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Journal Description: 每年發行一期,其性質為學術性佛教期刊。內容主要收錄佛教相關學術性論文。自第1期(1997年3月)起,提供電子版部分全文,並由「佛學數位圖書館暨博物館」提供檢索功能。

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Title Author
 毘盧遮那佛的「十身說法」 - 以唐譯《華嚴經》與澄觀《華嚴疏鈔》為主=Vairocana's Dharma Preaching Through the Ten Aspects of the Buddhakaya: Mainly Referencing to the Avataṃsaka Sūtra translated in Tang Dynasty along with the Avataṃsaka Commentaries and Subcommentaries by Chengguan [Fulltext]
林益丞 (著)=Lin, I-cheng (au.)
 《莊子.齊物論》與廓庵〈十牛圖〉 修道歷程之比較=A Comparison on the Cultivation Path between "Qiwu lun, the Equality of Things" from Zhuangzi and Kuoan's "the Ten Ox-herding Pictures" [Fulltext]
釋道慧 (著)
 當代泰國華人之「民俗佛教」信仰與 文化研究 - 以九皇齋節儀式為例="Folk-Buddhism" Beliefs and Cultural Studies of Contemporary Thai-Chinese: A Case of "The Nine Emperor Gods Festival" Ceremony [Fulltext]
釋聖因 (著)
 和辻哲郎における「空」と「他者」 ―その倫理学の形成初期におけるノート.論文を 手がかりにして=論和辻哲郎的「空」與「他者」 - 以其倫理學形成初期的筆記、論文為線索=On Tetsuro Watsuji's "Emptiness" and "Others": Based on His Early Ethical Writings [Fulltext]
邱奕菲 (著)=Chiu, Yi-fei (au.)


n.22 [2021Published]

Title Author
 晚明清初天台宗幽溪法脈受汰系的傳承=The Transmission of Shoutai Branch in Youxi Lineage of Tientai School in Late Ming and Early Qing Period [Fulltext]
王柏凱 (著)=Wang, Po-Kai (au.)
 以如來藏探究大般涅槃之義理 ──以《大法鼓經》作為主要依據=The Reality of Mahāparinirvāṇa Based on Tathāgatagarbha in Mahābherīsūtra [Fulltext]
劉政明 (著)=Liu, Cheng-Ming (au.)
 展轉與卷攝──以《華嚴經關脈義記》 與澄觀《華嚴經疏》為比較=Development and Envelopment: The Comparison between Huayanjing Guanmai Yiji and Chengguan’s Avataṃsaka Commentaries [Fulltext]
林益丞 (著)=Lin, I-cheng (au.)
 石壁傳奧及其判教思想 ──以《起信論隨疏記》為中心=Shibi Chuanao and his Doctrinal Classification: Focusing on the Qixin Lun Sui Shu Ji [Fulltext]
平燕紅 (著)=Ping, Yan-Hong (au.)


n.21 [2020Published]

Title Author
 試探越南陳朝陳仁宗 〈得趣林泉成道歌〉喃賦中之禪思=A Tentative Study of Chan Thoughts in Nôm Ode “Arrivals at Lin Quan Enlightenment Song” by Trần Nhân Tông in Tran Dynasty of Vietnam [Fulltext]
武春白楊 =Wu Chun, Bai Yang
 高僧與俗文學 - 作為劇評家、戲中人與「曲作者」的雲棲袾宏=The Eminent Monk and Popular Literature: Master Zhuhong as a Drama Critic, a Protagonist in Vernacular Narratives, and a Lyricist [Fulltext]
王萌筱 =Wang, Mengxiao
 清初仁山𧧌震對三峰派禪教論述之傳承與實踐=Master Renshan Jizhen’s Practice on Consonance of Chan and Scripture within Context of Sanfeng Sect of Linji School in Early Qing [Fulltext]
張雅雯 =Chang, Ya-wen
 論禪門詩偈選集之流變 - 以《禪宗雜毒海》為例=The Development of Collected Poetries in Chan Buddhism: A Case Study of Chanzong Zaduhai [Fulltext]
賴霈澄 =Lai, Pei-Cheng
 中古佛教護生思想容受與動物觀轉變 - 以《冥報記》為核心的考察=The Adaptation of Ahimsa and the Transformation of Perception of Animal During Early Medieval China: Exemplified by the Ming Bao Ji [Fulltext]
胡頎 =Hu, Chi
 民國三年本《達摩寶傳》所展現之 民間信仰意涵與祖師形象析論=The Significance in Folklore Religion of the 3rd -Year-inRepublican-Era Version of Bodhidharma Baozhuan and an Analysis of Bodhidharma’s Image [Fulltext]
謝政修 =Heieh, Chen-Hsiu


n.20 [2019.12Published]

Title Author
 《大正藏.胎藏梵字真言》校箋=The Collative Studies on the Mantras of the Mahāvairocanābhisaṁbodhisūtra in the Taishō-Canon [Fulltext]
徐美德 (著)=Xu, Mei-de (au.)
 袁宏道《西方合論.剎土門》之淨土析探=Exploring into the Implication of Pure Land over the Fascicle of "Chatumen" in the Western Coordinate Theory by Yuan Hongdao [Fulltext]
釋自孝 (著)=Shih, Tzu-hsiao (au.)
 「色法」探賾 -- 以《大毘婆沙論》與《俱舍論》為中心=An Exploration of "Rūpiṇas Dharmās": Centering on Mahāvibhāṣā Śāstra and Abhidharmakośabhāṣya [Fulltext]
劉勁松 (著)=Liu, Jin-song (au.)
 《華嚴經》「十魔業觀」詮釋之比較研究 -- 以法藏和澄觀論述為主=A Comparative Study on Interpretations of the "Contemplation on Ten Kinds of Demonic Obstructions" in Huayen Sūtra: Centering on the Treatises of Fazang's and Chengguan's [Fulltext]
林銘光 (著)
 試論宋元時期禪畫特質=An Attempt to Characterize Chan Paintings in the Song-Yuan Periods [Fulltext]
蘇原裕=Su, Yuan-yu
 思想與空間的系譜 -- 僧肇的中觀學與草堂寺之「再脈絡化」歷程=Genealogies of the Thought and Space: The Recontextlization Process of Sengzhao's Madhyamaka Philosophy and the Caotang Temple [Fulltext]
周延霖 (著)=Chou, Yen-lin (au.)


