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Chai, Jian-hong


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Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  (書評) 《俄藏敦煌漢文寫卷敘錄》(孟列夫主編,袁席箴、陳華平譯,上海古籍出版社,1999) 柴劍虹; 季羨林; 饒宗頤; 周一良 敦煌吐魯番研究 2001
  “時”、“地”、“人” ─ 敦煌莫高窟開窟因緣述略=History, Geography, and Wandering Monks - A Brief Discussion on Cave Construction at Mogao 柴劍虹 (著)=Chai, Jian-hong (au.) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2016
  《西遊記》與敦煌學 柴劍虹 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2000.05
  「模糊」的「敦煌文學」 柴劍虹 敦煌文學論集 1997.12
  今天我們怎樣守護敦煌? -- 紀念敦煌研究院成立60周年暨常書鴻先生百歲誕辰=How Do We Face to The Duty of Conservation of Dunhuang Today 柴劍虹 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2004.06
  王國維對敦煌寫本的早期研究 柴劍虹 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2006.12
  再談“行百里者半九十”——紀念莫高窟藏經洞發現120周年=Reassessing Advice from a Contemporary Dunhuang Studies Scholar——In Commemoration of the 120th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Dunhuang Library Cave 柴劍虹 (著)=Chai, Jian-hong (au.) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2021
  西域飛天與「天人合一」:關於飛天藝術的一點思考 柴劍虹 傳統文化與現代化=Chinese Culture: Tradition and Modernization 1998
  金針度人,功德無量——捧讀《敦煌藝術大辭典》感言=The Boundless Bounty of “Teaching Men to Fish”——A Respectful Reading of the Dunhuang Art Dictionary 柴劍虹 (著)=Chai, Jian-hong (au.) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2021
  俄藏敦煌詩詞寫卷經眼錄(二) 柴劍虹 敦煌吐魯番研究 1997.06
  俄羅斯漢學家孟列夫對國際敦煌學的貢獻 柴劍虹 (著) 敦煌學輯刊=Journal of Dunhuang Studies 2016
  段文杰─敦煌研究傑出的領軍人 柴劍虹 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2011.06
  書評:怎樣讀懂敦煌 ── 以《圖說敦煌二五四窟》為例=Book Review: How to understand Dunhuang: taking The Illustrated Book on Cave 254 in Dunhuang as an Example 柴劍虹 =Chai, Jian-hong 敦煌學=Studies on Tun-huang 2019.08.01
  常書鴻的原名及其兩篇舊作=On the Original Name of Chang Shuhong and Two of His Early Works 李晗 (著)=Li, Han (au.); 柴劍虹 (著)=Chai, Jian-hong (au.) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2018
  敦煌「守護眾神」與絲路之魂 - 為紀念段文杰先生百年誕辰而作=The Guardian Patrons of Dunhuang and the Spirits of the Silk Road - In Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Mr.Duan Wenjie’s Birth 柴劍虹 (著)=Chai, Jian-hong (au.) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2017
  敦煌文物流散的是與非=Rights and Wrongs of the dispersal of Dunhuang cultural relics 柴劍虹 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2008.04
  敦煌吐魯番學論稿 柴劍虹 2000.05.01
  敦煌藏文P.t1208、1221號寫卷卷被的唐人詩鈔 柴劍虹 敦煌吐魯番研究 1998.09
  對敦煌學百年回顧中若干問題的認識 柴劍虹 文藝研究=Literature & Art Studies 2000
  慶龍飛鴻 —— 嚴慶龍先生關涉編撰《敦煌學大辭典》事宜的來函選錄=Selected Letters from Yan Qinglong (嚴慶龍) about Compiling The Great Dictionary of Dunhuang Studies (《敦煌學大辭典》) 柴劍虹 (著)=Chai, Jian-hong (au.) 敦煌學輯刊=Journal of Dunhuang Studies 2020
  論敦煌失寶及葉昌熾《緣督廬日記抄》 柴劍虹 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2000.05
  壁畫絲踪--兼及觀瞻斯里蘭卡石窟得到的啟示=Depiction of Silk in Wall Paintings-with Some Ideas from Studying Caves in Sri Lanka 柴劍虹 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2014.02
  學術期刊的學術視野與創新:為《敦煌研究》創刊三十周年而作=Academic Vision and Innovation in Academic Periodicals-for the Thirtieth Anniversary of Dunhuang Research 柴劍虹 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2013.06
  關於中村不折舊藏敦煌、吐魯番所出 《金光明經》古寫本=On ancient copies of the Suvar aprabh ā sottamasūtra from Dunhuang and T u rfan in the Nak a mura collection 柴劍虹; 薩仁高娃 敦煌學=Studies on Tun-huang 2008.02.01
  讀《新獲吐魯番出土文獻》的感受 柴劍虹 魏晉南北朝隋唐史 2009.11