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Alternative Names:

Sin, Myung-hee = 정운 = Ven. Jung-un


Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  『유마경』에 나타난 무주심(無住心) 사상=Considering the Non-abiding Mind as it Appears in the Vimalakīrti Sūtra 신명희 (著)=Sin, Myung-hee (au.) 한국불교학=韓國佛教學 2021.02.28
  나말여초, 홍주종의 수용 및 전개 양태=Some Aspects on the Introduce and Developments of the Hongzhou school in the Period from Late Silla to Early Goryeo Dynasty 신명희 (著)=Sin, Myung-hee (au.) 한국불교학=韓國佛教學 2019.02.28
  대한불교조계종의 현행 교육체계에 대한 고찰=A Consideration on the Current Educational System of the Jogye Order 신명희 (著)=Sin, Myung-hee (au.) 한국불교학=韓國佛教學 2020.02.29
  동북아시아, 갈등과 증오를 넘어 화해로 가는 길 -- 불교적 관점에서 논하다=Northeast Asia is on the Road to Reconciliation by Going Over the Conflicts and the Hatreds -- Discussing from the Buddhist viewpoint 신명희 (著)=Sin, Myung-hee (au.) 한국불교학=韓國佛教學 2019.11.30
  祖師禪과 看話禪의 수행체계 비교=A Comparative Study of the Patriarchal Seon and the Ganhwa Seon 신명희 (著)=Sin, Myung-hee (au.) 한국불교학=韓國佛教學 2018.05