n.19 [2018.12Published]

Title Author
 宋代寺院的制度改革及空間重組=The System Reform and Space Restructuring of Monasteries in Song Dynasty [Fulltext]
 澄觀懺悔思想之研究與應用=Research and Application on Chengguan’s Repentance Thoughts [Fulltext]
 棒喝宗風中的經教趨向 ── 清初仁山寂震《金剛三昧經通宗記》初探=A Scripture-based Orientation Consonant with Beating and Shouting of Linji Sect: Preliminary Analysis of Master Jizheng’s Jingang Sanmei Jing Tongzong Ji [Fulltext]
張雅雯 (著)=Chang, Ya-wen (au.)
 慧思《諸法無諍三昧法門》命名再考察=Reconsidering the Title Name of Huisi’s Dharma-Gate of the Samādhi Wherein All Dharmas are Without Dispute [Fulltext]
 通行版陀羅尼被之內容解讀=Decoding the Dharani Blankets [Fulltext]
徐立強 (著)=Hsu, Li-chiang (au.)


n.18 [2017.12Published]

Title Author
 《漢傳佛教青年學者論壇專刊》緣起=Antecedents to the Special Issue for the Young Scholars’ Chinese Buddhism Forum [Fulltext]
釋果鏡 (著)=Venerable Guo Jing (au.)
 空印鎮澄對相宗學說之商榷=Kongyin Zhencheng’s Discussion on Yogācāra Theories [Fulltext]
簡凱廷 (著)=Chien, Kai-ting (au.)
 北朝《觀無量壽經》觀 -- 以僧稠小南海石窟與淨影慧遠《觀無量壽經義疏》為中心=The View of Kuan-ching in the Northern Dynasties: Based on the Xiaonanhai Caves and Jingying Huiyuan’s commentary of Kuan-ching [Fulltext]
曾堯民 (著)=Tseng, Yao-min (au.)
 試論龜茲石窟第二種畫風洞窟券頂壁畫的禪觀意涵 -- 從克孜爾171窟、110窟與森木塞姆48窟出發=On the Meditative Connotation of the Second Pictorial Style Murals on the Vaulted-ceiling of Kucha Grottoes: Set off from Kizil Cave. 171, Kizil Cave.110 and Simsim Cave. 48 [Fulltext]
王芳 (著)=Wang, Fang (au.)
 漢地五門禪與中亞出土梵語禪經中的念佛=The Buddhānusmṛti in the Chinese Five-Doors Meditation and Sanskrit Meditation Manual from Central Asia [Fulltext]
趙文 (著)=Zhao, Wen (au.)
 由江南到關中 -- 三論吉藏晚年思想轉變之探討=From Jiangnan to Guanzhong: Study on the Transformation of Jizang’s Thought on Old Age [Fulltext]
余淑芳 (著)=Yu, Shu-fang (au.)
 空海漢詩文集《性靈集》所收〈九想詩〉探論 -- 詩歌的聖典化=A Study on the Kusō-Poem in Kūkai’s Shoryo-shu: The Canonization of Poetry [Fulltext]
龔嵐 (著)=Gong, Lan (au.)


n.17 [2016.12Published]

Title Author
 《法華》攝末歸本於《華嚴》: 以澄觀、從義與凝然為主=Lotus Sūtra Assimilating the Derivative into the Origin, Avataṃsaka Sūtra : Focus on Chengguan, Congyi and Ningran [Fulltext]
林益丞 (著)=Lin, I-cheng (au.)
 龍樹與僧肇的「變遷」哲學:《中論》與〈物不遷論〉的對比=Nāgārjuna’s and Sengzhao’s Philosophy of “Changing”: The Comparision Between Mūlamadhyamakakārikā and “Wu buqian lun” [Fulltext]
周延霖 (著)=Chou, Yen-lin (au.)
 杭州飛來峰元至元二十九年造像題記疏證=A Study of the Inscriptions with Date of the Twenty-ninth Year of Zhiyuan of the Feilai Peak in Hangzhou at Yuan Dynasty [Fulltext]
許正弘 (著)=Hsu, Cheng-hung (au.)
 清辨的緣起觀:以《般若燈論.觀緣品》漢藏譯本差異為線索=Bhāviveka’s Concept of “Dependent Arising”: Examining the Differences Between Tibetan and Chinese Translations of Bhāviveka’s Prajñāpradīpa [Fulltext]
林恕安 (著)=Lin, Su-an (au.)


n.16 [2015.12Published]

