studies 2011.12
  Conceptualising A Bodhisattva-Spirit-Oriented Counselling Framework Inspired By The Vimalakīrti Nirdeśa Sūtra Cheng, Fung-Kei (著)=鄭鳳姬 (au.) 2014.01
  Overcoming Internalised Phobia among Buddhist sexual Minorities through Mindfulness Cheng, Fung-Kei Contemporary Buddhism: An Interdisciplinary Journal 2018.11
  The Bodhisattva Spirit: Practising Self-Benefiting Altruism=菩薩精神:實踐自利利他 Cheng, Fung-Kei (著)=鄭鳳姬 (au.) 福嚴佛學研究=Fuyan Buddhist Studies 2014.04
  天女散花:以戲劇表演闡釋維摩詰所說經中無分別心之大乘教義=A Goddess Scattering Flowers: A Dramatic Performance to Illustrate the Mahāyāna Concept of Indiscrimination in the Vimalakīrti Nirdeśa Sūtra 鄭鳳姬 (著)=Cheng, Fung-Kei (au.) 2014東亞佛教思想文化國際學術研討會 2014.11.01
  論《維摩詰所說經》的「愛見悲」思想 鄭鳳姬 (著) 鵝湖月刊=Legein Monthly 2014.11.01