Title Author
 吉藏《大乘玄論》之中道佛性所導向的修行目的=Based on Jizang’s Essentials of Greatvehicle to Research the Purpose of the Buddha-dhātu (enlightenment) Explicated at Non-duality Middle-way Perspective [Fulltext]
李明書 (著)=Lee, Ming-Shu (au.)
 以「不可說」為線索解析《大法鼓經》的如來藏思想=Through Ineffability to Delineate Tathāgata-garbha Based on Mahābherihārakaparivarta Sūtra [Fulltext]
劉政明 (著)=Liu, Cheng-Ming (au.)
 晚明唯識學作品在江戶時代的流傳與接受初探=A Preliminary Study on Spread and Acceptance of Late Ming Yogācāra Works during the Edo Period [Fulltext]
簡凱廷 (著)=Chien, Kai-ting (au.)
 論元朝闊闊真太后的崇佛=Exploration and Discussion on Empress Dowager Kökejin’s Worship of Buddhism in the Yuan Dynasty [Fulltext]
許正弘 (著)=Hsu, Cheng-hung (au.)
 隋代的王權與佛教:以仁壽設塔活動為核心=Buddhism and Kingship in Sui Dynasty: Focusing on the Constructions of Stupa During the Renshou period [Fulltext]
李志鴻 (著)=Li, Chih-Hung (au.)
 古代東亞佛教儀式中所見的山王=Mountain Gods in Ancient East Asian Buddhist Rites [Fulltext]
郭珮君 (著)=Kuo, Pei-Chun (au.)
 金鼓妙音能滅諸苦:試論智者大師《金光明懺》的深義=The Wonderful Sound of the Golden Drum Can Cease All Sufferings: A Discussion on the Profound Meaning of Taintai Golden Light Repentance [Fulltext]
釋印隆=Shih, Yin-lung


n.15 [2014.12Published]

Title Author
 華嚴宗唯心的開展:以〈十地品〉為核心=Development of Mind Only of Huayan School: Focus on “Shidipin” [Fulltext]
釋正持 (著)=Shih, Zheng-chi (au.)
 大慧宗杲的著作情況與分類論析=An Analysis of the State and Classification of Dahui Zonggao's Writings [Fulltext]
許淑雅 (著)=Hsu, Shu-ya (au.)
 國王的懺悔:業、懺悔與救度=Confessions of King: Karma, Repentance and Salvation [Fulltext]
吳芬錦 (著)=Wu, Fen-jin (au.)
 天台醫學思想之融會與吸收:以智者大師止觀論述為例=The Integration and Absorption in Tiantai Medical Concepts:Taking Tiantai Master Zhiyi's Discourses on Cessation and Contemplation as an Example [Fulltext]
釋印隆=Shih, Yin-lung
 聖嚴法師對「無」字話頭之觀點與實踐初探=Exploration of Master Sheng Yen's Perspective and Practice on Investigating the Huatou of “Wu” [Fulltext]
釋常慶 (著)=Shi, Chang-Qing (au.)


n.14 [2013.12Published]

Title Author
 《請觀音經》修法綜觀:以天台智顗為主=A Comprehensive Study on the Cultivation Methods in the Invoking Guanyin Sutra :Focusing on the Works of the Tiantai Master Zhiyi [Fulltext]
釋宏育 (著)=Shi, Hung-Yu (au.)
 《華嚴經疏.十地品》初地、二地菩薩之修行特色=On the Bodhisattvas' Characteristics of the First and the Second Stages in the “Shidipin” in the Huayanjingshu [Fulltext]
釋正持 (著)=Shi, Zheng-chi (au.)
 從「一心」試論天台祖師制懺的精神 :以《法華三昧懺儀》為例=Discussing the Principle of How the Tiantai Patriarch Established Repentance Rituals Based on the Doctrine of One-Mind (Yixin) -- Taking Lotus Samādhi Penitence Rituals as an Example [Fulltext]
釋印隆 (著)=Shi, Yin-Lung (au.)
 《未來史》研究:主要與漢譯彌勒「下生經」比對=The Study of Anāgatavaṃsa -- Compared Mainly with the Chinese Versions of Metteyya Suttas [Fulltext]
 現代性與禪宗研究史:禪史敘事與方法論的典範論諍=Modernity and Academic History of Chan Studies : Debates over Paradigms in the Narratives and Methodologies within Chan History [Fulltext]
林悟石 (著)=Lin, Wushi (au.)
 高僧的學習典範:以聖嚴法師「高僧行誼」課程為中心=Learning and Modeling from Eminent Monks :Based on Master Sheng Yen's “Eminent Monks' Practices and Deeds” Course [Fulltext]
釋常慶 (著)=Shi, Chang-Qing (au.)


n.13 [2012.12Published]

Title Author
 《華嚴經疏.十地品》釋經方法探析=An Analysis of Chengguan's Explaining the “Shidipin” in the Huayanjingshu [Fulltext]
釋正持 (著)=Shi, Zheng-chi (au.)
 徑山刻藏考述=A Study on the Publication of the Buddhist Tripitaka in Jingshan [Fulltext]
釋法幢=Shi, Fa-chuang
 試探虛雲和尚看話禪之特色:以「一念未生」為中心=An Inquiry into Master Xuyun's Thought of Kanhua Chan: Focusing on His Theory of “One Thought not Arising” [Fulltext]
林娟蒂 (著)=Lin, Juan-di (au.)
 漢譯佛典蓮華色比丘尼敘事探析:以《四分律》、《五分律》、《毘奈耶》為例=The Story of Utpala-varnā in the Dharmaguptaka-vinaya, Mahīśāsaka-vinaya, and Mūla-sarvāstivāda-vinaya of the Chinese Buddhist Canon [Fulltext]
廖宣惠=Liao, Xuan-hui
 試從佛教教理剖析「憂鬱」的源由與預防 : 以《阿含經》為主=An Analytical Study of Buddhist Theories on the Cause and Prevention of Depression: Based on Āgama Sūtra [Fulltext]
釋道一 (著)=Shi, Dao-yi (au.)
 論以語言文字探究諸法實相時可能遭遇之限度及其超越之法 :以《入楞伽經》為主要依據=The Limitations and Their Transcendence in the Linguistic Approach to Reality: Mainly based on the Laṅkāvatāra-sūtra [Fulltext]
王美瑤 (著)=Wang, Mei-Yao (au.)


n.12 [2011.12Published]

Title Author
 真諦的阿摩羅識之意含=On the Conception of Amalavijñāna According to Paramārtha [Fulltext]
釋道厚 (著)=Shi, Dow-hau (au.)
 從天台圓觀論水陸儀軌之真法供養精神=On the Spirit of Making Offerings of the True Dharma in Water and Land Liturgy From the Perspective of Tiantai Perfect Meditation [Fulltext]
釋印隆=Shih, Yin-lung
 現代佛學思想系譜之分野:以《大乘起信論》真偽之爭為契機= Division of the Genealogies of Modern Buddhist Thoughts: On the basis of the Debate on Authenticity of The Awakening of Mahāyāna Faith [Fulltext]
姚彬彬 (著)=Yao, Bin-bin (au.)
 漢譯佛典之新式標點問題舉例:以《維摩詰所說經.佛國品》及《佛說大堅固婆羅門緣起經》為中心=A Case Study on the Problem of Modern Punctuation in Chinese Buddhist Translations of the Vimalakīrtinirdeśasūtra (Chapter on The Purification of Buddha-fields) and Versions of the Mahāgovinda-sutta [Fulltext]
溫婉如 (著)=Wanloo Woon (au.)
 An Exploratory Study of a Counselling Framework: Four Noble Truths and Their Multi-Interactive Cause-and-Effect=心理諮詢架構之初探 :四聖諦及其多重因果互動 [Fulltext]
鄭鳳姬 (著)=Cheng, Fung-Kei (au.)


n.11 [2010.12Published]

Title Author
 吉藏的二諦與三諦思想釐清 :評釋貫藏〈吉藏的二諦與三諦的內在關聯〉=The Clarification of the Two Truths and the Three Truths in Chi-Tsang's Thoughts: Comments on “The Correlation Between Chi-Tsang's Two Truths and Three Truths” by Shi, Guan-Tsang [Fulltext]
釋如戒 (著)=Shih, Ju-chieh (au.)
 元.高麗僧義璇生平事跡考=A Study on the Life of Yi-Xuan, a Korean Buddhist Monk in the Yuan Dynasty [Fulltext]
許正弘 (著)=Hsu, Cheng-hung (au.)
 析論聖嚴法師「帶業、消業都生淨土」 之詮解=Analysis and Discussion of Master Sheng Yen's “With or Without Karma one Would Enter Pure Land” [Fulltext]
王靖絲 (著)=Wang, Ching-sz (au.)
 唯識學「自證」(svasaṃvitti)理論之研究:以《成唯識論》為中心=The Theory of “Self-cognition” (svasaṃvitti) in Yogācāra Doctrine: With Focus on Cheng Wei Shi Lun (Vijñaptimātratāsiddhi) [Fulltext]
茅宇凡 (著)=Mao, Yu-Fan (au.)
 《辯中邊論》之識顯現與轉依=The Representation and Transformation of the Basis of Consciousness in the Madhyāntavibhāgabhāṣya (Distinguishing the Middle From the Extreme) [Fulltext]
釋道厚 (著)=Shi, Dow-hau (au.)
 試論《雜阿含經》之「厭離」=“Yen-li”(厭離)in the Saṁyutta Āgama [Fulltext]
張雲凱 (著)=Chang,Yun-kai (au.)


n.10 [2006.03.01Published]

Title Author
 《特心經》特殊用詞與譯經風格分析=An Analysis of the Terminology and Style of the Texin jing [Fulltext]
釋繼穩 =Shi, Ji-wen
 論《般若經》的「假名」概念 :以《大般若波羅蜜多經.第四會》〈妙行品〉與《第二會》〈善現品〉的對比作為考察的基礎=Prajñapti in the Prajñāpāramitā Sūtras: A Comparison between the "Sarvākārajñātā-caryā Parivarta" in the Asta and the "Subhūti Parivarta" in the Pañca [Fulltext]
嚴瑋泓 =Yen, Wei-hung
 龜茲國與西域的大乘佛教: 從兩漢至鳩摩羅什時代=The Buddhism of Kucha and Central Asia: From the Han to the Period of Kumārajīva [Fulltext]
唐秀連 =Tang, Xiu-lian
 非同一律:作為內在關係論的存在論─大乘中觀學派性空論辨微=The Law of Non-identity as an Ontology of Internal Relations: A Discussion of the Madhyamaka School's Theory of Empty Nature [Fulltext]
吳可為 (著)=Wu, Ke-wei (au.)
 玄奘的像教藝術思維=Xuanzang's Views on Buddhist Art [Fulltext]
王仲堯 =Wang, Zhong-yao
 從「天臺教觀」論「代眾生懺悔」之思想與實踐:以遵式大師為主=A Discussion of the Concept and Practice of "Repentance on Behalf of Sentient Beings" from a Tiantai Perspective: The Case of Zunshi [Fulltext]
釋大拙 =Shi, Da-zhuo
 《宋史.藝文志》釋氏別集、總集考=A Study of the Buddhist Catalogs in the Song History's "Yiwenzhi" [Fulltext]
馮國棟 =Feng, Guo-dong
 元代中峰明本之禪學思想與禪法略探=A Survey of Zhongfeng Mingben's Chan Thought and Practice [Fulltext]
釋有晃 (著)=Shi, You-huang (au.)
 回鶻文佛傳故事研究:以Mainz 131(T II Y 37)《佛陀傳》為中心=A Study of a Uighur Version of the Buddha's Biography: Turpan Manuscript Mainz 131 (T II Y 37) [Fulltext]
楊富學 (著)=Yang, Fu-xue (au.)
 On the Question of Animosity of the Brāhmanas and Persecution by Brāhmanical Kings Leading to the Decline of Buddhism in India=婆羅門教的迫害導致印度佛教衰敗之辯 [Fulltext]
Sarao, K.T.S. (著)=沙洛 (au.)
 Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara in the Gandavyūhasūtra=《華嚴經》〈入法界品〉(Gandavyūhasūtra)中之觀自在菩薩 [Fulltext]
Märt, Läänemets (著)=林西華 (au.)


n.9 [2005.03.01Published]

Title Author
 佛教輪迴思想的論述分析:以《弊宿經》裡佛教徒與「虛無論者」的輪迴辯論為考察線索=A Discourse Analysis of Rebirth in Buddhism: An Investigation by means of the Debate between the Buddhist and the Sceptic in the Pāyāsi [Fulltext]
呂凱文 =Lu, Kai-wen
 《大乘起信論》「非佛教」嗎 : 關於「《起信論》非佛教」說的教理學反省=Is the Awakening of Faith "Non-Buddhist"? Some Doctrinal Reflections of the Theory [Fulltext]
馮煥珍 =Feng, Huan-zhen
 我們還能為法顯大師作些甚麼:國際合作絲路研究計劃報告書草案(為紀念法顯西行回國1590年兩岸佛學學術研討會代開幕詞)=What More can We Do for Master Faxian? [Fulltext]
李志夫 (著)=Lee, Chih-fu (au.)
 試還原法顯大師在中國歷史上之地位=Restoring Master Faxian's Status in Chinese History [Fulltext]
李志夫 =Lee, Chih-fu
 道綽《安樂集》的唸佛法門=The Practice of Nianfo in Daochuo's Anle ji [Fulltext]
釋修優 =Shi, Xiu-you
 論智顗的「一念心」=A Discussion of Zhiyi's "Mind of One Moment" [Fulltext]
陳堅 =Chen, Jian
 淺談「比丘戒捨墮十」的意義與其淨人角色現代的應用=A Discussion of the Meaning of the "Ten Pācittiyas of the Bhikkhu Vinaya" and their Application to the Role of "Pure Persons" in the Modern Context [Fulltext]
黃侃如 =Huang, Kan-ru
 克孜爾石窟壁畫中「單體」婆羅謎字母考釋=An Investigation into the "Single" Brāhmī letters in the Bezeklik Cave Frescoes [Fulltext]
李麗 =Li, Li
 『天台霊応図本伝集』に関する一考察=A Study of the Tendai reiōzu honden shū [Fulltext]


n.8 [2004.03Published]

Title Author
 臺灣「阿閦佛」見聞記 [Fulltext]
林保堯 (著)
 四門塔阿閦佛頭像回歸的意義 [Fulltext]
 弥陀の誓願と大乗の空性理念=Amitabha's Vow and the Mahayana Doctrine of Sunyata=彌陀的誓願和大乘的空性理念 [Fulltext]
市村承秉; 楊德輝
 西方學界對早期佛教口傳文獻形成的研究近況評介=An Evaluation of Recent Western Scholarship on Oral Literature in Early Buddhism [Fulltext]
越建東 =Yit, Kin-tung
 《須深經》的傳本及南傳上座部對《須深經》慧解脫阿羅漢的理解 [Fulltext]
溫宗堃 (著)=Wen, Zong-kun (au.)
 Objects as Truth are Subtle: Chih-i's Theory of Truth=境妙究竟:從《妙法蓮華經玄義》 看天臺智顗對真理的論述 [Fulltext]
Shen, Hai-yan (著)=沈海嬿 (au.)
 法顯大師對於漢傳佛教文化的影響及啟示 [Fulltext]
 《申曰經》經本定位與經題考 [Fulltext]
 菩薩戒戒體不名新得 [Fulltext]
 攝論師所傳的《攝論》思想:以道基、道奘、靈潤為中心 [Fulltext]
 《摩訶止觀》「非行非坐三昧」之觀心法=The Method of Mind Contemplation in the Mohe zhiguan's Samadhi of Neither Walking nor Sitting [Fulltext]
釋演慧 (著)=Shi, Yan-hui (au.)
 慈覺宗賾生平著述考 [Fulltext]
李輝; 馮國棟
 釋迦牟尼佛傳記的神話性格分析 [Fulltext]
 佛教臨終關懷的當代難題:安樂死與器官捐贈 [Fulltext]
林其賢; 郭惠芯


n.7 [2003.03Published]

Title Author
 宋代天台研究序說 [Fulltext]
 明末清初之律學復興:以見月律師為中心 [Fulltext]
 佛教組織發展之研究:以泰國法身寺為例 [Fulltext]
 漢傳佛教文化及其古文物 [Fulltext]
釋聖嚴 (著)=Shih, Sheng-yen (au.)
 佛學研究方法學理路之探索 [Fulltext]
朱文光 (著)=Chu, Wen-kuan (au.)
 略探受「迦絺那」儀式所得「五種權利」之內容, 起源與演變 [Fulltext]
 Issues in the Use of Electronic Markup for the Comparative Analysis of Agama Literature=漢巴經典之比較性分析:略說電子標記的問題 [Fulltext]
Bingenheimer, Marcus (著)=馬德偉 (au.)
 六朝僧家吟詠佛理的詩作 [Fulltext]
 An Examination of Vipassana(Insight) Meditation from a Theravada Perspective=從上座部佛教的觀點探討毗婆奢那(內觀)禪法 [Fulltext]
釋自拙 (著)=Shih, Zi-zhuo (au.)
 遁倫《瑜伽論記》三處「交錯注釋」文略探 [Fulltext]
 格義佛學的翻轉:毗曇學對慧遠的啟發 [Fulltext]
 石頭宗諸師之「心性」思想 [Fulltext]
張國一=Chang, Gwo-yi


n.6 [2002.03Published]

Title Author
 藏本《二萬五千頌般若經合論 一切相智品》「發心」及「教授」前三細目譯注=The Chapter on Wisdom regarding All Signs in the Tibetan 25000 Stanza Praj~naaparamidaa Suutra-cum-Commentary:Annotated Translation of the Section on "Developing Bodhicitta" and th [Fulltext]
林秀娟 =Lin, Xiu-juan ; 釋如石 =Shih, Ru-shi ; 釋果賾 =Shih, Guo-ze
 《賢愚經》與石窟藝術=The Sutra of the Wise and the Fool and the Art in Buddhist Caves [Fulltext]
梁麗玲 (著)=Liang, Li-ling (au.)
 《淨明句論》第十三品「行」(Sa.mskaara)的考察:行, 緣起, 空, 真性(Tattva)=A Study on Sa.mskaara in Chapter 13 of the Prasannapadaa [Fulltext]
周柔含 (著)=Chou, Jou-han (au.)
 新校黑水城本《劫外錄》= A Critical Edition of the Blockprint Jiewailu from Kharakhoto [Fulltext]
釋慧達 (著)=Suk, Hea-darl (au.)
 從〈六祖能禪師碑銘〉 的觀點再論荷澤神會=Re-examining Heze Shenhui Based on the Epitaph of the Sixth Patriarch Huineng [Fulltext]
陳盛港 =Chen, Calvin Sheng-gangn
 智者大師立「三藏教」依據之探究=A Study on the Basis on which the Great Master Zhizhe Founded the "Teaching of the Three Baskets" [Fulltext]
釋大常 (著)=Shih, Da-chang (au.)
 略談莊子無為說與慧能禪宗三無論 :以修養工夫, 境界論為主=Zhuangzi's Wuwei(Non-Activity)Compared with Chan Master Huineng's View on Having No Thought, No Distinctions and No Attachments--Method of Cultivation and Ideal Boundary [Fulltext]
元鍾實 (著)=Won, Jong-sil (au.)
 說「無念為宗」=On the Central Concept of "Wunian"(無念) [Fulltext]
馮煥珍 =Feng, Huan-zhen
 慧能《壇經》頓教禪法論義=On Huineng's Sudden Teaching Meditation Technique as Found in the Platform Sutra [Fulltext]
陳平坤 =Chen, Ping-kun
 玄奘所傳「依他起唯雜染」之探討=A Study on Xuanzang's View of "Paratantra-svabhaava as Strictly Defiled(Sa.mkle`sa)" [Fulltext]
釋如定 =Shih, Ru-ding
 論袁宏道的佛學思想=Yuan Hongdao's Buddhist Thought [Fulltext]
周群 =Zhou, Qun
 佛教與豔詩=Buddhism and Amorous Poetry [Fulltext]
陸永峰 =Lu, Yong-feng
 中國禪風對日本庭園風格之影響:以京都地區為例=The Influence of Chinese Chan on Japanese Garden Style:A Case Study of Gardens in the Kyoto Area [Fulltext]
林珊妏 (著)=Lin, Shan-wen (au.); 陳信甫 (著)=Chen, Xin-fu (au.)


n.5 [2001.03Published]

Title Author
 安那般那念:十六勝行「身行」之探究=On the "Body Practice" as Found among the Sixteen Aspects of the Mindfulness of Breathing [Fulltext]
周柔含 (著)=Chou, Jou-han (au.)
 竺法護譯《正法華經》「自然」譯詞析論=A Study on the Word "Zi-ran" in Dharmarak.sa's Translation of the Lotus Sutra [Fulltext]
黃國清 =Huang, Kuo-ching
 《賢愚經》在敦煌的流傳與發展=The Sutra on the Wise and the Fool in Tun-huang [Fulltext]
梁麗玲 =Liang, Li-ling
 〈永嘉證道歌〉 原作者溯源併歌文比較=The Original Author of "The Enlightenment Song":The Evidence from Textual Analysis [Fulltext]
陳盛港 =Chen, Calvin Sheng-gangn
 《警寤本生》: Jagarajataka 譯注及語義分析=The Jagarajataka:An Annotated Translation Including Semantic Analysis [Fulltext]
呂麗華 (著)=Lue, Li-hua (au.)
 天台智顗教觀思想體系=T'ien-t'ai Chih-i's Ideological System [Fulltext]
林志欽 =Lin, Chih-chin
 從觀心法門看天台心性學前後期之嬗變=The T'ien-t'ai Mind-Nature Concept:Changes Observed through the Practice of Looking at the Mind [Fulltext]
傅新毅 =Fu, Hsin-yi
 巴利《分別論 諦分別 經分別》譯注=An Annotated Translation of the "Suttantabhaajaniya^m" in 'Saccavibha^nga', the Forth Chapter of Vibha^nga [Fulltext]
謝美霜 =Shieh, Mei-shuang
 The Establishment of the Theory of the Two Truths=二諦理論之建立 [Fulltext]
Shih, Chang-qing (著)=釋長青 (au.)
 《思益經》「七邪法」初探=Preliminary Study on the Seven Wicked Phenomena in the Vi`se.sacintabrahma-Parip.rcchaa [Fulltext]
陳景榮 =Chen, Chin-jung
 吉藏三諦說初探: 以《中觀論疏》對〈四諦品〉 第十八偈解釋為主=Chi-tsang's Theory of the Three Truths:A Preliminary Study Centering on His Commentary on the Eighteenth Stanza of the "Four Truths Chapter" of the Commentary on the Muulamadhyamaka-kaarika [Fulltext]
釋如戒 (著)=Shih, Ju-chieh (au.)
 慧沼對「一闡提」之見解及所持立場的探討=Hui-chao's Understanding of and Attitude towards the Icchantika [Fulltext]
釋如定 (著)=Shih, Ru-ding (au.)
 大乘菩薩道精神在明末清初的落實與發展:以天然一系在嶺南(廣東)的發展為例=The Actualization and Development of the Mahaayaana Bodhisattva Spirit in Late-Ming Early-Ch'ing China:The Case of the T'ien-jan Lineage in Canton [Fulltext]
陶乃韓 (著)=T'ao, Nai-han (au.)
 試析雍正在《揀魔辨異錄》中對漢月法藏的批判=Analysis of Yung-cheng's Critique on Han-yueeh Fa-tsang in His Chien-mo Pien-i Lu [Fulltext]
釋聖空 =Shih, Sheng-kung
 《三言》故事中佛教死亡思惟探索:超越因果輪迴後的涅槃世界=On Buddhist Ideas about Death in the San-yen Stories [Fulltext]
金明求 (著)=Chin, Ming-ch'iu (au.)
 從喻嘉言之醫學三書看佛教對中醫之影響=Buddhist Influence on Chinese Medicine as Found in Yue Chia-yen's Three Medical Works [Fulltext]
申俊龍 =Shen, Ju-long


n.4 [2000.03Published]

Title Author
 從《雜阿含》第 1013 經經群看「善終輔導」=A Discussion of Spiritual and Pastoral Counseling Based on Suutra No.1013 in the Tsa A-han as well as Its Parallel Version [Fulltext]
釋天真 =Shih, Tian-zhen
 北宋初年天台教籍重歸中土的史實=The Tiantai Classics Return Home:A Historical Event Taking Place in the Early Years of the Northern Song Dynasty [Fulltext]
沈海波 =Shen, Hai-bo
 以《增壹阿含.善聚品》第7經為主之喪親輔導個案初探=A Preliminary Study on the Cases of Bereavement Counseling in AN. V. 50. Naarada [Fulltext]
陳紹韻 (著)=Chen, Shao-yun (au.)
 試論宋元禪宗繪畫=A New Attempt to Discuss Chan Paintings of the Song and Yuan Dynasties [Fulltext]
嚴雅美 (著)=Yen, Ya-mei (au.)
 早期佛教僧眾教育略談=A Brief Discussion of Monastic Education in Early Buddhism [Fulltext]
釋能融 =Shih, Neng-rong
 高效能的佛典研究資料管理模式=Highly Effective Data Management Methods for Research in Buddhist Texts [Fulltext]
張瓊夫 =Chang, Chiung-fu
 文殊師利菩薩本願的意義=The Meaning of Ma~nju`srii's Vows [Fulltext]
黃靖芠 (編)=Huang, Ching-wen (ed.)
 The Nettippakaraṇa: Buddhist Hermeneutics?=《引導論》:佛教詮釋學? [Fulltext]
Vanhaelemeersch, Philip (著)=馮浩烈 (au.)
 從葛洪一生的際遇探討其入世與出世思想=Looking at Ge Hong's World Affirming and World Denying Thought from the Viewpoint of His Personal History [Fulltext]
彭慧嫻 =Peng, Huei-xian
 萬德莊嚴:波昂大學中亞所唐卡研究方法應用實例之一=An Analytical Description of the Eleven Thangka-Pictures Published through the Effort of the Tenth Panchen Erdeni in 1985:Using the Scheme Developed by the Institute of Language and Culture Studies of [Fulltext]
林純瑜 (著)=Lin, Shen-yu (au.)


n.3 [1999.03Published]

Title Author
 紫柏真可禪學思想之研究=Tzu-po Chen-k'o's Ideas on Meditation [Fulltext]
范佳玲 =Fan, Chia-ling
 人間佛教的人間淨土=The Pure Land on Earth as Presented by Socially Oriented Buddhism [Fulltext]
釋聖嚴 =Shih, Sheng-yen
 圜悟克勤禪學思想=Yuean-wu Ke-chin's Ideas on Meditation [Fulltext]
高毓婷 =Kao, Yu-ting
 《大乘莊嚴經論 修行品》初探=A Preliminary Study on the Pratipattyadhikaarah Chapter of the Mahaayana-suutraalamkaara [Fulltext]
釋善音 =Shih, Shan-yin
 支讖譯經「法師」考=A Critical Examination of the Term Fa-shih(法師)in Lokaksema's Translations [Fulltext]
釋繼坤 (撰)=Shih, Chi-k'un (compose)
 《中論》解脫思想在宗教學上的意義=The Religious Meaning of the Notion of Vimok.sa in the Muulamadhyamakakaarikaa [Fulltext]
劉嘉誠 =Liu, Jia-cheng
 識體理體兩分與「一分無性」說:法相唯識宗佛性思想論析=The Two Divisions of the Consciousness Noumenon and the Principle Noumenon as well as "The Theory of One-Division-and-No-Nature" [Fulltext]
楊維中 (著)=Yang, Wei-chung (au.)
 《佛說阿彌陀經疏鈔》「一心不亂」之研究=A Study on "Undisturbed Singlemindedness" in Zhu-hong's Commentary on the Amitaabha Suutra [Fulltext]
郭麗娟 =Kuo, Li-chuean
 漢族佛教僧伽服裝之研究=A Study on the Robes of the Chinese Buddhist Sangha [Fulltext]
郭慧珍 (著)=Kuo, Hui-chen (au.)
 以蕅益智旭為例探究晚明佛教之「復興」內涵=The Buddhist Revival in Late Ming China:A Study with Special Reference to Ou-i Chih-hsue [Fulltext]
釋見曄 (著)=Shih, Chien-yeh (au.)
 民國早期顯密佛教衝突的探討=The Conflict between Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism in the First Decades of Republican China [Fulltext]
梅靜軒 =Mei, Ching-hsuean
 宗密之三教會通思想於中國佛教思想史上的意義=The Meaning of Tsung-mi's Harmonization of the Three Teachings within the Context of the Intellectual History of Chinese Buddhism [Fulltext]
黃國清 =Huang, Kuo-ching


n.2 [1998.03Published]

Title Author
 《大寶積經 淨居天子會》「謗法」探微=Some Notes on Bang-fa 謗法 in the Svapnanirde`sa [Fulltext]
釋德範 =Shih, Teh-fan
 東初老人簡譜=Senior Master Tung-ch'u:A Biographical Sketch [Fulltext]
釋果徹 =Shih, Kuo-che
 《菩薩瑜伽行四百論注.第七品斷貪愛的方法》初探=A Preliminary Study of Bodhisattvayogaacaara Catu.h`sataka.tiika Chapter VII [Fulltext]
釋見愷 (著)=Shih, Chian-kai (au.)
 東初老人有關「佛教與中國文化」之撰述析論=A Review of Senior Master Tung-chu's Articles on Buddhism and Chinese Culture [Fulltext]
黃國清 =Huang, Kuo-ching
 阿育王的統一與並治=Political Unification and Rule under A`soka [Fulltext]
陸艷冰 =Luk, Yim-bing
 六度集研究=A Study on the Liu-tu Chi [Fulltext]
釋天常 =Shih, Tien-chang
 「梁皇懺」初探=A Preliminary Study of the Liang Emperor's Repentance Ritual [Fulltext]
徐立強 =Hsu, Li-chiang
 《楞嚴經》與中國宗派=The `Suura^ngama Suutra and the Schools of Chinese Buddhism [Fulltext]
李治華 =Li, Chih-hua
 以憨山為例探究晚明佛教之「復興」內涵=The Meaning of the Buddhist "Revival" in Late Ming China:A Study with Special Reference to Han-shan [Fulltext]
釋見曄 =Shih, Chien-yeh
 民國以來的漢藏佛教關係(1912-1949):以漢藏教理院為中心的探討=The Relationship between Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism(1912-1949):A Study with Special Reference to the Institute of Sino-Tibetan Buddhist Teachings [Fulltext]
梅靜軒 (著)=Mei, Ching-hsuean (au.)
 中國佛教在臺灣之發展史=The Development of Chinese Buddhism in Taiwan [Fulltext]
許勝雄 (著)=Hsu, Sheng-hsiung (au.)
 從佛教的語言思想發展看僧肇之假名觀=Looking at Seng-chao's Praj~napti Concept from the Viewpoint of the Development of Buddhist Ideas about Language [Fulltext]
元弼聖 =Won, Pil-sung
 中國佛教早期懺罪思想之形成與發展=The Formation and Development of Confessional Thought in Early Chinese Buddhism [Fulltext]
釋大睿 =Shih, Ta-rui
 《諸尊身色印相明錄》譯注=Annotated Translation of the First lCang-skya Khutukhtu's "lha mang po'i sku mdog phyag mtshan sogs gsal bar yi ger bkod pa bzhugs so" [Fulltext]
林純瑜 =Lin, Shen-yu


n.1 [1997.03Published]

Title Author
 舍利弗在《維摩經》中的性格與角色=A Character:The Role of `Sariputra in the Vimalakiirtinirde`sa [Fulltext]
林昭益 =Lin, Jau-yih
 《攝大乘論》的依他起性初探=The "Nature of Dependence on Other Elements" as in Mahayana-samparigraha-`sastra [Fulltext]
陳水淵=Chen, Shui-yuan
 《攝大乘論》「種子起因說」之探究=A Study of Seed-Origination of Mahayana-samparigraha-`sastra [Fulltext]
郭翠蘭 =Kerk, Chui-lan
 法稱唯識立場之研究=A Study on Dharmakiirtii's Standpoint of Vij~naanamaatravaada [Fulltext]
陳宗元 =Chen, Tsung-yan
 敦煌寫本《法身禮》初探=A Tentative Study on the Duan-huang Manuscript Fa Shen Ti(《法身禮》) [Fulltext]
汪娟 (著)=Wang, chuan (au.)
 《論語點睛》研究=A Study on Lau Yu Dien Chion(《論語點睛》) [Fulltext]
羅永吉 =Lo, Yung-chi
 近代中國佛教改革思想中「回溯原典」之意涵及其實踐進路:以太虛, 印順, 歐陽竟無之論點為核心的開展=The Research on Vij~naanamaatra and Tathaagatagarbha in the Early Years of the Republic of China [Fulltext]
周志煌 (著)=Chou, Chih-huang (au.)
 考證、典範與解釋的正當性 :以《大乘止觀法門》的作者問題為線索=Philology, Paradigm and Legitimacy in Explanation of Philosophical Investigation:Rethinking the Authentic Author of Da Cheng Zhi Guan Fa Men(《大乘止觀法門》) [Fulltext]
朱文光 (著)=Chu, Wen-kuan (au.)
 古典西藏語文法教材的基礎研究=A Basic Study on the Text Books of Classical Tibetan Grammar [Fulltext]
廖本聖 =Liao, Ben-sheng